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Newly Diagnosed With Lots Of Allergies Including Gluten

gluten dairy nuts

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Posted 19 April 2014 - 12:20 PM

Hello & welcome......When  new  people  come to this  site  I  can tell  you we all try to give  the  most accurate  information  we  can... my pet  peeve  is  people  spurting out  wrong  info..... I  feel Kareng  was  just  giving  facts to  you  just in case  you didn't know... we  always  should  mention  testing because  it has  happened  where  people  went  gluten-free  &  felt better  but  later on found  out  it  was  a much  bigger  problem .....

Believe  me  when I say  many of us  don't like the medical profession.. So  if  you are  content  with  your  decision  then by all means  go  with that... as  an adult  you have  the final  say  not  a doctor....

It is  an  expense  re-vamping  a kitchen to a  gluten-free  one..... I  would  replace  the  toaster  as  you can find  one for ten  bucks..... if  you  can't  afford  to  do  all at once the toaster  is  important  to  replace.... replacing  plastic  utensils  also  are not  very  pricey... but  keep in mind  if you have  scratched pots & pans  &  continue  to use  them  you still will be  getting  some gluten in your diet....

 Food  choices:  all beef, chicken, fish fruits & veggies  all are gluten-free  in their  natural  state.... ( think naked  food) just  don't  buy marinated,  coated, rubs or  seasoning  on  these  items... so  that  should be  an  easy  task...

Most companies  now  have  their  foods  labeled  that  are  gluten-free  so  become a label  reader....  watch out for hidden  gluten ie:  malt products,  soy  sauce, beer to name  a few....

Think  about  allotting  so  much a month  to  replenishing  your  food  with gluten-free  , same  with  cooking  items.... soon  you will have  a  small  stockpile  that  you now  will be able  to cook/eat  safely.. Start out  with  items  you truly  enjoy first  ..

Also if  you work  make yourself  a  gluten-free  goodie  box  for work, your  car & purse. SO  when  you  can't  find  a place to eat  you  will have a snack to carry  you  until  you can get  home....

Check out  restaurants in your  area  to see  where you  can dine out.....

Wendy's,  Chick F-La, red robin, PF Chang's, Chipolte Grill, Uno's  Chicago grill,   boston Market to  name a few  who have  a gluten-free menu...  hth

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Posted 29 April 2014 - 07:07 AM

shellfish allergy, but I also have a gluten and dairy intolerance, peanut allergy, and I should also be avoiding other nuts, citrus, mint, strawberries, chocolate, pork, and all salt-water fish.


Hi, I was diagnosed with a wheat allergy, peanut allergy, hazelnut allergy, grape allergy, egg allergy, shellfish allergy, a dairy intolerance and a gluten intolerance and oral allergy syndrome.  I never had the appropriate tests done before I went gluten free for celiac disease, so I will never know.  And now I wouldn't be able to eat it again to get the tests done!  It is hard at the beginning, but it gets so easy to eat with all these allergies.  I have now reintroduced dairy, I can now eat cheese and yogurt (but still can't tolerate milk and icecream)...  I can eat eggs in things, but not on their own.  


If I were you, I would and did go cold turkey on everything your allergist was concerned with.  There is a lot of food out there, it is just about learning new ways to eat.  You can no longer eat the convenient (poison) foods.  You have to make everything from scratch.  I eat a lot of beans, meat, and fruits and veges...Luckily I can eat almonds as well.  It's amazing what you will learn about preparing food.  I wish you luck, hopefully your new journey will teach you as much as it has taught me!!  

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