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Scott Adams

News: Celiac.com: 10 Everyday Ingredients with Hidden Gluten

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Where do you get these articles?  There is some very wrong info in here.

1)  All oats should be avoided if you have Celiac Disease.  :blink:  Certified gluten-free oats are very safe for some with Celiac Disease and I think that has been firmly established in Celiac world.

3) Here we go again with the distilled vinegar issue.  :rolleyes:  It is safe and the only vinegar that isn't is malt vinegar or any vinegar that may have added flavorings after distillation that could contain gluten, of which I have never seen before in 11 1/2 years.  But read the label just in case.

5)  The baking powder issue is just another one where you have to read those labels.  I have to admit, I have never, ever seen baking powder with flour mixed in for smoothness but they may exist.

7) Corn starch. I think it ridiculous that they say you should stay away from it. This is a basic cooking item for Celiacs so again, read the label because if there is wheat added, it has to be labeled. Never, ever have gotten sick from corn starch.

10)  Sausages have gluten in the casings?  On what planet?  :lol:  There are plenty of sausages out there which are gluten free and marked accordingly on the package....the frozen ones like Jones and Applegate Farms.  I have had fresh sausage that did not contain breadcrumbs (which some do) and were perfectly fine and I never got sick.  I am really sensitive so if there were gluten in sausage casings, I would have paid dearly for eating them. You have to ask/investigate where you buy them but they can be found.  I would be more worried about what went into the sausage or them being cc'd by stuffing them before you think there is gluten in all sausages from the casings.

No wonder people are confused.......

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