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Coca-cola (caffeine Free)

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I'm sure someone has asked this as some point but I couldn't find it. I drink caffeine free coke and it never occurred to me that it could have gluten until someone told me that seagrams ginger ale(of which I have a case in my apt) is not gluten-free. Is caffeine free coke safe? Does anyone know? How about sprite? Is there a list somewhere?


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Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

Caffeine free Coke and Sprite are both gluten-free :)


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Yes- it is. So is regular Coke, regular diet Coke, Sprite and diet Sprite.



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Guest Villanfam

Here is a list of Coca-Cola products that they (Coca-Cola) guarentee are gluten-free:

1.Coca-Cola classic

2.Caffeine free Coca-Cola classic

3.Coca-Cola Blak

4.Coca-Cola C2

5.Coca-Cola with Lime

6.Coca-Cola Zero

7.Barq's root beer

8.Caffeine free Barq's root beer

9.Diet Barq's root beer

10.Diet Barq's Red Creme Soda

11.Diet Coke Black

12.Cherry Vanilla

13.Diet Coke

14.Diet Coke with Lime

15.Caffeine free Diet Coke

16.Diet Coke Sweetened with Splenda


18.Diet Sprite Zero

19.Vanilla Coke

20.Diet Coke vanilla

21.Cherry Coke

22.Diet Cherry Coke


24.DASANI Lemon

25.Minute Maid Light Lemonade

26.Simply Lemonade

27.Simply Limeade

28.POWERade Mountain Blast

and their 100% juice products (without added

ingredients) are gluten free.

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Just a note on Coke- coca cola goes by the Codex Standard for gluten free. If you trust the codex standard then all the products listed are safe. That being said both my DS and I seem to have had reactions from both coke and Dr. Pepper. Reactions are mostly skin related and mild but we go with clear sodas when we feel we have to have them.

The best thing to do if in doubt about a product is to first call the company themselves, then exclude the item for at least two weeks and reintroduce it in moderate amounts when you are feeling well. We sometimes react to things other than gluten, especially in the beginning. When first healing the less processed and simpler the better.

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Who said that that ginger ale was not gluten free? I had not heard that before. What is the ingredient? Please clarify.


The owner of a gluten-free restaurant said that Seagrams ginger ale was not gluten-free. Something about the natural coloring?

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Many Celiacs go by old rules that Natural flavorings weren't safe....but mostly they are. I have never heard that before, so I wouldn't be so sure to rule that ginger ale out :)

I would call the company before you make your decision!

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