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Gluten-free Restaurant Website

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After doing a search on Google, I found a website sponsored by the Westchester Celiac Sprue Support Group ( They work with the American Dietetic Association. You can do a search for gluten-free restaurants, according to geographic location. :lol: Unfortunately, they seem to have a limited number of entries. :( At least, they're trying, though! Hopefully, they will get more entries, as time goes by. I didn't find anything for the Midwest, but hipefully, the site will be helpful to those in other parts of the country. :D They also have other helpful features, such as a printable restaurant card. They seem to be a fairly new website. They started expanding their program to a national level in September, 2003. They are going to work with local Celiac Support groups. So, maybe we can help by getting the word out! I think this could prove to be a good resource. :D



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Hi Dianne,

I've known about that site since I came to the board and Molly (flagbabyds) told me. Whether or not it is helpful really depends on where you are...there are some restaurants for NYC (where I live)...10...which is actually a fair number......but it says that it's a Westchester group, so I guess it is likely that it would have more restaurants for areas in NY than areas further away or smaller (like places in the mid-west)....with this, location matters.....this site might be helpful if they add am just rambling on and on....sorry....good site to post, though for anyone who doesn't know about it from other posts on the board........



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I don't like that site to much because they only have a handful of states. Why are there none for each major city? I don't get why they list some for New England and nome for the NW but that't it. I am in Atlanta and know there must be some places here to eat. Maybe I will contact them directly.


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I'm sure there are some excellent places in Atlanta for eating gluten-free, but you can't just say "I make gluten-free stuff" and they put you on the Westchester list. It's a lot more complicated than that.

To be listed on the Westchester site, the restaurant has to agree to bascially put its employees thorugh training to cook gluten-free and to avoid contamination. The whole menu has to be gone over carefully. It takes a big commitment from the owner/chef. Also, to get it going in area, a local celiac support group needs to buy material from Westchester (about $50 per restaurant I believe, this just covers printing expenses). Then group members have to go out and recruit local restaurants to commit to this and train them. Westchester is looking to spread the program so if you belong to a local group you should talk to them.



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This is a group from NY so they only have restearuants that they know of that are glten free. You can probably find asome place in Altlanta. They probably don't know of gluten-free restaruants in Atlanta because they are from NY.


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Wow, it's great reading all your posts, I'm going to do a search in my area which is Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and see how many gluten-free restaurants I can find. If I get a decent amount I'll post it. Thanks for all your suggestions.

Lee :lol:


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I don't like that site to much because they only have a handful of states. Why are there none for each major city? I don't get why they list some for New England and nome for the NW but that't it. I am in Atlanta and know there must be some places here to eat. Maybe I will contact them directly.

I agree with Kristina on that....I am not a big fan of the site, either....even though I live in NYC, cause it doesn't list other major cities (so it's not helpful for traveling).....and I don't eat out in the city, much, anyway....I really dislike restaurants.

I can honestly say that I have a deep aversion....not quite HATE, cause it's not their fault that I have celiac disease, but a deep aversion to all makes me feel sick just to look at their menu....esp. the pastas and I stay away from restaurants, anyway....I never liked to eat out.



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I e-mailed

and this was the reply! Very nice people!

"Hello Kristina

We are working hard to expand the restaurant program across the nation. But we

are all volunteers and are doing this (the restaurant program) in our spare

time. Since we are located in the NorthEast, and we originally developed the

restaurant program for our support group, the listing right now is predominated

by restaurants in our area. Cynthia Kupper, the executive director of GIG has

started the program in the Northwest. We currently have support groups in

Utah, Florida, Indiana, Tennessee, Texas, California, Maryland, Massachussetts,

and CT actively working to implement the program in their areas.

Support groups can contact us to purchase the restaurant packets in order to

start the program in their area. The restaurant packets include laminated

color posters in spanish and english, a forty page gluten-free diet guide book, a

restaurant liaison handbook, menu stickers, window sign etc. Most support

groups are forming a restaurant committee and then selecting a restaurant. The

support group appoints a support group member as the restaurant liaison and the

liaison works with the restaurant to implement the program. The restaurant

remains in charge of exactly how they choose to run the program in their

restaurant. Because of liability issues, we only say that we are providing the

restaurants with information. We do not certify or educate the restaurants,

nor can we 'guarantee' that a participating restaurant will serve a 100% gluten

free meal. But our experience shows us that if you pick the right restaurant,

the GFRAP program becomes a "win-win" for all parties involved. The

restaurants get the increased business (most celiacs don't dine alone) and

exposure on the website and the celiacs get a "safe" place to eat.

So if you think this sounds great, take it up with your local support group!

Tell them that this is a proven program and invite them to contact us or one of

the other support groups involved in GFRAP.

The restaurant packets cost $50 plus shipping. This is our cost. Because we

have to print "on demand" the costs are higher than what they'd be if we could

afford to print several thousand packets at once. There are ways for support

groups to raise the money to purchase the restaurant packets. I know of one

group that passed around a can and got enough money to start the program in

their area. Our own group held a gluten-free bake sale and raised $1500 for the

restaurant program.

If you have more questions, feel free to write back."


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      I'v posted on here b4... 6 yrs ago I was diagnosed as severely gluten intolerant. ( they were kinda shocked that test for celiac was negative) anyway my symptoms went away up until a few months ago. I went to the gi doctor and they said I can't have dairy or fructose.. * I found that out yesterday, I thought my tests for dairy was neg but guess it was pos. And I had no clue about the fructose*..    Anyway is it possible to have all these I tolerances? It's not making since to me.... also if you experience same thing what can I eat!! All I had today was grilled chicken and rice because it was on my lost from gi doctor... I'm a college student so I need easy quick stuff as easy as I can have it now I guess.. also is almond milk ok to have and coconut milk? I'm very confused on the fructose part.. dairy I'v been of for 6 weeks.... my doctor sent a referl over to a diatrition doctor but I want stuff to get me by until I get in. I don't even know what to look for all the research I'v done is just confusing me even more since different websites say different things..... thank you in advance.. I'm trying to gain weight I was gaining the first few yrs of being gluten free but I went back word and stuff went down hill again... 
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      I am so sorry for how your feeling.  I can sympathize; over time I notice I couldn't have any type of gluten free products.  I read that since you don't have villi in your small intestines you have no defenses, meaning even the tiniest bit of exposure causes a flare up.  I even have to be careful when I purchase products by reading the labels to ensure it says manufactured by a nut, soy, milk and wheat free facility.  Be very careful, unfortunately
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      I have been reading a lot about leak gut syndrome which is new to the medical community in the sense that they don't know how to manage it.  If (you are female) make sure to do a yearly pap and uterine check to ensure there is no issues there.  If you are not a female then definitely confirm with an endoscopy if your small intestines are still damaged.  I am looking into doing the leaky gut diet to see if it will help, the book I am reading is "Eat Dirt" by Dr Josh Axe.  Especially since I notice anytime I am exposed to gluten by accident my symptoms are worse each and every time.  I know get severe back and rib cage pain, with bloating, gurgling and diarrhea with severe nausea.  I am willing to try anything and I am now reading this book and applying the diet to see if I can heal my intestinal lining.
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      Ok so I had my colonoscopy & endoscopy last Thursday. Don't get results until July 13th as GI is on vacation. I've had bad pain in my lower left abdomen that wraps around to my lower back as well for the past 4 days..even hurts to touch lightly. Went back to the ER & they did an ultrasound & CT scan. The Doctor said that I have "prominent" lymph nodes in the area that is painful as well as thickening & inflammation of my Sigmond colon? Um ok what is that all about? Kind of freaking out over the whole swollen lymph nodes thing. Has anyone ever dealt with this before? 😒
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