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New to the group, diagnosed 3 years ago

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Hi. I am new to the group and as mentioned above, was diagnosed 3 years ago. I continue to have set back after set back but. I will, for the first time after being diagnosed with celiac disease, have mt very own kitchen to make food in. I am looking to stock it up with safe foods. I got a lot of spices/herbs from Spicely's but I need help on some other things. I need some ideas on salsa, vinegar brands, safe pasta sauce, olive oils, and whatever else that you guys might be able to think of. I email companies all the time and get very few replies. I was going to use Organicville products but seemed to keep having reactions to it. Come to find out that they use the same equipment for the Gluten Free Certified products as they do gluten containing products. They just process them on different days. So what are your ideas? 

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I eat Mission brand corn tortillas.  Also UDI's millet chia bread.  I never hd a problem with either of them.

I use California olive oil.  California olive oil is tested to be sure it is not adulterated with other oils like soy or whatever is cheap.

I got some coconut oil from Vitacost and it is fine.

I've rarely had problems with store bought corn flours or other flours.  But I do know some brands were tested as being contaminated a while back.   I don't have that list though.  I am not a big baker.

I use Jif Natural peanut butter.

Canned meats are usually ok if they are plain and not enhanced various flavors, like tomato sauce etc.  I don't do nightshades.

I haven't had much problem with any vinegar, but I don't buy balsamic vinegar.  There is brand of flavored rice vinegars called Nakano that seems ok so far.  I have used the citrus and roasted garlic flavors ok.

Quaker rice cakes that are labeled gluten-free are ok.

That's all I can think of right now.

Welcome to the forum! :)

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pompeian vinegar both the balsamic and the red wine I have had not issues with

Salsas I find Green Mountain Gringo to be great and sauce I find the Brubro pepper sauces to be great. (I order these on Thrive Market)

As for pasta sauce I just make my own as I have a issue with olives -_- Quite simple if you get the spaghetti seasoning from spicely

2 cans crushed tomatoes, 2-4 cloves of garlic in a roasting pan in in a preheated oven at 400F for 40 mins then put in a blender and add 2-3tbsp spicely spaghetti seasoning 1 tbsp balsamic, hint of oil of choice and salt to taste. If you like sweet/pizza sauce add 2tbsp coconut sugar to it and a bit more basil.... you can also some red peppers to  it for a roasted red pepper version

Coconut Secret makes some good coconut amino, garlic, and coconut vinegar

Anything else I cook a lot and can direct you to what I use just PM me any time.

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Thanks for the help. Anything else you can think of, keep them coming. Another big question: Salad dressings. I tried using Organicville and kept having reactions. Come to find out it is processed on the same equipment, just on separate days than gluten containing products, What kind and brands are okay for dressings?

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I use Bertoli or Pompeian olive oils with no issues. Pompeian wine vinegar. 

Pasta sauce is so easy to make yourself. A can of tomato sauce, a can of petite diced tomatoes (I use Hunts), some olive oil, a chunk of butter, oregano, basil, chopped onions & garlic, a bay leaf & a tsp. of sugar, salt. Get it hot & let it simmer for 5 or 10 min., then turn it off & let it sit without the lid for a couple hours so the "bitter bite" can spire off - stir when you walk past it. Then put it in the fridge &/or freeze, use as needed. 

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