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Safe packaged foods

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Hi, I am wondering if there are any safe packaged foods that work for you all on the super sensitive forum?  Foods that, in addition to being wheat free, are also rice, corn and potato free?  We eat mostly along "from the farm" guidelines, but I'd love to figure out if there is anything processed that is also safe.  So far King Soba buckwheat noodles look good, but we just had to give up Van's products.  It's tough to find starchy carbs to round out the diet, and most grains are run on lines with other things that can cause cross-contamination.  Thanks!  (Daughter is super sensitive and I organize family eating around what works for her.  The boys eat out when they want other stuff.)

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Considering the amount of foods that you need to omit, I doubt you will find many, if any, that are safe for your daughter to consume.  Most people, even sensitive ones like myself, only need to omit gluten and maybe one other
food group and for that, there are many carb foods that are safe. I have been gluten-free for many years and don't know of any that are free of everything you list. That's a tough one!


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