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  1. it depends when my house goes out they are ueslly good about making sure they have gluten...
  2. my family used to be like that but now they just got better the last few years but they...
  3. i didnt have my period for 5 months went to the doctor found it it was my thyorid which...
  4. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  5. i guess the doctor didnt want to be put in a headlock lol
  6. oh heres one for you last week i went for my endoscopy for a plopy removel and ive been...
  7. well i had turkey without the stuffing in it which is the top of the turkey, but the basing...
  8. i tell ya where do some of those doctors get there licance from? a cracker jack box lol
  9. you are a great guy to her shes very lucky to have you in her life
  10. i dont think it has to do with gluten i would mention it to your gyno
  11. i did the power stuff with (4 delux) pills 2 at 3 and then 2 more at 9pm i had to mix with...
  12. so the rice crisps arnt gluten-free i though only the treats arnt
  13. yes i did got it back on sunday lost it thursday night
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