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  1. Kam00096, I think everybody on this board feels your pain. 18 weeks seems like a long time but we all have to do what is best for ourselves. Try searching on this site for blood serology results they can be very helpful. I have included one I found in a quick 5 minutes search. Obviously it deserves more time than that. But positive serology was enough for me. Serology is often 90+ percent indicative and you have had two positive's already. I was feeling at my worst and had no doubt gluten was the cause and have gotten better everyday since. No one can decide but you what is best for you we can only offer advice and share our stories. A compromise that might work in this case is a low carb diet. It should help bloating from poorly digested carbs in the diet. Also low carb does not mean gluten free. You should still have enough gluten in a low carb diet to trigger poor compliance. Most gluten antibodies go down in that time so I wouldn't go completely gluten free for sure but less gluten is always a good thing if you think (know positive blood test) is a problem for you and you have decided to hold out for the biopsy. You might try spelt. This article covers why spelt my be a good low gluten alternative. I hope this is helpful and good luck on your journey. For the fatigue and energy issues ***** this is not medical advice but I have said this elsewhere on this board 100% Magnesium CITRATE is amazing for chronic fatigue since I began taking it 200mg 3/daily with each meal I have not had fatigue issues since. At one time I even took 3/day plus 1 hour before bedtime for restful dreams but do not need it that often anymore. It will be harder to find the CITRATE form but your body will thank you for it with much higher energy levels. And yes gluten can cause all these symptom's you mention and why they call it the "iceberg" disease/diagnosis because up to 20 other disease are associated some strongly some only occurring with a diagnosis. Posterboy,
  2. tracym007, I think I mentioned this in another thread post. And why I mentioned the Niacin(amide) version for your lotion. Most people do not know there is actually two types of Vitamin B3. Niacin and the Amide version (non flushing) Niacinamide. B vitamins often help with stress. Vitamin B3 helps regulate histamine (think what cause's us to itch) release's in the body and why people flush with the Niacin form but do not with the amide Niacinamide form. You can also purchase Slo-Niacin bound to Inositol limiting any flushing. I mentioned the Niacinamide form because it known to help skin issues when applied in a cream. My local vitamin store has it on standby by order of the dermatologist because when the capsules are mixed in lotions it work 15% percent better than many prescriptions for roseas, acne, and psoriasas etc. Be sure to titrate (step up in smaller doses) to 250 mg Niacin either using 100mg or 50 mg dosages. Doubling with each additional dose. Niacin is widely available in larger doses but at higher levels can cause an irritating (but natural) flushing (Hives) for the first two to three days of taking higher dose Niacin. Doctor's tell people at higher dosages (the 250 or 500mg) widely available to take it at night when going to bed and sometimes with Vitamin C I think to limit the flushing affect. Interesting enough if under a lot of stress Niacin will not flush if your stress is high enough to need that amount of Niacin. So the flush/hives is actually a natural healthy response but the Niacinamide form does not cause this affect but all the benefits of Vitamin B3 is maintained such as the help with the rash you are experiencing after only a short time (3 to 4 months) using Niacin. I just wanted you to know to expect it (flushing when using Niacin) so as to not think you are "allergic" to the vitamin as some people describe it as when they take Niacin in higher dosages not knowing this can happen. Dr. Myill of the UK says it very well "Niacinamide a little Vitamin the mitochondria (my words/we/the cell/) "must have" to function properly Some doctor's get that Pellagra can still be found today but sadly few are looking for it. Even doctor's of medicine teach Pellagra is not a "Disease of Today" so when they see (rashes etc, dementia (brain fog knitty kitty mentioned) etc it too often is not recognized in a clinical setting. I say it is time for a Time for a Vitamin Reformation and admit the war on Pellagra is not over as Dr. Heaney suggested. It has just gone underground. It should be noted with B-Vitamins as Knitty Kitty takes Niacin more frequent is better. Beeing water soluble B vitamins should be taking through out the the day for best affect. With meals and snacks as Knitty Kitty does works best. 2/day works twice as fast. 3/day works 3 times as fast once a day. You get the idea. I hope this is helpful. *** this is not medical advice just my own personal experience like Knitty Kitty from research and having tried it myself. I tell those who will listen. 2 Timothy 2: 7 “Consider what I say; and the Lord give thee understanding in all things” See my profile and visit the website there if want to study more about how like Knitty Kitty it helped my comobrid Pellagra greatly improve my health in about 6 months of taking Niacinamide. Then tell someone else like we are telling you Niacin(amide) can greatly help if your are a Celiac patient who also has developed Pellagra. Posterboy,
  3. at wits end with this rash, Do you also have GI problems or has this rash preceded any GI issues (regular once a day). I did a quick search on and came up with this thread on the topic. I think it is very informative. Also have you tried a skin cream with Niacinamide in it. They can be hard to find. I am not recommending their brand and have not tried it but Receuticals sold at Rite aid especially step 3 has Niacinamide as its active ingredient. Niacinamide helps regulate histamine releases in the skin triggering the itching you are experiencing. It would be much cheaper to just buy a bottle of Niacinamide in capsules and mix into your current lotions to see if helps any. Just a thought. My local dermatitis has a standing order at my local vitamin store he so commonly recommends the stuff to his patients. Good luck on your journey. It worth noting that in the thread I found on he said (the commenter) said a itch sufferer of DH that his skin issues showed up 5 years before his Celiac diagnosis perhaps this what is happening to you. But I would try rubbing niacinamide into any of your creams/lotions you are using for now to see if it helps. Posterboy,
  4. manasota, When I first was diagnosed with Celaic disease I was beginning to have Thyroid problems. But I began studying up fortifying myself with knowledge which led me to Chris Kresser's site where he has a free book on Thyroid disorders it might be worth downloading it and reading it (I have not) but read some of his blog posts. I think of it like one of my fellow blogger's I follow Susan Hughes Healthy by Nature quoting when she says "I find the human body to be pretty amazing. It is capable of healing itself when given the proper tools to do so. These “tools” include nutrients, thoughts, rest, among other things – all dependent, to a degree, on the unique needs of the individual. Many times proof of this incredible healing capacity of the body is backed only by anecdotal evidence, which, no matter how valid, lacks the respect that formal research supporting this notion would receive." With that in mind consider what I have learned on my journey is all I ask. I will share what has made me feel better. Chris Kresser (I don't remember why) says selenium first then Iodine for thyroid problems and a lot of these fatigue issues can be tied to your thyroid. Having said that my thyroid is better by that I mean I no longer need meds for my thyroid and my chronic fatigue is better. I find two or three brazil nuts a day will give you most of the selenium your thyrorid needs. Find a Kelp supplement for a good source of Iodine or just start putting idoine (betadine) from the drug store on your legs each night until it stains you in the morning then you know your body has enough Iodine since it readily absorbed when it lingers on the skin for more than 12 hours you have enough iodine. For the Chronic Fatigue I can not over emphasize Magnesium CITRATE in divided doses 3 to 4 times (with each meal and at bed time). Great book on the subject called "the Magnesium Miracle". Make sure it is a 100% Citrate though or your body will have time absorbing it. Your energy will really perk up. Muscle cramps will improve. Restful dreams (if you can't remember when you last dreamed) will come vividly. Search for the posterboy on this site if you want to read all my posts and see my profile if you want to know what other vitamin's or minerals I have taken to help me "get well". Good luck on your journey. Read the topic "Still Sick 1 year after diagnosis" for a summary of other things I have done by the poster ryan7194. Provided here for easy reference **** This is not medical advice and should not be considered such. Results may vary. Always consult your doctor before making any changes to your medical regimen. 2 Timothy 2:7 and 2 Cor 1: 3,4 Posterboy,
  5. Ryan7194, Timeline and history are important with diagnosing someone in any condition. I had similar symptom's many years ago now when trying Psyillium fiber (Metamucil) for regularity. It made me anything but regular! Did your downhill slide start soon after you started the Pysillium? If so you could be having an allergic reaction and have not put 2+2 together until you have stopped to think about it. You do not have to trouble swallowing to have an allergic reaction to Pysillium (Metabmucil) I did so I stopped promptly but if these thing like nausea, stomach problems etc more have gone on for more than 2 weeks and they have for more than 2 months (according to you) I suggest you stop the Pysillium immediately. ************** This is not medical advice and should not be considered such but elimination diets are often a safe and effective way to find what your body is reacting to. This only has been my personal experience and why I am able to offer personal advice and feedback base on my own experiences and study. The bloating seems an obvious carbohydrate problem to me. See Chris Kresser who know's alot about why we often feel bloated. Carbs are usually the trigger for bloating according to him. Consider going low carb to help the bloating if stopping Metamucil does not help. It usually helps people who are having heartburn problems to remove their triggers and according to Chris Kresser carbs are the biggest offenders. This the middle article in a 3 part series that is very informative you probably should read them all. Also see my archived blog entry. Make sure you find the Niacinamide form of Vitamin B3 or Slo-Niacin because straight up Niacin will cause flushing in most people in high doses of greater than 100mg but can be titrated up in 100mg doses if Niacinamide is not easy to find in your area. Most doctor's who prescribe it (Niacin) prescribe it for cholesterol support tell you to take it a night. If you do take Niacin because you have trouble finding NIACINAMIDE be aware it will cause flushing for 3 or 4 days until your histamine reserve's are flushed out. It is not uncommon to wake up the first night from hives with Niacin in doses above 100mg but this is not a problem for the Niacin(amide) form. Being a water soluble vitamin 3/day works thrice as fast as once a day. Eating it with food provides a easy way to remember to take both it (Niacinamide and the Magnesium Citrate) I mentioned in an earlier post. You will now it (Niacinamide) is working when you begin BURPING for the first time in years (not soda or beer, ie carbonated drinks) see my blog entry below for more information. I think these two things will really help. See my previous comment's about the Magnesium Citrate for Fatigue. You can also check out the website in my profile if you want to read more about my history as I often say "To Educate is to Free". Good luck on your journey, and let us know if it was the Metamucil and if the Niacinamide helped in 3 to 4 months (causing burping) the time is usually takes to see a significant improvement in stomach issues. The Magnesium Citrate (low energy) will work in 3 to 4 weeks if the fatigue is due to being low in Magnesium. It can't hurt as they say. It is just one Vitamin and one Mineral. You may want to wait until you get your SIBO results before beginning these vitamins/nutrients so as not to interview with any tests you might have to perform for your doctor. But personally this is just me talking one Sufferer to another Sufferer I would stop the Metamucil YESTERDAY as they say. If it is Metamucil causing a a relapse then the affect should be almost an immediate improvement in 2 weeks to a month or less. ******** Again let me say for emphasis this not Medical advice. Please let your doctor know of any changes in your routine including stopping the Metamucil so he can include it in your timeline for a proper diagnosis. Also consider the STRESS you might be under it is not uncommon for Stress to make us sick and we often don't consider it at the time. Think High Blood pressure from too much stress! 2 Timothy 2:7 “Consider what I say; and the Lord give thee understanding in all things” this included. Posterboy,
  6. ryan1794, Have you considered the medicine's you are taking. Some medicines and antibiotics can give you "sprue like symptom's" ie mimic Celiac disease's often alternating with the C and D you describe. But with your anti-bodies test presumably still being low Gluten is not the trigger in this case but the medicine you might be taking could be. See this link on glutino that is a couple years old now but describes it very well. And see for more on how Benicar can cause the symptom's you describe if you are taking it for high blood pressure FYI and your doctor's if it has not been mentioned to him before. Also consider changing any pain medicine you are taking to another NSAID or possibly a coated aspirin instead of a Ibuprofen branded (Advil or Motrin) pain medicine and see if it helps your GI problems. According to the it might also cause some of the symptom's you are describing. I do a lot of nutrition research myself and I don't think this fact is well known ( and why would they want it known) or people would probably stop taking it or at least (Celiacs's would) find another medicine substitute that would work with out causing unknown (to most) GI distress! I know I did not know about til about a month ago. Share if it helps is all I ask. Search for the Posteboy on to see all my comments and if you find this information helpful share. Pay it forward and pass it on. 2 Timothy 2:7 I hope this is helpful. Posterboy,
  7. ryan7194, I agree with cycylinglday I noted/noticed the same thing. See my comments to liz21 topic " 7 year, 5 years gluten free . . . still having problems" and my profile if you want to know more about the posterboy. That said I wanted to share my experience with Chronic Fatigue that presented before my Celiac diagnosis. Triggered by not being able to absorb critical nutrients like Magnesium. Being a Celiac your ability to absorb critical nutrients (as I sure you are aware by now) is compromised and limited in many respects. I used to sleep 12 hours a day and still I was wore out until . . . I found out about the Miracle of Magnesium! There is a book call just that "The Magnesium Miracle" that talk's about all the benefit's one gets from taking Magnesium. YOu dont' need to read the book to get the benefits just find the right form is the key. Find a Magnesium CITRATE take it with each meal and at bedtime and you will be amazed about how much your energy levels increase. If yous start having vivid dreams after a couple of weeks and waking up before the alarm clock goes off it is the Magnesium working. Friends at work swear by it for cramps and charlie horse's who have tried and found a citrate form. They no longer wake up in the night and sleep soundly. Magnesium should really help the fatigue you have been experiencing or at least it did mine. I hope you find out what is causing your flareups. Find a CITRATE not oxide then your body will really respond. ***** This is not medical advice. Good luck on your journey. If it don't work in the first couple of weeks (produce restful dreams and help fatigue) look at the label to make sure you have gotten a 100% Citrate form. Would Love to hear if it helps your fatigue either way good luck. Posterboy,
  8. StephanieL, I have/had Celiac diease. It was not a wheat allergy and I know it technically not right to say "allergy" in this sense. It is a delayed autoimmune reaction that produces antibodies and yes I had them that immediately went down in the first month on a gluten free diet. Probably the worst week(s) of my life physically (terrible chronic fatigue and arthritis at an early age less than 30) literally having to drag my self out of bed and falling asleep setting up just so I could confirm what the doctor's needed for their test's waiting all week to find the antibodies were "off the charts" as they say all the while still eating gluten knowing in my body, heart and soul it was killing me. My health has improved drastically since I first went on a strict gluten free diet but even then after a year or two I still had "glutening episode's" and know of other other Celiac's who have had the same experience. As their body healed even trace amounts of gluten would/does bother them when in the beginning seemingly being able to "cheat" a little without have the very serious reactions that seem to progress the longer they went from having cut gluten entirely out of my/their diet(s). It was to the point I just wouldn't eat out of my gluten free home. I alway's had to take my "Gluten Free" foods when I would visit someone or eat strictly naturally gluten free options like meats and vegetables because I never could be sure the broth or something else didn't have trace amount of gluten in them or even chili didn't have some thickening agent's in them etc and etc that would set off my "gluten allergy" ie Celiac disease. But today there are so many more dedicated gluten free options that in someway's it easier than it was . . . . but alas we know that only last's till we get glutened again. I still remember vividly eating "Bak** on M**N gluten free granola (an early dedicated gluten free product) and having a severe glutening episode and that is the last time I ever ate their product's. Think the same problem gluten-free Cheerio's has had recently. See my profile for more information about me. I do feel for Liz21. It is not easy at any age to be told you can't eat this (medically speaking) but I resolved if I knew what to avoid I could do it and did most of the time. Every time I would be/get glutened again I would go back to the drawing board so to speak and figure out again where I had missed the gluten. I do notice if my Stress is worse I sometimes have flare ups and there is not an obvious source of gluten. Maybe stress is part of it I don't know for sure. Probably most of us have had flare ups and we weren't always sure why it happened. I will say Not only did my fatigue get better after the celiac diagnosis but my arthritis did too when I found out about Magnesium. The stuff is wonderful when you find a good 100 percent Magnesium CITRATE form. I haven't been fatigued since. **** This is not medical advice Jefferson Adams on reported Stress is common before a diagnosis maybe it is still common too when people have flareups? As Jefferson Adams summarized "life events may impact the clinical appearance of Celiac disease or accelerate its diagnosis" it seem reasonable it might also affect flareups after diagnosis? I hope this is helpful. Posterboy,
  9. cycylinglady, I did not say Niacin. Most people do not know there is actually two types of Vitamin B3. Niacin and the Amide version (non flushing) Niacinamide. B vitamins often help with stress. Folic Acid usually helps people with high blood pressure and Vitamin B3 helps regulate histamine (think what cause's us to itch) release's in the body and why people flush with the Niacin form but do not with the amide Niacinamide form. You can also purchase Slo-Niacin bound to Inositol limiting any flushing. I mentioned the Niacinamide form because it known to help skin issues when applied in a cream. My local vitamin store has it on standby by order of the dermatologist because when the capsules are mixed in lotions it work 15% percent better than many prescriptions for roseas, acne, and psoriasas etc. *** this is not medical advice. Posterboy,
  10. cyclinglady and Celiac Nutritionist You are right I was mainly referring to the fact that many more gluten-free people are not truly as gluten free as the sometimes think they are. Jefferson Adams wrote about this new research on I also reacted to the search results when I found this article 7 years old, 5 years gluten free still having problems on bing search but only listed as two years on google for the same search results (maybe not long enough to be refractory) but I went and looked back at liz21 description and she said 5 years gluten free long enough to begin considering if it possibly is refractory in nature. Timeline is important I agree with "Celiac Nutritionist" how often is this glutening occuring? Once a month or once a week etc. There seems to be some unknown gluten source but liz21 said she had her son on a strict gluten free diet so I thought after 5 years it might worth mentioning more celiac's have background gluten than they often are aware of often. I agree with the "Celiac Nutritionist" check your supplements. It is not uncommon to be taking medicine's with gluten in them and often we don't stop to consider that these things would be contaminated with gluten. Scott Adams has a great summary on this topic. The info is a little old but probably is still true according to him almost 1 in 5 (18%) can be refractory. This assumes a 2 year burn in period or as he terms it "Non-Responsive Celiac Disease". I will offer this timeline for you liz21 (and anyone who has been accidently glutened) it was always 18 to 20 hours after the waiter took the croutons of my salad thank's O'Ch*****'s that I had that glutened feeling of a four star day of staying near a bathroom. Liz21, for what it's worth my gluten allergy got much more sensitive after two years of being gluten free. Less and less bothered me more and more and that sounds like what is happening to your son too! Galatians 5:9 A little leaven (gluten) leaveneth (ruins) the whole lump (meal). Do what the cycylinglady suggests and have your doctor recheck your son's antibodies with a simple blood test's and you can go from there + plus recheck for any gluten sources outside the home. Or inside the home if you home is not a 100% gluten free home consider trying it for your son's sake even toaster's can cross contaminate as an example. If you think it could be thyroid related simply check his normal body temperature more than 0.5 + or - difference could indicate an undiagnosed thyroid problem. ***** this is not medical advice please always consult your doctor before making any changes. Good luck on your journey, Posterboy,
  11. You may not be gluten free as you think. See my profile. Try some Niacinamide. A healthy child burps! A sign of complete digestion. It (niacinamide) can be used topically (rubbed into creams) for the skin dryness. Most dermatologist know about this. INgest orally 1 large 300 count bottle should cause burping to occur and digestion to improve. Once burping begins his stool will sink to the bottom indicating healthy digestion. Look up He may refractory celiac disease. almost half of people on gluten-free diet's have gluten peptides in their urine according to this study. Posterboy,
  12. Golden Cross of Digestion   This is correspondence with a fellow sufferer.  I am including it here for information purposes only.   ** This is not medical advice and should not be considered such. Results may vary. Always consult your doctor before making any changes to your medical regimen.   “This may help to digest the food but does it actually repair the intestine and keep it from “leaking”? That is what I understand is the bigger problem.”     Sharon,   I understand your skepticism?   Yes and no is my best answer.   No there will be no medical proof that the small junction pathway that gluten key ways through the lining of the small intestine but yes . . . if the gluten is digested into harmless peptides in the stomach that no longer get stuck in gut (small Intestine) wall allowing it to leak.   Damage is done in the upper gi because you don’t have stomach acid to protect you from these difficult and dangerous proteins when UN digested.   Low stomach acid has now been linked to a probable cause of damage to the Small Intestine before and/or occurring with a Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS) or Celiac diagnosis.   I cite Jefferson Adams from   Note how he Jefferson Adams starts the article “Rates of celiac disease and the use of drugs to inhibit the secretion of stomach acid have both increased in recent decades. A research team recently set out to explore the association between anti-secretory medication exposure and subsequent development of celiac disease.”   If these medicine are lowering stomach acid what cause effect relationship does/ could this have on Celiac/NCGS diagnosis is what he is postulating.   He goes on to say without being very technical (read the whole article for yourself) that “The data clearly show that patients who use anti-secretory medications are at much greater risk for developing celiac disease following the use of these medicines.   The fact that this connection persisted even after the team excluded prescriptions for anti-secretory medicines in the year preceding the celiac disease diagnosis suggests a causal relationship”.   If even after a year OFF these medicines your chances of developing Celiac Disease (CD) not to mention even NCGS which is much more prominent surely he is correct in postulating that there is a cause and effect relationship between low stomach acid and NCGS/CD or aka as a gluten allergy.   Surely there is something we can learn here.   Gluten especially is able to mimic the bodies defenses leading to the autoimmune reaction that leads to a leaking gut but IF gluten does not make it to the lower intestine (but smaller peptides) then the key (gluten) no longer fits in the lock and door is affectly locked shut and the gi can begin to heal itself.   There is a golden cross of digestion.   1) do you burp 2) are you regular (1 a day) 3) do your stool sink (not float)   Think triangulation.   Any three known points on a map give you a known location commonly know today as GPS or Google Maps.   If all these things happen then your gi is no longer being stressed and the gi can begin to heal itself  (though) complete recovery of the villi can take 2+ years to return to normal absorptive powers before gluten tore a hole in your stomach (small intestine) but the distress can be gone in 6 months as evidenced by the above symptoms.   You need not suffer distress while the doctors figure out that UN-digested gluten, UN-digested anything not gluten per se as I say UN-digested anything (Lactose anyone) is the trouble.   Pellagra is comorbid I believe with/in most GI diseases.    And the medical cure for pellagra discovered over 75 years ago IS a niacin deficiency presenting with DIGESTIVE disorder.    See this article from gluten freeworks website for more information.   If I am wrong you have nothing to loose, it is only a vitamin that doctor’s already tell people to take. Most doctors use high dose niacin to treat cholesterol as first line therapy titrated up in small steps.   Better yet if in 6 months to a year you stop taking it  since you have built up your bodies’ natural defense against gluten (and all foods really) you won’t need to keep taking it. I haven’t taken niacin(amide) in over two years and I still am (dis) stress free.   Because your’ God given burp will be a sign that your natural defenses are high. Should stress became greater than your dietary intake for a extended period say 3 to 6 months then your burp will go away and irregular movements will return.   Shocks such as loss of job, death or divorce or even stressful events like child birth can trigger the need for niacin in 1/3 of the population when the stress of life maims us first . . . then kills us the 4th D of pellagra.   Remission from Comorbid Pellagra  is possible which should greatly reduce most of your GI symptoms in six months -- not a cure because stress can bring it back.   I hope to hear feedback (if my theory is right that Pellagra is comorbid with GERD/NCGS) from many people that they are feeling better (burping) in six months.   If I don't thats ok too.  I just ask that you tell someone like I am telling you know of my experience with Niacin(amide) so they won't have to suffer anylonger if indeed it helps you as it has me.  Thanks  be to God!   Posterboy by God's grace  2: Cor 1:3,4   2 Tim 2:7   Posterboy,   P.S. I just crossed my 55+ month anniversary after suffering 30+ years with a Niacin deficiency.   I am still golden.   That is why I writing this blog not to tell my story of a fellow sufferer but to help those that are still suffering why the doctor’s look for proof! when 70+ years ago they discovered the cause (I believe) of 90+ % of all digestive disorder when they discovered the cause for pellagra as a niacin deficiency but it has been so long that now they do not recognize it clinically
  13. I actually think gluten triggered my type II diabetes. If I was first diagnosed with Celiac Disease I wonder if I would have developed pre-diabetes in the first place. Nevertheless nutriiton has helped me keep my sugars underway after going gluten free. My a1c often would go over 7.5 without metformin. Once I took some Chromium Polynicotate to help my insulin work better my sugar routinely are a whole point lower. After only taking it for a couple of months my points starting dropping to a more normal range. Always be careful before taking any supplement to read up on it side affects. I chose Chromium Poly because it seemed to be safer than Chromium Picolinate. I hope it helps. I know it helped my blood sugars. This is not medical advice only my personal experience. Please check with your doctor before taking any supplements to see if he approves. But my specialist thought it might be a good idea and is happy with my results and so far I haven't had to take the metformin as of yet for my blood sugar despite being treated for type II diabetes. I credit the Chromium but who knows it might of been coincidenc since I begin watching my carbs and diet too with the gluten allergy. Posterboy,
  14. Still Showing Damage, Biopsy are the old school way to test for gluten free dietary compliance. The villi however take most people 1 year approx to heal the majority of the way. 2 years are needed for most people(if no cheating occurs hence the 2nd biopsy) for complete remission. If the Celiac is not in remission in 2 years it is consider refractory (non-healing) type. Blood serology in the short term 1-6 months are much easier and possibly more accurate with gluten antibodies going down dramaticlly with in one month. It sounds like a blood exam was called for here. At 6 months if you are adhering to strict gluten-free diet most all the remaingin antibodies for gluten go away. See above how villi healing takes twice to four times as long to heal to pass biopsy (gold standard) for Celiac Disease. But if there is no gluten and/or ie antibodies the body will begin to heal as soon as a month as evidenced by the dramatic drop in blood (serology) antibodies indicate by a 2nd follow up blood panel. Posterboy,
  15. I found this link that summarizes it very well. Buyer beware. But other articles I read seemed to indicated maybe a NCGS patient might be able to tolerate some well seasoned sourdoughs, ie that had been allowed to grow for 24 hours to help predigest the gluten into smaller more managable peptides by the body (only theory on my part). I wonder the same thing about the Ezikel bread's. Some of my friends say they can 'eat a little' but still it is possible I suppose that sourdough might have less gluten content if prepared correctly meaning at leat 24 hours of seasonging. I remember when I first starte gluten-free that in the begining I thought I could eat a little but after 6 months I found any wheat of any kind was too much. This might be the same affect here. There is been some talk recently in the media that the fast rising portion of modern breads creates unusally high gluten levels to remain in the bread unlike more traditional methods used today. See the motherjones article for more information I think I mght be to scared to try. It is interesting to read abouth though. They say modern society is killing us? Maybe their are right if we are gluten inloterant. I think I would stick with Udi's. Great gluten free bread. The first I tasted that didn't taste lke the box it came in. Posterboy,