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What Thyroid Meds Do You Take?

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My  endo  doc  said  for  positive  without  synthyroid  paying  for  fellows  &  being  in their  back pockets  things  would not  be  pretty....We  have  part  of a  building  funded  by  Mylan Labs....&  a  thank  you plague  to Mylan!!!!   I do  believe  the  big  drug  players  do  control  much  of the medical community...&  I mentioned  before  I'm  the only one  on  Nature-throid  in this  endo's  large  practice.. I  even  said  to him  you see  how  well this  works  for  me  you  should  step up  &  help others  who struggle, his comment  was  if  I don't  give  scripts for these  drugs  I  will not  have  a pay check to feed  my  family...he  would  not  even give  it  to  my daughter.... 

And  a doctor  relative  said  that  some drug  companies  can put them under  if  they  don't prescribe  enough   of  their  drugs....


I  do  wish  you  could  find  someone  who  would give  you  a  whole glandular....

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Well here's a question.


If the doc sends in my script and it's for a generic Levothyroxine, Am I able to pay out of pocket for the name brand??? Tirosint is the exact same drug, just in liquid from. I don't understand if I can do this or not, but since it's the same exact medicine, I'm not seeing why I couldn't. I'm going to call the pharmacy tonight and see what I can do.



Yes, you can request name brand or a certain manufacturer.  (I take mylan like many others)

Also, if the name brand is gluten-free and others are not verifiably gluten-free, you can have your doctor write "brand medically neccesary" on the prescription, and with a little extra paperwork called a prior authorization, possibly get it covered through your insurance.  Take the script with that written on it to the pharmacy, and they will start the paperwork chain through the doctor and insurance.  You can call your prescription benefits company to see if it will be covered as well, but they will probably tell you it would depend on the outcome of the review.

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