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3 Month Check After Diagnosis And More

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Hello all.

I just got back from a week long trip to Northern California to see my son and his family. Had a great time and plenty of gluten free food available. The zucchini muffin at the North Coast Co-op was to die for!!! I made chocolate cake for my son's birthday party, one regular and one gluten free (with Bob's Red Mill baking flour but the same recipe for both). Everyone liked the gluten free one better LOL

3 doctor's appt's on Thursday when I got back. Opthalologist for Diabetes eye exam - no issues see ya in a year!! - Gastro doc asked how I was doing, I told him great, haven't felt this good in my whole life or had this much energy. He smiled and said you look good too, you have color in your face again. Told him I had been cutting down on my pain meds and it seems to be ok and he said I will eventually get off of them and several others too. I can use my judgement on cutting down and then discontinuing. He was impressed that the diabetes meds were already gone. He then said "See you in a year!".

Regular (GP) doc, can't believe my blood sugar is so good since going gluten free and also commented on the color in my face and my energy levels. Off all my meds for diabetes now and he's finally convinced as he did an A1C test. Maintained my weight over 3 months didn't lose anymore or gain so both GP and Gastro doc's were happy with that. I have to see my GP every 3 months in 2011 just to keep a handle on this whole thing but that's ok. 2 out of 3 said 'see ya in a year' LOL

So in essence, I had a great trip, great doctor visits, and life is good for Judy! :D


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Hooray for Judy!!! Nice work :D


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That's great news. It does feel so good when our 'personal pharmacy' keeps getting smaller and smaller. Glad to hear everything went so well.


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    • Push for the endoscopy.  My GI said at the initial consult that he didn't think I had celiac but wanted to do the scope to "rule it out"  When he saw me immediately after the endo, while I was still in recovery, he saw enough damage to change his position and sure enough the biopsy came back positive.
    • Your body has been used to ingesting and has been coping with the gluten in its systems.  DON'T PANIC because your body is doing it for you.   Seriously now, the medical field has a technological term defining when a system is used to working a certain way/routine.  When that is either disrupted or changed, it could take a while for the body adjust to a different way of doing things.  Another factor in the increase in symptoms could possibly be that your body is starting to "clean house".  It's trying to get rid of the amounts of gluten hiding out in all its nooks and crannies.  It is going to be a long term process.  It's like cleaning out a vacuum hose or other household item that is just caked with gunk.  The first cleaning gets rid of a large portion of the gunk and ick.  The subsequent cleanings gets rid of more and more ick but in lesser amounts. I thought I was going to go crazy those first few months, but things are a lot better now. (I am about 10 months gluten free).  I still have moments of brain fog and even episodes, but my body is getting closer (and more used to)  to having a cleaner "household item".  I know it's tough at first with the increased onslaught of symptoms, but hang in there.   You may want to keep a journal of all that you ingest or come into contact with for a time to track anything that could exacerbate symptoms.  (For me, my episodes are chemically triggered as well.)  If for some reason a few months down the road, you still have large amounts of symptoms it would be a good idea to visit your GP again just in case there something else that is going on.  
    • I would love some help! After 20ish years of being misdiagnosed with IBS, I was diagnosed with celiac disease (positive blood test for tTG IgA and positive duodenal biopsy) ~ 6 weeks ago. Of course I've gone completely gluten free, and I've been crazy paranoid careful not to ingest any gluten. I've also completely avoided all oats (even certified gluten free) and cut out lactose (due to transient lactose intolerance... because I don't have villi) . But now I feel WAY WORSE. I've had abdominal pain every single day, which ranges from mild aching to severe 10/10 laying on the floor crying and vomiting pain. I understand that it takes a long time to get better, but why would I get so much worse? My best guess is SIBO, but I can't imagine that it could cause such extreme symptoms, can it?  So my question to you fine folks is: did this happen to anyone else? Have you gotten sicker after you changed your diet? Is this normal?  For arguments sake, lets assume that I did not ingest any gluten to cause these symptoms... Thank you for your help!
    • Thanks very much Cyclinglady. Yes, it is Kaiser. I doctor said the GI think it is unlikely to be celiac deisease (he did not say how he came to this conclusion), but he would be happy to do an upper endoscopy for me. I did some look up online, this procedure should be low risk. Still feel a little hesitate while reading the potential risks :(.
    • I would suggest you test your daughter through a doctor. The Enterolab tests are not recognized as accurate or reliable by the medical profession. See this link from the Chicago Celiac Disease Center:
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