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Is It Normal To Lose Weight When You First Go Gluten Free?

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Posted 09 May 2012 - 09:56 AM

I'm afraid I can't agree with that. In my opinion, eating gluten-free doesn't necessary mean you're eating healthier. Gluten-free bread and pasta, as well as any gluten-free processed foods are still.. processed and will have the same toll on the body as any wheat-based processed foods.

Eating healthier means eating natural foods (that don't require a label in order to know what they contain), and not overdosing on sugar, saturated fats, chemicals, coloring, preservatives, salt and so on. In my opinion that is.

There are people who have a cola and snickers for breakfast, yet are slim because their body type can handle it. That doesn't make them healthy people. I just don't measure health by weight alone.

I totaly agree with you Dani...I've been thinking this for awhile and wanted to remind everyone GLUTENFREE DOESN"T MEAN FATFREE!
I know when we are first diagnosed we tend to freak out alittle ...thinking omg look at everything I CAN'T eat! then when we see/find substitutes theres a sense of relief! But this is a GREAT oppertunity as several of you have said...to GET RID OF BAD HABITS AND EAT HEALTHY! This is not a loss...thats the CARB ADDICTION talking! once you give HEALTHY a chance...you don't even WANT those fattening foods...it will make your body feel bloated and slow. the right subs...from NATURAL sources are more satisfying and tastier!Eat organic DARK chocolate if you MUST...there are different GRADES which affect sweetness(if you like it sweet)its a GREAT antioxident as well...fruit...honey...dates...all sweet and tasty...much healthier for us.And if you don't know what to do with all these new found foods google celiac recipes...vegiterian recipes..or wonder over to the FOOD section of the celiac forum where some of our most CREATIVE members are TOTALLY willing to share thier expertese and best foodie secrets...not to mention advice! LOL! HEALTHY CAN BE YUMMMY!LOL! :P
(...and don't forget...that SUBSTITUDE we are using...corn...is also fed to livestock to FATTEN them up! EEEWWWW!!!!...LOL :blink: :rolleyes: ...just saying! :D )So even though we are kinda being FORCED to change our food habits...its not a BAD thing....WE can make it a GREAT thing by being healthier than we EVER have....(it may take a little relearning...but its worth it...AND there is a WORLD of great food out there...YOU just have to FIND it!) BON APPETETE! :D
Oh...and did I mention veggies...(I just mentioned sweets)...Veggies DON'T HAVE TO BE BORING...They just need some clever combos!...There are INCREDABLE things you can do to flavor up VEGGIES...you just need to LEARN! I've been seeing amazing dishes to make latly....I can't wait to try them!
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