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Being Uber Sensitive

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Posted 29 August 2011 - 08:48 AM

Just to check:
What brand of rice milk do you use? A few brands give many celiacs some real trouble. But I'm more familiar with the recipes used in the USA.

I'm assuming by your language that you're not in the USA, would that be right? If you're in the UK, they allow hydrolyzed wheat in a lot of gluten-free products (maybe the rice milk, or salad cream, or ham? I don't know where it usually shows up, I'm afraid). Some celiacs seem to react to gluten-free food that uses this, so that might be worth checking your foods for.

For your microwave rice: do you microwave normal rice, or does this rice come in a packet of some kind? Have you checked it for seasonings or other potential gluten issues, by any chance?

And the ham's already been mentioned, I believe, yeah?

So sorry you're feeling crap right now. The exhaustion is so killer - can't get through it, and so tired that trying to eat around it feels impossible, I know. Hoping that you start to feel better soon.
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Gluten free since August 10, 2009.
21 years with undiagnosed Celiac Disease

23 years with undiagnosed sulfite sensitivity

25 years with undiagnosed mast cell activation disorder (MCAD) 


Daughter: celiac and MCAD positive

Son: gluten intolerant
Father, brother: celiac positive

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Posted 02 September 2011 - 05:42 AM

Domesticactivist said it all beautifully and I do agree with her suggestion for making your own meals from whole foods and ditching the "gluten free" prepared foods. You just cannot trust that labeling yet; at least I can't and don't.

In my first years I found I also had trouble with: soy, legumes, dairy, citrus, corn, egg and nightshades. Essentially I ate for 2 years: Salmon, unprocessed meats, chicken, other fish, bananas, cooked greens (even cooked Romaine lettuce to digest it more easily), squash, sweet potatoes, grapes occasionally, rice milk. Fairly simple but it worked and I was able to weed out other culprits with a detailed food/symptom log that I kept for 5 years!

I have, 6 years in, put everything back but soy and legumes as I've always had trouble digesting those. I actually eat VERY little grain, meaning rice, too, as I've found I feel better leaning a bit more toward the Paleo diet.

Anyhow, I sure hope you feel better soon!
Also, my love ALWAYS brushes AND flosses before any making out! He is mostly gluten free, however, as he is fond of his romantic life and it works best when I'm not sick!

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Posted 03 September 2011 - 07:36 AM

Microwave rice, gluten free muffins which I eat cold and use the packaging to hold to prevent any CC, rice milk and gluten free bread which I use to make sandwiches (I don't use butter or margarine, just normally ham slices straight on the bread), on top of most things I use gluten free salad cream so at least I have one iota of taste. I also eat a lot of bananas, grapes and satsumas/clementines. And that is by and part largely it I would say.

Probably not healthy long term but the tiredness is so acute I can't be ar*sed going to the hassle of making anything when I'm drained. Also it increases the risk of being glutened by a considerable margin. I will boil rice when I get a bit of time when I'm not being glutened every which way and see if I can tolerate vitamin supplements which I can't at the moment.

I was like you when I started out gluten-free too. I was sooooo tired, and I don't know how to cook. It was just easier to buy prepackaged gluten-free food. I had 2 small children (one a new baby) to take care of. I just couldn't get a grip on my life. I realized that I was having issues with all of the packaged gluten-free stuff at some point, and got off of them. I felt better. It wasn't until later that I realized that I was also reacting from gluten UNDER the 20ppm that was in the prepacked stuff. I can't have any of them now. It's hard in the beginning to try to weed out all of the sources. I know that I just felt hopeless. Just keep doing your "due diligence" with it, and keep at it. It will get better. Keep asking questions and looking through older threads on this site. It helped me so much.

By the way, I did react to the rice milk. That one was a surprise for me...they process it with barley. I would call the company of the brand that you drink, and ask. If they do...and tell you that it should be filtered out...don't believe it. Ditch it! My whole family also had to go gluten free. I had stopped getting well...until the house was free of it. I am still working through issues 2 yrs later, but it is much better now. Watch the olive oil too. That was also a surprise source of cc for me too. You very well might be, or have become, allergic to other ingredients too. I also found a problem with dairy, fructose, corn, soy, anything fermented. However, I seem to actually be allergic to corn...just since I went gluten-free. I never had a problem with corn before then.

All of this just takes time, persistence and lots of positive thinking. You will get there:)
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