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Thanksgiving...3 1/2 Weeks Away And I Am Already Stressed

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I think you'll love the book--it's pretty much the only one I reach for lately.

Yes, with pecan pie, definately fill the crusts and then bake--the GFP crusts are very flaky and tender, so keep that in mind if you need to cover with foil. They are delicious, though, and I think you'll like them. Also, one more important thing--be sure to roll the dough out between plastic wrap--it is impossible to get it up off the counter if you don't. ;)

I'm glad that you liked the pizza crust. I couldn't believe how easy it went together, either, the first time. The next time, I'm ging to try it as a white pizza. Those were always my favorite with "regular" pizzas.

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Next time I'm going to make a Pesto chicken or bbq chicken pizza. I prefer almost any type to the standard pep and chs version. I have never made homemade pesto and used some from a jar in the past. I think I'll try my hand at making it homemade as it seems pretty easy. The bbq pizza is super easy though and probably my favorite. The chicken gets cooked until done (but tender) in your gluten-free bbq sauce and I like smoked gouda cheese with it. I also use scallions (sauteed in pan before the chicken and removed) Then you put bbq sauce on the crust and add the cooked bbq chicken and the cheese and scallions. This is very close to one you can find at CA Pizza kitchen. Yum!

Gotta get back to work now I guess so I can afford all my gluten-free holiday food. :D

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