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Tired Of The Cheaters And Skeptics

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#91 Guest_BellyTimber_*

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Posted 17 May 2005 - 02:27 PM

How about ALSO show respect for other board members in matters beyond the remit of the board?

And move threads to the right sections?
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Posted 17 May 2005 - 02:30 PM

Beverly - you are KILLING me! Tonight, when I get home, I just know I'm going to look at my sofa and start laughing. It's even possible that for the rest of my life, when I think of poop humor, I'll think of you. In a fond way... :lol:

Thanks for brightening up this thread!!!

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Diagnosed by food challenge, 10/04
Gluten-free since 10/04
Gluten-sensitive genes: HLA-DQ 1,3 (Subtype 6,9)
Interstitial Cystitis, 7/07
Fibromyalgia, 6/11

#93 Guest_BellyTimber_*

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Posted 17 May 2005 - 02:50 PM

Also no coded language any more please.
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#94 darlindeb25


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Posted 17 May 2005 - 02:53 PM

i sent this to jknnej and now i will add it to this thread----deb

I didnt call you or anyone else an idiot--i said that sometimes when a newbie comes in and asks a simple guestion, that they are made to feel like an idiot--here is the post i made--page 3 of the skeptics thread:

I have been on this board for a long time and I have always been ready to help anyone--I am a moderator on this board and I quit coming here for a while because I was so sick of the nit picking going on--I am not going to name names, but I was finding that a new person would come in and ask a perfectly innocent guestion---like, "can i have .........?" and it would be something that was quite obvious to we who have been gluten-free for some time, but not so obvious to a newbie and some of you would jump all over them like they were idiots--I would privately email them and let them know that not all of us were so cruel and I would give them my addy to ask me guestions directly--one newbie told me she would not come back to the forum because she felt the answers were rude---so I think its time you all remember--when you are pointing a finger and accusing someone of being of guestionable character, then you better remember at that same time, 4 fingers are pointing back at yourself--remember that------by the way--everyone was so upset with mmm gluten--I emailed him and then added him to my messenger--he is really a very nice man with a wonderful sense of humor--dont tell him though, cause it would ruin his image in here---Deb


Long Island, New York

always trust in your angels!

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Long Island, NY

Double DQ1, subtype 6

We urge all doctors to take time to listen to your patients.. don't "isolate" symptoms but look at the whole spectrum. If a patient tells you s/he feels as if s/he's falling apart and "nothing seems to be working properly", chances are s/he's right!

"The calm river of your life approaches the rocky chute of the rapids - flow on through. You are the same water. The rocks cannot hurt you. Remember, now and then, that you are the water and not the boat. Flow on!


Canadian Karen

    That Crazy Canuck!

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Posted 17 May 2005 - 02:57 PM

This whole thing is really a mute point since Scott has stated that it wasn't what happened here that got him banned, but his "extremely rude" reply to Scott's request........

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positive bloodwork, positive biopsy
Celiac, collagenous colitis, hypothyroidism
endometriosis (at age 20)
spinal stenosis (early 20's)

Biopsy August 2006 confirmed complete villous atrophy despite being gluten-free for years and bloodwork within range showing compliance with diet. Doctor has confirmed diagnosis of Refractory Celiac Sprue.
Endoscopy also showed numerous stomach ulcers, have started taking Losec.

Mother to Eileen 13 yrs
Rhiannon 8 yrs
Daniel & Connor 6 yr twin boys......

"Joyfulness keeps the heart and face young. A good laugh makes us better friends with ourselves and everybody around us."
Orison Swett Marden

Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.
-- Victor Borge

"An optimist laughs to forget. A pessimist forgets to laugh."
Tom Nansbury

"Doctor to patient: I have good news and bad news. The good news is that you are not a hypochondriac."

#96 Guest_BellyTimber_*

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Posted 17 May 2005 - 02:59 PM


A new people's or enquirers' section would be a very good idea for when the sections are next reorganised. When I was new, as you will remember, I posted in all sorts of sections one after the other.

I don't know how the list of sections looks on anyone else's computer but on mine, on the left hand side, after the title of each section in bold letters there is a description in lighter lettering, e.g "don't mention speeding on the autobahn" (Gott im Himmel!)

That would be a good place to give enquirers some subtle guidance on how to approach this.

Perhaps, it should go something like, "if mentioning your perception of your own position/problems, please don't compare it disrespectfully with your perception of someone else's".
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Posted 17 May 2005 - 04:02 PM

Good idea, Michael...there's pre-diagnosis--which doesn't apply to newly diagnosed, and post-diag. is about later post-diag. primarily and recovery, treatment, etc. It would be good to have a newbies section...or "Just diagnosed"...
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Posted 18 May 2005 - 04:57 AM

First let me say that I am NOT taking sides in any of this. That is NOT the purpose of this comment.

Freedom of speech as we understand it in the U.S. means the government cannot abridge your right to speak out. It can't close down newspapers or outlaw books (although I see an astounding number of people who want books they don't like banned). "Freedom of speech" does NOT apply to a forum like this. It's not in the least but different than if you walk into a shopping mall, hop up on a bench, and start lecturing people. The people who oewn that mall have every right to ask you to change your behavior or to throw you out. Freedom of speech does not apply.

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Posted 18 May 2005 - 08:03 AM

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to start a whole freedom of speech issue. I was just kind of using that term to say that just because someone posts something I find offensive that I wouldn't complain about it b/c I think they have a right to say it if they wish, just as I have a right to respond about it.
I didn't mean to use that term so loosely-sorry!!
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#100 Guest_BellyTimber_*

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Posted 19 May 2005 - 06:55 PM


I know where everyone is coming from.

I'm usually somewhere in the middle and I go on about where I'm at and that usually gets all sides' backs up.

"Cheat" is extreme language though some super and truly wonderful souls I have observed here are coping with it very well indeed.

About those people that post what they are thinking without thinking first they should try and keep quiet, bite their typing fingers then ask one question at a time. Not mix the issues and not imply things or assume things.

They should start at the beginning.

If they get this wrong we should tell them clearly and nicely which they will probably have never come across before.

If Democrats and Republicans are not to be slagged off in this forum then other people's religious leaders shouldn't be either - as someone pointed out there are rather a lot of other forums.

Just because I burn cool doesn't mean threads on this forum that haven't been handled properly by the administrators don't need an administrator response.

I was at a conference and it has been proved that people don't get celiac disease diagnosis and treatment when they need it - people who are rather "asymptomatic" get told they have it but told nothing about it or why - the entire thing we are all living in and are part of is a horrendous complete mess for start to finish - except the success story of finding foods, organising shopping, cooking - if you want to cope with this read the recipe pages - I am doing so and I might find myaelf cooking - I don't despair because I don't cook much yet and am dyspraxic.

On another discussion board are people in acute pain being asked to wait a year on gluten for a biopsy - people who have been gluten-free for a year and were extremely ill on gluten and are asked to take a gluten challenge for a biopsy.

The society of gastroenterolists and the conference speakers say, someone turns up in gut agony, they get a biopsy straight away.

In my case, two and a half years later, it's been settled, they're not playing that game with me.

When a couple of conference speakers get it right and hundreds of thousands of professionals are mis-practising, we need a degree of sanctuary here, not people taking our religious or political leaders apart, not people taking us apart because we're supposedly "hypochondriacs". We gotta stay clear of the precipices. We need to let each other carry on experiencing what we each want to experience.

I wonder what I shall do when I go to a party, when it's Christmas. Most of us still do!!! Haven't been on holiday for years. Lots of us haven't!!! We're prepared to gove ourselves some more time!!!

We gotta fight for our food - read the recipe pages
We gotta fight for our health
We gotta fight for comprehension
We gotta fight for a sense of proportion

Not against each other.
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