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What's Your Salad Recipe?

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I'm assuming that many of you eat green/fresh salads on a regular basis. I've discovered that they can be really filling and satisfying if I vary them from day to day and make them with LOTS of ingredients. I'm hoping you will take a minute to give me (us) your recipe to add to my collection. Here's my latest mix:

baby romaine lettuce mixture

iceberg lettuce

spinach leaves

raw sunflower seeds

raw pumpkin seeds

walnut halves

mandarin oranges

diced red bell pepper

apple slices

dried cranberries

sliced grape tomatoes

raw carrot slices

shredded cheese, any type (Sargento is gluten-free)

Sometimes I cut up leftover chicken to top it off.

I use Kraft organic raspberry viniagrette dressing.

The result is a mixture of savory and sweet! Yum.



If you scrutinize, you won't be glutenized.

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One of my favorites

Field Greens or Spring Mix

Grilled chicken (sometimes I fry it in oil)

Fresh Grated Parm. Cheese

Wegmans Taragon Vingerette *gluten free*

~~~~Gluten Free since 9/2004~~~~~~

Friends may come and go but Sillies are Forever!!!!!!!


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Spinach leaves

Crumbled bacon or ham

Shredded Carrot

Garlic Parmesean Croutons

Honey Vinegrette (homemade)

cherry tomatoes

Honey Vinegrette:

1 part rice vinegar

1 part oil

1 part lemon juice

1/2 part honey

sugar to taste (I like mine fairly sweet)

Cilantro and black pepper to taste

Shake vigorously in airtight container before each use

Use sparingly, it's very full flavored


Gluten free since May 2004

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This is my new favorite. For the vinegar I use rice vinegar and for the "oil" I use the clear, white sesame oil.


Me: GLUTEN-FREE 7/06, multiple food allergies, T2 DIABETES DX 8/08, LADA-Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults, Who knew food allergies could trigger an autoimmune attack on the pancreas?! 1/11 Re-DX T1 DM, pos. DQ2 Celiac gene test 9/11

Son: ADHD '06,

neg. CELIAC PANEL 5/07

ALLERGY: "positive" blood and skin tests to wheat, which triggers his eczema '08

ENTEROLAB testing: elevated Fecal Anti-tissue Transglutaminase IgA Dec. '08

Gluten-free-Feb. '09

other food allergies

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Today I have:

rainbow chard



Applegate Farms organic smoked chicken (sliced)

Annies Naturals Dijon Vingarette

I will see how it is in a few hours :)

I also like:

sliced cucumbers


a splash of seasame oil

a splash of plum vinegar


Baby spinach

Garbonzo beans



a splash of balsamic

a splash of olive oil

sea salt

"Let food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be food." - Hippocrates

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I eat this chopped salad a couple of times a week:

chopped romaine

chopped tomatoes

chopped celery

chopped radishes

chopped sweet red pepper

chopped red onion

chopped cucumber

1 small chopped avacado (or less, if you're calorie counting)

1 can (drained) chuck light tuna (or 1 cup or so of chopped chicken)

Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and lime juice (I use a whole lime.)

Toss, and eat!

The avacado makes it taste rich, the tuna (or chicken) adds satisfying protein, the lime juice brightens the flavors of the whole dish - YUM!

Rho (who feels hungry after typing that!)

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We usually eat taco salad (ground turkey seasoned with chili powder/cumin/garlic powder and add some water and can of beans and cook, then serve with lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, black olives, crushed corn chips, salsa and sourcream) b/c that is the only salad that my husband will eat as a meal. But tonight he wasn't home and I didn't feel like cooking, so I just did lettuce, black beans, red bell pepper, tomatoe, avocado, red onion, and ranch dressing. It was yummy!

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The salad I usually make is:

2 Romaine Hearts - cut in thin shreds

2 scallions, sliced thin

1 carrot, sliced thin

1/2 pint grape tomatoes, cut in half

I serve everything on top of this! Chicken, beef, fish...anything! :D

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