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Cooking Oils

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Posted 07 April 2012 - 12:38 PM

Oh I understand about cc in foods now. Scraping the gravy was like 4 years ago before I got onto this forum and learned a lot. I now take the same precautions a lot of supersensitives do except the shared household is probably the weak link. I may be non-celiac gluten intolerant based on the testing I have had done and the fact that my symptoms went away so fast even on an imperfect gluten-free diet. The only test that was positive was an 84 on an Igg blood test when normal is 30 or less. I think it is rare for true celiacs to recover so quickly due to the time it takes the intestines to heal. The return of symptoms 2 years into the diet is what I have been trying to figure out and deal with.

I see. Well, I do hope you find your "culprit" and get well once more! Best to you!
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Posted 08 April 2012 - 08:54 AM

Hi Dws,

I save fat from cooking chicken in a ceramic cup. I put it in the refrigerator and use it for frying. Pretty easy and free too.

I don't know about the cc in the kitchen. That could definitely be a problem I think. Certainly if you are sharing a toaster or peanut butter or mayo jars etc. that is bad.

You could also be having ongoing problems from another food intolerance. It might be good to consider an elimination diet for that.
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Posted 09 April 2012 - 08:05 AM

I've been off of gluten for about 6 years. I've been struggling with an ever increasing sensitivity. I did really well for a couple of years at the beginning but have been having trouble staying ahead of the curve since then. We do not have a gluten free kitchen and I am beginning to think tweaking what I eat may be futile as long as there are crumbs everywhere here. We have not had much success with trying to keep the kitchen cleaner due to the fact that we are natural born slobs-myself included. Doing all the research and trying to use only products produced in a gluten free facility is a little ridiculous when my own "facility" is so contaminated. The breakroom at work is just as bad. I wash my hands a bizillion times a day and try to be careful, but it may not be enough. I may just have to lay down the law. I've been hesitant til now mainly because of my teenage daughter who is very sweet and would do it if I asked, but I hate to put that kind of restriction on her and her friends. Anyway, trying it for a month to see what happens would not be the end of the world for the fam.

Sounds like you have found the problem and you are very smart for admitting so. It can seem daunting to do but your food issues will not put restrictions on anyone. If the other system is not working for you, then your family can eat gluten outside the home or take better steps to ensure you will not be cc'd. Don't worry so much about putting others out....this is for your health. It's not a big deal and will teach them tolerance for others who get sick from crumbs.

The odds of anyone having a problem with a food that is safely consumed by the vast majority of the Celiac population is rare and usually is due to other food intolerances. Don't drive yourself crazy about that and look to the most obvious....those pesky crumbs left by others. ;)
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