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Sleep Eating - What Can I Do To Stop?

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Posted 20 October 2008 - 11:42 AM

You might note that mommyagain hasn't been back to this forum in 11 months. I don' think she'll be seeing your messages.

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Posted 21 October 2008 - 01:41 AM

I had the strangest thing happen last night. I woke up at about 3am to find myself sitting at the kitchen table with the wrappers from more than a dozen Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (full size) in front of me. Apparently I was sleep walking (which I've done on and off since I was a toddler) and raided the Halloween candy. Luckily I had already separated the stuff with gluten, so I didn't gluten myslef.

The worry is, I don't know if I've been doing this a lot, and I am the only gluten-free member of the family, so we have "normal" bread, crackers, cookies, etc in the house.

Every couple of days for the last several weeks I've found dirty dishes (usually large bowls with traces of ice cream) in the sink in the morning. Several times it's been containers with left-overs from the night before. There have also been times where I was sure we had a whole package of lunch meat or cheese, and it's gone when I go to make lunches in the morning.

I had been assuming that my husband (who usually goes to bed after me) had been having a snack before bed. Now I'm thinking that it's actually me who's having the late-night snack without even knowing it! I haven't said anything to my husband about it. Hubby is a deep sleeper and probably wouldn't notice me getting in or out of bed, or making noise. I guess I've just been lucky so far that I haven't glutened myself.

I am pregnant, and have been gaining weight a lot more rapidly than my doc would like me to. I thought that I was eating healthily, but now I'm not so sure. I don't really know how often I'm doing this, or how much I'm eating when I do. But, based on the number of candy wrappers I found in front of me last night, I'm thinking these are probably full-out binges.

The weird thing is, I'm generally hungry in the morning, so I eat a normal breakfast. After my candy binge last night, I assumed that I would not be very hungry for breakfast this morning, but I woke up just as hungry as usual.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to stop sleep-eating? Is this something I need to see a doctor about? We have a large dog (90lbs) who wanders throughout the house at night, so I don't want to set up motion detectors or anything like that because he would set them off.

Please help. I don't want to keep doing this. It's really scary to think that I may be doing this almost every night without even knowing it. Also, it's probably only a matter of time before I eat something with gluten (I'm assuming that I'm not checking ingredients) and make myself sick.

Well, since the original poster hasn't been back, I'll respond in case someone else has this problem....

I have this problem too due to taking Ambien....I try to counteract it by placing notes in kitchen on fridge and cabinets which tell me not to eat AND by putting aside one snack only that I can have (use the notes to remind yourself that there's one snack for you). This might help you ....
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Husband has Celiac Disease and
Husband misdiagnosed for 27 yrs -
The misdiagnosis was: IBS or colitis
Mis-diagnosed from 1977 to 2003 by various gastros including one of the largest,
most prestigious medical groups in northern NJ which constantly advertises themselves as
being the "best." This GI told him it was "all in his head."
Serious Depressive state ensued
Finally Diagnosed with celiac disease in 2003
Other food sensitivities: almost all fruits, vegetables, spices, eggs, nuts, yeast, fried foods, roughage, soy.
Needs to gain back at least 25 lbs. of the 40 lbs pounds he lost - lost a great amout of body fat and muscle
Developed neuropathy in 2005
Now has lymphadema 2006
It is my opinion that his subsequent disorders could have been avoided had he been diagnosed sooner by any of the dozen or so doctors he saw between 1977 to 2003



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Posted 21 October 2008 - 01:51 AM

You need to talk to your doctor. I work in news and recently saw a story on this. Sleep-eating is a documented Sleeping disorder and it is treatable with medication.
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Gluten Free 10/11/08
Negative Blood test 08/08
Positive Biopsy 10/08
No family members diagnosed...but Symtoms seem to be the same.
Father- Diverticulitis
Paternal Grandmother Died from Colon Cancer when she was 38.

If you're going through hell, keep going.
-Winston Churchill

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