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Newly Diagnosed And My Whole Life Ahead Of Me

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I am so glad to hear that I am not alone in this transition. I was sick and in unbearable pain for all 4 years of college. After one doctor finally took the time to help me, colonoscopy, upper endoscopy, and blood work, meetings with specialists, I have become healthy again.... Mostly. I had 2 good years and suddenly started feeling off again. One liver biposy later, and I find I also have auto immune hepatitis. THE FUN NEVER ENDS! 


It has been a long long road, but I am on the journey to become a gluten free, happy and healthy woman. My significant other has stayed with me through it all and as soon as I can pay off my medical bill debt, we will be married. :)


Has anyone else dealt with multiple autoimmune problems? How have you handled the bills if you didnt have insurance, or had crappy insurance?

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Yes, I have 3 other AI diseases on top of Celiac but all of mine have either stabilized or my symptoms were greatly reduced by following a strict gluten-free diet.....which is very good because I am not a fan of doctors and would rather manage my AI problems by diet and exercise.  I have been gluten-free for 10 years and I am not the same person I was pre-diagnosis so that goes to show how much the gluten-free diet can keep things under control.  There is no reason to believe that you cannot achieve this also, if you follow the diet as you should.  Liver issues can resolve on their own by following the diet.  The liver becomes especially irritated by gluten, if you have Celiac Disease.  I had elevated liver enzymes pre-diagnosis and they resolved on the diet.


I have always worked so have had good health insurance for when I needed it.  As far as racking up medical bills, pricing on tests can be negotiated, if you live in the US. Tell them you want the best price possible, if you don't have insurance.  I would also only pay them what you can afford comfortably because as long as you are making payments, they cannot do anything about it.  I think everyone should pay their debt off because it is all about personal responsibility but if it takes a bit longer, then so be it.  They'll get their money eventually.  ;)


Glad you are feeling better!

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