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My Sister in law suffers from migraines, fibroids and cysts, and infertility issues among other things I'm sure . I know going gluten-free will help her and she is beginning to show interest in getting off her expensive migraine meds that don't work anyway.

My hesitation is that she works as a waitress. I know with how sensitive I am that I would be constantly sick in that job. I worry the same will be true for her.

Any advice? What do you do if you have a glutenous profession? Will she have to get out of that line of work like I think, or is there some other way? Just looking for some insight and feedback here.


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Does the place bake it's own bread? That would be the only real concern I would have. If she is simply serving the food I would think she should be okay as long as there is not a lot of flour floating in the air. As a server she would be using tongs or gloves if she is directly handling food so it shouldn't IMHO be an issue. Now if she was a cook who has to taste sauces and such that would be different.

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