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3 Month Check After Diagnosis And More

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Hello all.

I just got back from a week long trip to Northern California to see my son and his family. Had a great time and plenty of gluten free food available. The zucchini muffin at the North Coast Co-op was to die for!!! I made chocolate cake for my son's birthday party, one regular and one gluten free (with Bob's Red Mill baking flour but the same recipe for both). Everyone liked the gluten free one better LOL

3 doctor's appt's on Thursday when I got back. Opthalologist for Diabetes eye exam - no issues see ya in a year!! - Gastro doc asked how I was doing, I told him great, haven't felt this good in my whole life or had this much energy. He smiled and said you look good too, you have color in your face again. Told him I had been cutting down on my pain meds and it seems to be ok and he said I will eventually get off of them and several others too. I can use my judgement on cutting down and then discontinuing. He was impressed that the diabetes meds were already gone. He then said "See you in a year!".

Regular (GP) doc, can't believe my blood sugar is so good since going gluten free and also commented on the color in my face and my energy levels. Off all my meds for diabetes now and he's finally convinced as he did an A1C test. Maintained my weight over 3 months didn't lose anymore or gain so both GP and Gastro doc's were happy with that. I have to see my GP every 3 months in 2011 just to keep a handle on this whole thing but that's ok. 2 out of 3 said 'see ya in a year' LOL

So in essence, I had a great trip, great doctor visits, and life is good for Judy! :D


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Hooray for Judy!!! Nice work :D


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That's great news. It does feel so good when our 'personal pharmacy' keeps getting smaller and smaller. Glad to hear everything went so well.


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    • Hi.  I have been reading your post and thinking about how my pain was around diagnosis.  It was above the belly button, I think where you are describing.  At the time I assumed I had a stomach ulcer.   I had been taking Neurofen for an ear problem and assumed it was the NSAID that had caused my stomach ulcer (which I actually didn't have, when I had an endoscopy a few weeks later my stomach was looking great! My small intestine was not!).   Going back to the pain, it was a burning feeling.   My doctor prescribed Omeprazole but it didn't touch it.   In fact I ended up with bad D. which eventually lead to me having all the tests for Celiac Disease.   I still get that pain if I eat oats (pure oats) that are supposed to be OK for most Celiacs.     I get various pains in different places in my digestive tract from time to time, but that burning pain is something I won't forget. The other thing I had that you mention was that pain between the shoulder blades.  I had that - I felt almost like someone was pushing my shoulders down.  So odd. I get palpitations when I am anemic.    I hope you get some answers soon.  It is pretty tough having to keep going from one doctor to another, but sometimes it is the only way.   
    • I sit in an ice bath after a long training (running or riding).  It speeds my recovery, I swear!  
    • Oh, one last thing..... ICE PACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You'll feel better. Hey, you have a tub? Want to join the polar bear club in the privacy of your own home? Fill that thing with cold water & dump a 5 or 10 lb bag of ice in there. I'm serious.
    • I don't care what she specializes in, you MAKE her do a dh biopsy. I'm not being mean. Please understand that. It's just that I've heard this a thousand times before - no, a thousand one hundred!  Here's another thing ~~~ get her to order a eTG aka TG3 serum (blood test). That is specific for dh.  Oh gosh! Don't you just hate the ones in your ears???!!!!! Nah, we hate ALL of them! I swear though, when those suckers get going in & on your ears it just drives you stark raving mad!!!!! You've convinced me there is more than ample reason to strongly suspect it's dh.  Here's a tip..... the patterning the lab will be looking for is very easily destroyed by scratching so pick you out some prime places that are new & maybe, just maybe you haven't scratched them to smithereens thus far, and make some super thick gauze bandages & place them over those places so even if you reach to scratch (& we know you will! right?) the gauze will remind you & hopefully help to protect it. The biopsy needs to be taken from a clear area adjacent to a fresh lesion. No steroid creams okay? Not till after the biopsy. BTW, if she wants to put you on steroids after the biopsy be warned, 99% of the time there is such a backlash of the rash the moment you go off the steroid that you will wish you were never born. A dx of dh IS a dx of celiac disease & no further testing is needed. Please come back & update us after you see her tomorrow. In the meantime you have my heartfelt sympathy. Take those cold showers & grit your teeth. Hopefully you will soon be able to go gluten free & start getting some relief.   
    • Extremely itchy and keeps me up at night to the point I was taking cold showers at 3am.   Currently my ears, scalp, feet, and chin just will not stop itching, my elbows have the rash and look purple. Eventually the rash will heal and leaves scars that seem to be purplish in color. I have not tried gluten free diet yet.  Waiting for all the testing to stop.  The new allergist i am seeing tomorrow specializes in skin disorders.
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