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Tyler D

Just diagnosed

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Just was diagnosed with celiacs disease. It's especially hard on me because I wanted to join the military, it's always been a dream of mine and now I've been told it can disqualify me. Because of that I'm having a hard time with this. It was always good to know I could join but now knowing I can't ever it just really sucks not being able to follow a long time dream of mine. But I guess I just have to push on. I was just wondering if any of you have went through the same thing?

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Hi Tyler,

Welcome to the forum! :)

Please stick around, read and ask questions, we like to help!

I was in the Air Force, but didn't find out I had celiac disease until later.  When I was in, (decades ago) there was no way to expect allergy safe diets that I know.  It doesn't seem like the military is a safe place for celiacs to me.  So I made it through the military, but there are plenty of other things I didn't do because of celiac and being sick and basically afraid to leave home.  Ack-thppfft, it it what it is.

Anyhow, maybe you could try something else?  After you learn the gluten-free diet and spend some time healing that is.  There's the Forest Service for instance, that might work better.  The problem with the military is being deployed and not being able to control your diet.  In the Forest Service you might be able to do that easier.

But your first priority should be getting better, and learning how to eat gluten-free successfully.  There's plenty to learn about celiac disease, and you really ought to concentrate on researching and getting smart about your new life-long condition.

There is a Newbie 101 thread  in the "Coping with" subsection that has some good info in it.  Plus we are glad to answer questions and tell you wonderful stories about living with celiac disease.  Recovery from celiac damage to the gut can take 6 months, a year, or longer.  Your doctor should test you for nutrient deficiencies also, as some vitamins etc may be low.  B-12 and vitamin D are a couple common ones to be low.


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