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hi all

just looking for some advice if you dont mind.

im from the uk so the way things are done maybe different im not sure.

i had ablood test for coeliac as i was having stomach pains, irregular bowel movements, lots of aches and pains, generally tired. 26 and feel about 90 with sore back, hips etc.

blood test came back 1:40 (or is it 40:1???) so was told i needed a biopsy to confirm.

had this 3 weeks ago, they found my stomach was inflammed (not sure why) and took biopsies. phoned doctors yesterday and all they said was 'biopsy normal, come back if symptoms persist'

that doesnt really help me. im worried, if its not coeliac is it something else, should i panic !?

i requested the test as my sister and niece are coeliac. is there a chance the biopsy can be wrong? would it be worth trying a gluten-free diet and seeing how it affects me?

Thanks All


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Hello, and welcome.

Number one on your list is to get a copy of the blood test results and pathology report from your doctor.(this is something you should routinely do). If you would care to post them here on the board we have people who are pretty expert at analyzing them. Sometimes doctor will call things normal if they are not wildly out of whack, but a lot of us have problems if things are just a little out of whack :P When you give us the numbers, make sure you give us the ranges that the lab uses.

Number two, not all people with gluten intolerance test positive for celiac disease and there is a 20-30% false negative rate on t he blood tests and biopsy both. The biopsy results depend a lot on the skill of the doctor and the number of samples he takes (and if he takes them from a damaged area). There is a lot of small intestine and the damage can be patchy.

And yes, number three is to give the gluten free diet a good strict trial and see if it helps. Do this for at least 2-3 months. And do not be alarmed if you don't feel better right away because many people go through a withdrawal period, just as from smoking.

Number four, know you are not alone. Many of the people on the board have been in your position. Welcome to the club and I hope the diet works for you. :)

{{{{[hugs}}}} to you.

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