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What Test To Get For Toddler?

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I have Celiac as does my older daughter. I was glutened a few times in the weeks following my toddlers birth and she reacted just like a celiac as well like my older daughter did. Due to the lack of gluten exposure we opted for genetic testing. She did not get DQ2 or 8 so we kinda figured we were home free with her. She's 3.5 and we finally introduced gluten in January and stupidly introduced dairy about the same time. Since then she's been complaining of stomach aches while eating, the foods she's eating when complaining contain both gluten and dairy. Obviously I need to pull them and figure out which one is the problem but are there any tests I can do that will pin point it faster/better then elimination and challenge? I'm thinking either regular gluten intolerance or dairy allergy. Would it be worth it to repeat a celiac panel if she didn't get DQ2/8? I know they haven't identified all the genes and its possible I passed on a different one.

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