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How Do People Function Without Sleep?

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Posted 19 June 2006 - 01:16 PM

i get insomnia when i'm glutened too.

caffeine is so hard on your body, do you drink enough water? dehydration will make you more tired than caffeine can wake you up. dehydration will also give you brain fog and make you generally fatigued. i also agree with the power-nap of 20 minutes, it can go a long way.

whenever i get glutened, i immediately take charcoal - i take at least 5 capsules so that the charcoal will absorb the offending gluten. i don't get perfect results with this always, but it does make a big difference. the downside to charcoal is that it absorbs everything, nutrition, etc. in my book, that's okay as long as the gluten goes too. you can also do a drinkable form of clay, has no taste and will absorb anything in your gut. pick it up at health food store, or whole foods, good to have on hand.

Charcoal? Isn't that what they give you at the hospital to make you throw up? Sorry if I am totally wrong about that....I didn't know it also absorbs all the other stuff too. Will have to give it a try. Can you find it in healthfood stores?

Also, there was a time when I did yoga once a week, and I found that I was quite energized afterwards. I haven't been keeping up with the yoga (I really need to get started on that again) but I try to drink a lot of water, maybe some herbal tea or green tea. I try not to drink too much coffee...I'm on one cup a day as soon as I wake up (otherwise I absolutely cannot function for the rest of the day).
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taz sharratt

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Posted 20 June 2006 - 10:02 AM

sorry about you not sleeping, srry i cant help ypu on this one as i suffer the other way around, no matter how much i get it doesnt seem to be enough for me. the only time i was awake like that is when my kids are ill and not in school\the next day, then i have little or no sleep as they are right next to me all day and night saying " mum mum mum" its hard to drop off with the 24 - 7. instead of pumping you self up with caffine why not try to cleanse your systym with a nice cup of green tea or lemon tea. sorry cant sujest anything else but hope you get shut eye soon.
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married with 3 boys, maclain, dylan and finlay. symptoms for more than 10 years but only diagnosed may 06. lactose and casien intolerant may 06.



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Posted 20 June 2006 - 10:20 AM

I functioned w/out sleep for 13 years, undiagnosed sleep apnea did it for me...
didn'[t realise taht i wasn't sleeping until i went on CPAP and then knew the difference.
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Posted 20 June 2006 - 11:42 AM

Molly you have been through quite a lot! I had insomnia for two years that I swear nearly killed me - - I was on a medication for depression (an MAO inhibitor called Nardil - wicked stuff) and my inept doctor never prescribed anything for sleep or worked with me to find another med. And actually, I was a rapi-cydling bipolar, which she or I didn't know....it was hell. Slept ON AVERAGE six hours a week, sometimes eight.

Mercifully, those days are over, and the days without sleep are very few and far between. And, I do think gluten can cause insomnia also.

Thanks for all the tips, everybody.
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Diagnosed January 2006

"I like nonsense. It wakes up the brain cells." ~Dr. Seuss

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