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Starting To Question Celiac In My 10 Year Old Daughter

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HI everyone,

I have been here for a while because I live a gluten free lifestyle due almost entirely to skin issues. My daughter (adopted but biologically my cousin) is 10 years old and less than the 5th percentile for both height and weight. Over the summer, she has actually lost weight which is a bit of a concern for me. It dawned on me last night when she was complaining of a stomach ache, that maybe we should look at getting her tested for celiac disease. So, these are some of the reasons why I am starting to think that maybe we should get her tested: 


  • her bio aunt (dads sister) has celiac disease.
  • Her bio dad had IBS
  • I (bio cousin-same side of family) have DH when I am on wheat although tested negative. 
  • Stomach aches off and on that last for a few days and then fine again for a few weeks. 
  • diarrhea when her stomach is bothering her. (she complains after she eats and it hurts intermittently until she eats again) 
  • Behaviour has been really not good in the last 10 months and she is a very quiet natured sweet kid (irritable, anger outbursts etc)
  • Seems "in the clouds" and actually looking at considering add meds in the fall but holding off because I am not ready. 
  • less than the 5th percentil for height and weight.
  • Losing weight in the last 3 months and hasnt grown at all in height.
  • often feels bloated (most dinners) 


I guess my question is, am I questioning this too much because I am familiar or do we have good enough reasons to push for testing? 



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not sure if it was coincidence or not but dinner was the only meal my daughter managed to eat a lot of and also didnt feel sick...gluten free pasta. I am going to chart what is going on for the next little bit. We are supposed to go back to the ped doc early november so I may just bring her to our family doc and ask for those blood tests. Looking at my "list" again tonight makes me wonder how come I havent considered this before?? 

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Make sure she is getting gluten and has been getting it before you test. We have a gluten-free house, but I manged to give my daughter gluten everyday in her lunch for months before she was tested (she tested negative, but will need follow-up testing every few years).

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