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The Fog Is Breaking Up: Memories Of Things That Cleared It.

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Last May I joined the forum and  I had gone gluten free a couple of months before.  I suffered 30+ years and have tried many things to cope with undiagnosed celiac. Now, I know what enemy I am facing, so I can cope much better. I am no longer tired all of the time.  I don't wake up as tired as I was before retiring anymore.  I don't always need a nap.  Thinking back over the years, there are many things that helped.  These will be in order of my recollection:


The herb fennel.  I made cookies with these, lost water weight, and gained energy.


Exercise:  Sometimes it would perk me up, but alas other times it devastated me.


CoEnzyme Q 10 supplement.  (It gave me energy and more alertness.)  In the end of my gluten years, it no longer helped.  I take a little now with my supplements.


I cut out sweets


I raise my own food. 




Naps (Sometimes help)


I got mold out of the house. (Except that washing machine)


Back adjustments:  Six years back I nearly died.  I began having adjustments and doing exercises for my back.  In the beginning, I noticed I sometimes came out of the fog after doing these exercises.  Sometimes I noticed that I could breath easier.


Vitamin Supplements as recommended by my chiropractor.  These were miracle workers for me.


Get enough fat.  I get to feeling sluggish without coconut, olive, or butter with 3 meals a day.


Gluten Free Diet


Grain Free Diet


Pancreatic Enzymes


Washing nuts and legumes before eating.(This is here Thanks to Steph)


Food intolerance test/Rotational diet


Herbs for adrenal gland support


I will come back and edit this if and when I think of more things.  If you are tired, don't give up until you try all of these and more.  I made much better progress when I had help.


IF you have been helped by something put it below.









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Sounds like what your doing is working for you!! Someday I want to get where you are!! 

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