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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?


I Have Some Question

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I have a few questions.

Let me start with how I got here.......I have always had stomach problems but not till I has my twins did they become worse. Went to the doctor they said I had gall stones and took out my gallbladder. Then i still had the pain and water yellow stools. They said because of my gall badder was removed. I said ok.........then in the last 5 years it has gotton so worse. Went to a Dr. he sent me to a GI doctor he did colon test and a GI series. He said the Villi were not working right....put me on 10 different meds and said IBS. The meds didn't work and I went from a size 12 to a 6 in a month. I called him and said that will happen can't help any more and keep taking the meds. So I did for a couple of months no improvement so I went to another DR. He sent me to another GI doctor.they found some little ulcers when they did the colon test. Must be IBS they said put me on different meds..............no improvement. So I decided that maybe I was nuts and stopped taking the meds and just delt with it. I am tired all the time...loose to water stools yellow stuff...most of the time it floats....so I decided to try another doctor that everyone in town thinks is nuts. But to my surprise he is great really trying to figure out what is going on. He is the one that thought that it might be Celiac. He told me to read up on it. That is how I found this site.

Another reason is because my daughter has had bowel problems since going on solid foods she is now 8. She is very little for her age not quite 45 inches tall and weighs 39 pounds. But she only goes once every week or two. They are huge hard and float. She is going to se a peds GI doctor next week.

I am just trying to find answers and what test would be the best. If anyone has anything it would help. And maybe the doctors I used to go to won't call me the lady with stomach problems I had one tell me he was not that smart to figure it out It must be IBS he said.

Let me know. I don't want to start the diet if I need the glutin for the test in my system. And I have been bloated and gaining weight again. Time to get out the 14 again. I keep size 6 to 14 depending on what my stomach is doing.

Thanks Bre

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He said the Villi were not working right....

Uh, that would be a BIG clue for celiac. The malabsorption problems of celiac start with damaged villi. And why are the villi damaged? Because the body is attacking the gluten and misses and attacks the villi. And the yellow floating stools are another big giveaway for celiac. You need the celiac blood panel done (do tests in the search and you will find the posts that will tell you what the dr needs to have run). and were the stools frothy and really really foul? Another big big indicator of celiac. Also, besides the weight loss, are you tired, I mean fatigued to the point your body hurts? Other people have had the endoscopy done, and some drs think it is the gold standard for celiac, but the problem is that unless it is done by taking many more samples than normal ( I think 10 to 18 as opposed to 3 to 5) it is way too easy to get a false negative. And it also needs to be read by someone who knows what to look for and is experienced in how to read the damage to villi. Another option is Enterolab, which is what I plan to do when I have some extra money. That will give you a lot of information, especially genetic. another option is the diet challenge. That's how I was dx'd. As for your dd, her age would make it a little difficult to get an accurate test result, no matter what was performed, as her immune system is not fully developed. I would suggest the enterolab (non-invasive) and the gluten-free diet right now.

Hope you get the answers you need.


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Hi Bre--Glad you found this forum--there is so much information to be found here. I would suggest seeing your doctor immediately and have him run the Celiac Blood Panel. Here is a link to the tests and some more info--


Since you already know you have villi damage, you could just go gluten-free now and see how you feel. I would give it at least a month. Of course, if you want to be tested further, you need to stay on gluten until then. It sounds to me like you most likely have a problem with gluten. The villi damage and your symptoms point to it. I would also have your daughter screened. With your situation and the fact that she's had problems, it's likely she is at the very least, gluten intolerant, too. Feel free to ask any questions you might have about the gluten-free diet and how to de-glutenize your home! Welcome to the board!! Good luck to you both--please let us know how you do :)

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don't ya just love the doctors!!!! Clueless!!!!!!

Ask for testing bloodwork, endo & colonoscope--- three biopsies too. My grandson at age 3 had all this done so you may want to check your child also.

Just don't stop eating wheat & gluten if you are going to do testing. You will not get valid results.

good luck


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