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Been Told To Avoid Milk, Though I Have No Milk Allergy...

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Posted 14 November 2012 - 06:44 PM

I definitely notice that lactose makes me run to the bathroom, but I have also personally noticed other symptoms to non-lactose dairy, starting immediately with a dry-tongue eventually followed by feeling achy or like I'm getting a flu. Almond milk, soy milk and coconut milk are all very tasty alternatives. (Just double-check for gluten in whatever brands you can buy, there are a lot of them and a couple brands may contain it.) I have yet to find a good cheese alternative though :-p

"I recently tested positive for Celiac Disease (138.8/30) and was told I had a very high sensitivity to Gluten. However, I tested negative to milk."

Well, I don't know what your numbers represent but I'm pretty sure that just because you have an IgA or tTG levels consistent with celiac disease, they don't measure any sort of gluten sensititivity specifically. I mean, yeah, you have celiac disease because there's nothing else that they know of that causes those levels to be so high, but it's not like a regular allergy test where they prick you with allergens and see if there's a skin reaction.
So considering that, I find it a little confusing when they say that you tested negative for milk. Did they test you for a milk allergy at the same time? Did you get tested for a wheat or gluten allergy too (which is a different test than would be for celiac disease)?

Regular allergy tests involve a category of antibody, IgE, that isn't involved in celiac disease. And regular allergy tests are the only ones that I know of that test specific foods. It's possible that you have no milk allergy or even no lactose intolerance (if your intestines aren't too badly damaged yet) but still have, for example, an IgA reaction to dairy. There is at least 1 paper I've read that shows that in vitro (so in the lab, not in a real person), showing that some celiac tissue samples will elicit an IgA reaction to some dairy proteins or caseins (I forget which one it was.) And I don't know about where you live, but I asked my GI about it and there's no way I can figure out if my IgA levels could possibly be dairy related using some sort of test short of participating in research or something myself.
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diagnosed Jan 2012, bloodwork only
June 2012 positive visual of celiac disease from gastroscopy

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