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Blood Test Still + After 10 Months Gf?!?!

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Posted 08 September 2004 - 02:11 PM

:( hi, I was diagnosed in December after being gluten-free one month. I continued to be gluten-free and had antibody blood tests re-done in the spring which showed, reportedly, that I was still getting "significant" gluten. I did find out there was barley and oats in a nutrition bar that I had thought was okay previously (because I looked at it so early on in the diagnosis and didn't recheck!)

since that major bummer, I have been SO vigilant. now it is 10 months that I have been gluten-free and my antibody tests still show up as positive! ! !

has this happened to anyone else?

what do I do? I am not eating any gluten- and I know ALL about the hidden places, and I am not taking any risks, and even my make-up is gluten-free, and I don't know what more I can do.

someone please help if you can! I can handle being celiac and going gluten-free but if it never actually gets *better* (although I haven't felt sick at all!!) then what do I do???

:angry: Jen
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xo Jen

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Posted 09 September 2004 - 04:46 AM

I don't know if your doctor has suggested this (are you seeing a nutritionist who is aware of celiac disease?), try documenting every single thing you put in your mouth (including brand names.) From toothpaste to water. Then, have either your nutritionist look at it or post it somewhere so that others who are aware (here on the board? I'm new here so I don't know the procedures yet, but it might help. :) ) Or maybe do both things. Also, where do you work? This may sound silly, but if you work in or near a bakery, you could be inhaling your gluten. Imo, you are getting into it somehow, it just might take some time to figure out exactly how. (And, if you're getting into it unknowingly, chances are others are or will to. Maybe some company isn't documenting their ingredients like they should be. :o )
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Posted 09 September 2004 - 06:25 AM

Well... _how_ high? I mean, if they've gone down 50%, maybe you're body is just slow at healing on this one. If they've gone down 10%, maybe it's time to have the GI dig really deep into those "other reasons" to have a higher IgG that I keep hearing about but have never heard anything _specific_ about...
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Posted 09 September 2004 - 07:39 AM

What's still high? One of the tests is very slow to fall. After 14 months of being extremely careful one of mine, I think the Iga, was still one point above the line. My doctor said to continue being careful but that I was doing a good job.

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