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Finally Taking The Plunge

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Posted 21 June 2011 - 12:56 PM

Hi Sara,

Have you tried grinding your own rice flour? Just use brown rice and one of those large coffee grinders (sans coffee of course).

Growing your own or simply buying potatoes in bulk can help too. You can cook up a potato and mash it up later to put in your rice flour pancakes or other baked goods with eggs, agar or xanthum gum (or some combination thereof) as a binder. I personally am allergic to xanthum gum as well as all other things made from corn.

What I do is when I cook, I make a lot at a time. That way I don't always have to be slaving in the kitchen, plus it ends up costing less. I use leftover rice as an ingredient in a lot of baked goods as well as in pancakes. It makes them a lot less dry. I also cook more veggies at a time than we'll use for the same reason. Makes it easy if I want to whip up something fast to have already cooked rice and veggies and say chicken or whatever. Maybe make a dish with a bit of egg in as a binder for lunch or whatever, or a very quick stir fry or soup.

The only flour I seem to tolerate so far besides rice is sorghum flour. For me the potatoes have to be white and peeled -- this is the sensitivity to high to moderate salicylic acid talking.

Maybe if your family is supportive and helpfully participatory, you could have chickens and either a milk cow or goat.

Some people also have rabbits. Anyone there not squeamish about raising one's own meat??

A lot of work, but also very pleasant if you like that sort of thing. I haven't done the raising animals currently, but we did do so when I was a child. I wouldn't mind doing it again if I had the opportunity.

I do like having a garden, however, whenever possible. It just gives back so much good energy as well as good greens and squashes, and herbs even with my limited palate (i.e., the salicylic acid sensitivity). Being so far north, consider putting in a greenhouse--which would be better against the radiation too.

I think that's another subject of course; lately the continued radiation from Fukishima has been worrying me a lot since my original celiac developed when I was an infant exposed to radiation from Hanford nuclear power plant. I hear that from Santa Cruz to Seattle there has been a 38% increase in infant mortality since mid March... That is not talking about infants getting pneumonia and such--like what I also got after being healthy prior to. God only knows what the continuing radiation is doing to the health of the general populace, by now spread world wide.


I do grind my own rice flour (white and brown). My Mom has a vita mix so I go over there and grind up flour. Our city is fairly strict on anyone operating a "farm". We have 4 chickens and 65 square feet of raised bed gardens. Next year we will add 2 chickens to our flock (that will max out our city allowance) and put in a couple more raised beds. We aren't allowed goats or cows (and don't have room for a cow anyway) and aren't allowed to raise animals for meat consumption in city limits so no rabbits for us.

I have 16 square feet of potatoes in right now and the rest of my garden will hopefully start producing if we ever get nice weather. I discovered cabbage worms on my cauliflower today though so I'm debating whether to spray or just rip it all up and avoid that whole vegetable family. Whenever I try cabbage, cauliflower or broccoli I get worms. :angry:
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Busy mom to 3 great kids (4, 8 and 18)

Gluten free since April 6, 2011 ~ Also sensitive to coconut, coffee and food dyes

Joint pain, mouth sores, back and neck pain, migraines, stomach pain, chronic fatigue, ADD and depression are all gone.
Wishing I had been diagnosed before celiac robbed me of the cartilage in my toes and the 3 babies we lost to miscarriages.

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Posted 21 June 2011 - 03:35 PM

Wow, that's a major decision Sara... and well done you and your family for making it. It's hard to factor in the increased costs of some of the foods that you will need to change over, but keep at it. Your family will get used to the change in diet and soon those things that are so expensive to buy gluten free will be gone from your regular rotation and it will not be an issue at all. NZers are also not the couponers that those in the US seem to be... if we get a coupon it's for full priced items only and you can't combine it with specials or sales or use multiple coupons :(

Wishing you good luck in your ongoing quest for improved health.
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Posted 21 June 2011 - 05:22 PM

we don't get really coupons in Canada

We can send away online for occasional coupons but they are usually 25 cents off cleaning products or gluten foods. Not useful. Stores will not combine or double coupons here either.

Oh dear! :( I didn't think about that! :huh: Sorry.
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Gluten free 6/10/11
Negative blood test for celiac 7/7/11
History, genetics, and response to diet point to celiac anyway.

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weox under wolcnum, weormyndum ah,
ot him ghwylc ara ymbsittendra
ofer hronrade hyran scolde,
gomban gyldan. t ws god cyning! -Excerpt from the prologue of Beowulf. :)

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