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Spice Drops (walmart Brand)

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Hi everyone,

I've been kind of bummed out this week because it's been soooo rough. I had another ER visit last Sun. for abdominal pain (5 of those in the last few months). The pain is better at times but sometimes even the vicodin I take for it doesn't help. Plus I had to take my 10 year old daughter to the Children's hospital for more tests. I should get those back in a week or so and I'll know whether she has the gene and how she is now. I know a lot of you go through the same thing and helps to read about it. I did have good news that my levels have improved (I've been gluten free for 2 1/2 months) and when I call my Dr. on Tues. I'll find out by how much.

Anyways, does anyone get really excited when they find something they used to love and thought they'd never be able to have again? This all might sound stupid but I was at Walmart today. I didn't realize how well they label some things. I used to love spice drops (I'm not a big candy eater) and right there the Great Value brand says GLUTEN FREE right on it. I definitely picked them up and some candy corn too that was labeled. So they aren't the healthiest thing. It's more like comfort food. Even my other daughter was excited for me.

Sorry to ramble on.


P.S. Does anyone use gluten free all purpose flour? Is it worth getting?

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