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Things I've Noticed Since Going Gluten Free

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I imagine most of us swarm the celiac websites for symptoms we didn't even know we had, so I thought it would be interesting to note some things I've noticed now that I'm on the dawn of my 6mo anniversary:

Expected improvements:

Better absorption of nutrients (taking less Vit D and iron than initially)

Less stomach aches

White Blood Cell count improved; I was within normal range for the first time in my life by the 4th month.)

Unexpected improvements:

Calloused feet significantly reduced.

Softer hair.

Hardly any acne

No indigestion when eating spicy foods or onions

Reduced need for bifocals

Get this, my eyes used to always feel sensitive. Like they were always tired. All gone.

Better energy, I can climb stairs without feeling winded so easily

Muscles are not getting sore so quickly

Joints don't ache at all.

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That's great news! Hope you continue to improve and enjoy life more.

My endoscopy is tomorrow, so this is my last night before going completely gluten-free. I'm thinking I should take before/after pictures?! I'm looking forward to seeing what improvements I can make in 6 months. Your note is very encouraging!

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It is pretty amazing how many "symptoms" we didn't think were symptoms become apparent when they go away w gluten-free diet.

I'm usually reluctant to tell non-celiacs that my vision improved & my shoes fit better lol. Plenty of straightfwd symptoms went away, no use talking about extras that seem nutty/dismissable.

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I go in next week for my 6 month blood test...and I think I need to make a list of all the overall improvements going gluten-free has resulted in for me. I'm still boggling at my fingernails which used to rip and tear easily and took forever to grow out. I'm now trimming them every week because they are growing great guns and are stronger then they ever have been. Amazing what 'problems' I had that I didn't even realize were problems...

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It's weird, right? I've been gluten free over a month now myself and it's weird how much has changed. For me it's been:

No more muscle pain

Clear of acne

No more migraines

I used to have this really intense agoraphobia I dealt with every single day but in the last few weeks it hasn't even made an appearance

My system is moving regularly if you know what i mean... :P

No more nausea or pain after eating!

Some of these things have been a problem for me since I was 10 years old, so it's crazy to think I've been poisoning myself all this time. I'd had every mri and cat scan and blood test known to mankind since I was that age and they've never had an answer before now.

I wonder how many people out there are sick every day and don't know why.

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"One strange side effect I have noticed is that my skin tone seems brighter-- and my cheeks seem to have a regular flush of color."

I read that hyper-pigmentation has been seen in people with Celiac disease. So it is possible that your skin may appear lighter or that you won't get discoloration so easily.

Women with Celiac are also more prone to urinary tract infections. I used to get them ALL the time until I learned to reduce my sugar intake and sodas years ago. I even went on the Yeast Connection diet for a long while. (Which cuts sugar and starches; increases healthy organisms in the gut.) It is funny to my husband that I RAVED about how good I felt when following that diet and now we know that I was actually just feeling better because I significantly reduced gluten-containing foods. I still keep soda and heavy sweets out of my diet though. My skin was pretty healthy then too. That book has sold like crazy in the past, much to doctors dismay; it would nice if the doctors actually tried to explain why some people really feel good following a yeast-free diet than to simply criticize it. We might heal more people.

I also recall when I went through a phase of fasting and trying to eat nothing but fruits/veges/nuts/herbs and light oil, that people kept saying my skin looked vibrant. Boy do I wish I had tracked my patterns, I would have figured it out sooner.

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