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Posted 02 July 2012 - 11:02 AM

Many of you know of my troubles with a doctor who was filling in for my regular GP, that told me I was bulemic, anorexic, etc.

Well I went to see my GP who was back from a well-deserved (IMO) holiday to Australia. She said that I looked better, and I told how well I felt since going gluten-free. I told her about how I have been regularly "going", and how my brain fog has gone, I'm more energetic, less nausea, no more fatigue, and though I do have my bad days I am feeling better overall. The response was not what I expected. She must have been talking to the fill-in.

She told me I am not a coeliac, and asked me if this is an "obsession" I'm going through, because I used to have OCD which I still do a wee bit, but have overall conquered-on my own.

I said no, it can't possibly be. There's no way I could "Fake" being well. So then she said I was probably just gluten sensitive, and I could "grow out of it" but that most people feel better when gluten is eliminated from their diet because they stop eating junky foods.


I felt as if I were talking to the wall behind her. I might as well have been talking to the wall, expecting it to talk back. At least it might have been concerned.

So here I am again! Gluten-free, feeling better, showing the main plus more symptoms of coeliac disease but.....it's just a phase (says she).

I needed to vent :P Thanks for reading, those who did :D

I'm staying gluten free, and I'm going to wait until my hospital gets a gastro specialist that I can go see.

Congratulations on feeling better! Leave it to a doctor to make you feel bad about feeling better. The more and more I interact with them, the more and more impatient I get with them.
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