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What Does A Typical Day Of Eating Look Like For You All?

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I know it's off-topic but I have to say I like your board name. If there was any way to get enough protein, my post above would not have mentioned fish. I'd much rather take pictures of them.

Aw, thanks, but I actually have nothing against fish or whatever. I had just watched Finding Nemo before I signed up here, so that's why it's my name. If you've seen the movie, you know what I mean. :)

Hahaha. Thanks.

-Jackie :)

14 years old

Diagnosed with celiac disease in 1993

Totally gluten-free since 1993

"All there is in life is wheat...Oh, wheat! Lots of wheat! Fields of wheat! A tremendous amount of wheat! Yellow wheat. Red wheat. Wheat with feathers. Cream of wheat!" - Woody Allen, Love and Death

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Breakfast -

Cereal & Milk - the Glutino Gluten-Free Cereal Apple & Cinnamon is good, same with Enjoy Life

Lunch -


Dinner -



I know I wasn't very helpful but sorry.

-Jackie :)

I love your nod to WAAGS on your avatar! :lol:

Alright, don't worry even if things end up a bit too heavy

We'll all float on, alright

Well we'll float on good news is on the way...

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Well, my menu isn't very typical of a celiac diet, because I am intolerant to so many things, and I am quite restricted.

This is what I had today:

Breakfast: Chicken thighs with shallots and broccoli.

Snack: A peeled pear (the peel contains salicylates and would make me ache).

Lunch: The same as above (I cooked enough for both meals).

Snack: Some banana chips, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

Supper: Salmon with cabbage, shallots, garlic, leeks and kohlrabi.

Dessert: A peeled pear (it's the only fruit I can still eat).

Would have had some dark chocolate (Lindt 70% cocoa, it's the only brand I can handle), but ran out :(

I already cooked my meals for tomorrow, because I am babysitting for a sick friend, and I know she won't have anything in her house for me to eat. And, believe it or not, I am hypoglycemic as well and need to eat frequently.

So, tomorrow I will eat: Chicken stirfry for breakfast and supper, with the supper mix of veggies from today (I cooked enough of it for four meals), and beef stirfry, same veggies. And, of course, pears and some nuts for snacks. I might eat a banana (I can only eat one a week without getting a reaction, who knows why).

I WILL buy myself some chocolate tomorrow on my way home! :D

I am a German citizen, married to a Canadian 29 years, four daughters, one son, seven granddaughters and four grandsons, with one more grandchild on the way in July 2009.

Intolerant to all lectins (including gluten), nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant) and salicylates.

Asperger Syndrome, Tourette Syndrome, Addison's disease (adrenal insufficiency), hypothyroidism, fatigue syndrome, asthma


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Breakfast: Plain Yogurt with sugar and small cup of tea

Lunch: Can of Tuna with Carrot sticks

Dinner: Two pieces of chicken with rice

Snack: One small rice pudding from Kozy Shak

Less than 1,000 calories per day. Anything more makes me feel super sick and I would rather be thin than fat.

Diagnosed 11-11-05 after 3 months of major symptoms, including 2 hospitalizations and 7 ER visits for dehydration and syncope. Otherwise, I had all "normal" blood tests and major scans. During those 3 months, lost 20 pounds, all my muscle tone, and ultimately could not walk for 2 days. Spent 6 days during the second hospitalization hooked up to IV and STILL passing out IN BED due to malnutrition with doctors staring at me AS IF it was all IN MY HEAD

Other related symptoms:



Gluten Ataxia - three "nodes" recently found in my brain (thought I had MS)

Muscle weakness


Chronic Constipation

45 pound weight gain since going gluten-free!

gluten-free since 11-11-05. Cannot eat bananas, potatoes, or spinach. Recently reintroduced yogurt into my diet and able to tolerate plain yogurt with sugar.

HATE the diet but psychologically tolerating it for my health.

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(Im probably hypogylemic, but not tested for it, sick of testing!)

(430am)Breakfast: Umm I have to keep this simple, takes me a long time to wake up. So normaly Fruity or Cocoa pebles and coffee (all prepaired the night before).

(7 or 8am) 2nd breakfast : Muffin, doughnut, or somthing fo that nature (gluten-free ODVIOUSLY! )

(10am )1st lunch: Fruit usally, apples, bannanas, oranges, what ever travels well.

(11am) 2nd Lunch: Could cuts, and cheese. AKA A breadless sandwhich

(2pm) Snack: Rasins!!! Or lays stax, or enviro kids rice bar

(5pm) Dinner: umm well some meat or tinkyada pasta and potatates and other veggies.

(8pm aka after kid in bed): First desert - ICE CREAM! :)

(10pm aka after wife in bed): Rasins!!! chips, dougnuts, what even junk food i can find

(11pm-4am aka when ever the kid wakes me): Rasins!! chips, dougnuts, what even junk food i cna find (always need munchies)

:huh: never realized I eat so mcuh! :o

- Vincent -

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Guest nini

I'm hypoglycemic too and so is my daughter... interesting...

I'll just list what I ate today

breakfast: porridge with applesauce and cinnamon mixed in, a banana, cup of coffee

snack: enjoy life caramel apple cereal bar

peppermint phatty from the health food store (a very thick gluten-free peppermint patty candy bar)

lunch: two applegate farms hotdogs wrapped in mission corn tortilla's with cheese

snack: Stoneyfield farms vanilla yogurt with frozen strawberries and blueberries

candy cane left over from Christmas

dinner: didn't feel like cooking, so dinner was a bowl of Mesa Sunrise Cereal with honey and milk...

that's me today... usually at lunch I have a big ol salad with whatever yummy protein strikes my fancy that day.

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My diet's pretty restricted with no dairy, eggs, sugar, or gluten. (I cheat on all of the above except straight eggs and gluten). I'm still trying to get enough cals.

Breakfast: Soy Yogurt w/fruit, Envirokids cereal and Lactaid, Applesauce, 100% Juice Weekends: Vans WF waffles w/ maple syrup, DF cool whip, SF sweetened strawberries, or gluten-free pancakes, 100% juice

Lunch: Tamales, Chicken or Beef rolled tacos w/ guacamole- or leftovers, or chili I need some help here still- something to take quick for work

Snacks: Dark Chocolate, (oops on the lactose and sugar) gluten-free/DF/SF/EF homemade chocolate chip cookies, chips, dried apricots, nuts, Envirokidz chocolate rice krispie bar, rice thins w/artichoke dip, rice crackers w/Trader Joes sundried tomato pesto cream cheese dip (oops- there is the lactose), gluten-free/DF chocolate pudding

Dinner: Steak or Chicken, Rice, Veggies, gluten-free pasta w/chicken, pesto, and sundried tomatoes, corn tacos-- ok, that's what I should have- lastnight it was uncooked shrimp from a bag and tatertots!

Weak positive bloodwork (IgG only)

"Mild flattening of villi" noted on endoscopy, but negative biopsy

Positive response to gluten-free Diet 1/14/06

Diagnosed gluten intolerant by Enterolab

HLA-DQB1*0201, 0201 (HLA-DQ2, DQ2)- 2 Celiac Genes

Vitamin B-12 deficiency

Have not received Celiac Diagnosis based on negative biopsy

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Pamela's pancakes with either butter and syrup or peanut butter and syrup, or pb and applesauce(have to vary my variety)or pancakes with blueberry's in them.

Two poached eggs with Kinnikinnick english muffin toasted(cut into thirds for best taste).

Corn flakes with milk and banana.


Large baked potatoe with butter and sour cream

Kinnikinnick mini pizza with cheese, green pepper and olives, side of salad or steamed brocolli.

corn tacos with refried beans, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, olives, cheese and Herdez green salsa(MMM!)

Taco salad with fritoes, S&W chili beans, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, olives, sour cream, salsa, avocado and brown rice.

Crunchy tacos with everything on them.

Bean and Rice enchildas, salad

Homemade vegetable soup, lentil soup with "Favorite sandwich bread" from gluten-free Pantry. Very yummy fresh from the bread maker.

Brown rice and black beans with cheese.

Asian dish with tofu, rice noodles and veges

gluten-free Pasta with "Seeds of CHange" sauce and salad

Supper;(is not my main meal)




toast with peanut butter and jelly(made from gluten-free pantry mix)

cornflakes with soymilk or reg. milk

Chips and cottage cheese

Obviously I don't eat all these things in one day, but I switch them around. I don't eat meat, so that makes the variety a bit less right now. I would like to learn to cook with tofu more. I was naming what I eat and I really need some more variety. Guess I should work on that.


Oh and I eat like pounds of chocolate every week. Mainly Peanut M&M's! I don't know where they go, but I am not gaining any weight.

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Breakfast: Cream of Buckwheat, cinnamon raisin toast, toast w/ honey, a banana, cranberry juice, smoothies, pancakes or waffles w/ maple syrup.

Lunch: soup or chili that i made and froze or a grilled free cheese sandwich with some

veggies, peeled fruit, mac n cheese

Dinner: Stir fry of some sort, spaghetti, lasagna, grilled stuff, baked yukon french fries, jasmine rice and other regular dinner stuff just made without gluten, garnet yams with smart balance, cinnamon and a little brown sugar. I eat these for breakfast and dinner sometimes too, rice and beans, amy's gluten free dairy free enchiladas

For a snack I'll grab a couple of green olives, a couple of dark hershey's kisses or homemade dairy free fudge (recipe on the peta website) celery, peeled fruit

*All obviously gluten-free and for me dairy free.

Every day is a blessing.

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I had just typ[ed up a list of gluten-free foods my son will eat for my parents. They are overwhelmed by his diagnosis, so I did a celiac disease 101 for them that was specific to my son. Here's the list. It's not a daily menu, but it's got about everything he will eat on there. He's 3 and very picky, so it's sometimes a challenge.

• Delimex Taquitos - double check ingredients.

• Oscar Mayer Hot dogs and bologna

• Hormel microwave bacon

• Kraft Cheese – singles, mozzarella, and cheddar

• Mission Corn tortillas

He likes these made into quesadillas and pizzas. To make the pizzas, put one tortilla down, sprinkle lightly with cheese and place a 2nd tortilla on top. Top that tortilla with pizza sauce, cheese and pepperoni. I put it in the toaster oven, but the oven is fine. Just cook it until the cheese melts.

• Ragu pasta and pizza sauce

• Hormel Pepperoni

• Nerds

• Sweet Tarts

• Reese’s Cups, hershey’s kisses

• Member’s Mark (Sam’s) Gummies

• Breadless Coating brand Chicken Tenders. They say Gluten Free on the bag. I found them at Publix

• Gluten free biscuits. (Cause You’re so Special is a good Brand)

• Peanut Butter and Jelly

• Gluten free pancakes

• Gluten free bread – cinnamon toast is a favorite, grilled cheese (use Kraft regular Mayo)

• Heinz Ketchup

• Hunt’s Snack cups – jello

• Vann’s gluten free waffles (found at Target, Publix and Health Food stores). Blueberry and Chocolate chip are his favorites. Golden Eagle syrup, Real Maple syrup, Log Cabin syrup, and honey are good toppers.

• Black Forrest Hormel Ham (I buy this at Sam’s). If getting deli meats cut, make sure they clean the slicer first since gluten meats and cheeses may have been cut on it.

• Frito Lay chips – fritos, stax, cheetos, ruffles, plain

• UTZ potato chips

• Popcorn – I usually pop the real stuff. I need to check on Microwave types.

• Ore Ida French fries and tater tots

• Gluten free cornbread – make sure the mix does not contain flour (most do). Don’t cook it in a cast iron skillet where gluten breads have been cooked. The porous material holds gluten.

• Fruit – he loves grapes, apples (especially with peanut butter), bananas, oranges

• Real butter, country crock - a lot are ok, but be careful! Cross contamination is a big issue.

• Pillsbury Icing – cream cheese is his favorite

• Veggies are good, but good luck getting him to eat them! ; )

• Crystal light – orange is his favorite

If you're looking for info on how to get started on the gluten-free diet, check out this List for Newly Diagnosed.

Self - Pain free since going gluten-free 9/05 (suffered from unexplained joint pain entire life), asthma improving, allergies improving, mysterious rash disappeared (probably DH)

Husband - Type 1 diabetic, Negative bloodwork

Son - Elevated IgA, Very high IgG, 2 negative biopsies - HLA DQ2 and DQ8 positive, Amazing dietary response since 1/06

Daughter - Congenital Heart Defect (2 surgeries), Reflux, choking issues, eczema, egg allergy - HLA DQ2 positive, Good dietary response (via me because of nursing) since 9/05

"All things happen for good for those who love God..." Romans 8:28

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Ok, this has been really interesting. I have to say though, to all you hypoglycemics out there (myself included) it will help if you don't start your day with something sweet. All the muffins, sweet cereal (I'd forgotten Pebbles were gluten-free - but now I am reminded as to why I don't eat them ;)), even all the fruit and raisins- baaaaaaad stuff for us hypos.

Before I was dx-ed Celiac, I was a known hypoglycemic. In fact, hypoglycemia was my most dangerous symptom when the Celiac flared up. But there is more than one type: fasting (which everyone gets at times - like waiting too long between meals), reactive (where the sugar levels plunge AFTER eating something-usually caused by an allergy or intolerance, like gluten for instance ;)) and the type I have which is like fasting, but consuming sugar causes my insulin to kick up too high and devour all the sugar, making my levels drop.

If you are just waiting too long between meals, it is understandable you would have fasting hypoglycemia. But I have a theory about Celiac and hypoglycemia: Perhaps, b/c we are somewhat carbohydrate depraved (or, should I say, complex-carbohydrate-depraved), our body is craving sugar.

For those of you who start the day off with sugar, your body isn't getting adequate nutrition from the get-go and the sugar rush is causing your insulin to eat up all that sugar and then some. Same thing with sugary snacks. And this can leave you with no energy, jitters after a few hours, even headaches among other things. And it can take the whole day to get rid of all these symptoms. Your body is constantly fighting to maintain even sugar levels until you give it what it need nutritionally (not the sugar overload).

The best way for a hypoglycemic to eat is to eat sweets sparingly, including fruit, and always have snacks and meals in this combination: a fat, a protien and a complex carbohydrate. If you do get the jitters, begin with something sweet to get the sugar level back up, but follow it up with something substantial right away. I start my day with some orange juice to get rid of the morning jitters and having an egg and bacon - maybe even some gluten-free toast usually ties me over until lunchtime. Leftovers from dinner the night before are the best bet to get you through the afternoon - sans dessert. Having a snack before bed helps tremendously too - as long as it's not cookies and soda or something like that. I have popcorn with butter, then a cookie and milk. the fat from the butter and protien from the milk combat the sugar in the cookie. Gets me through the night, unless I have wine with my popcorn - then I need that OJ boost first thing in the AM. Alcohol is a real killer. I try to have healthy between meal snacks if I need them. Even chips and cheese are healthier than something sweet. Opt for water, decaf beverages or vegetable juice with your snacks. Save the sodas (preferrably decaf), and alcoholic beverages for your biggest meals where the protiens and fats will help control the sugar.

Foods to be weary of:

yogurt (most have atrocious levels of sugar)

dried fruit

baked goods (cookies, cakes, muffins, etc.)

sweet cereal

fruit - especially bananas (unless eating in combination with fat, and protien and maybe even a carb.)

candy (obviously)



The amount of sugar you can tolerate varies from hypoglycemic to hypoglycemic. I can't go over 5grams w/out waiting until after a really good supper. Even if I have a good lunch, I can't have a sweet that early in the day.

Just beware of this; reactive hypoglycemia: http://www.opinions3.com/reactive_hypoglycemia.htm

This is what causes Type II diabetes and it's very dangerous if not treated.

This was my problem before my Celiac dx. Gluten caused my reaction. I'm lucky to even be here my levels were so low after I'd eat what I thought to be good, healthy meals. It was very hard on my heart.

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I'm also hypogycemic. I have to watch my carb intake so I don't get peaks and dips. So my breakfast is usually:

2 farms eggs over easy

1 slice of brown rice bread or millet.

coffee and half and half.

blueberries ;)

I eat lunch at 11:00 because I'm too hungry to wait or I'll have a snack like a protien shake and eat lunch at 2.

Lunch is

big salad or stir fry veggies with applegate turkey pattie or chicken breast or pork. :)


peanutbutter on rice cakes or hummus on crackers or veggies.


today we had taco's with guacamole and chips.

I'm a good cook and abit of a foodie along with my husband so eating good and using the best ingredients mean alot to us. We used to love eating at resturants quite alot but didn't enjoy feeling sick after. I can pretty much turn any recipe I see into gluten free. Except when it comes to making breads and desserts.

So far I'm not to sick of eating the frozen gluten free breads Enjoy life I think is the name. I usually have fruit and whipped cream for dessert. :rolleyes:

Gluten Free since Jan. 06

Gluten intolerant. DQ 0301 DQ 0602

Lactose intolerant.

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Ok, this has been really interesting. I have to say though, to all you hypoglycemics out there (myself included) it will help if you don't start your day with something sweet. All the muffins, sweet cereal (I'd forgotten Pebbles were gluten-free - but now I am reminded as to why I don't eat them wink.gif), even all the fruit and raisins- baaaaaaad stuff for us hypos.

Take my bread, and I might wimper... take my doughts and might cry, BUT IF YOU COME FOR MY RASINS YOU GOT A FIGHT ON YOUR HANDS!!! :D

- Vincent -

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Breakfast: eggs, Jimmy Dean Sausage/Oscar Meyer Bacon. OR leftovers from dinner or Amys Indian (Yum)

Lunch: Leftovers, Rice Cake w/PB&J, cottage cheese with pineapple, Peanuts & V-8, trail mix with raisans, peanuts & MM's

Dinner: Baked Chicken w/salt& pepper, roasted carrotts and potatoes, Gravey with cornstarch.


Smoked Salmon on the grill, w/ brown rice, asparagy

Steak & B. Potato w/salad

Beef Stew w/Lipton Onion Dry Soup Mix - carrots & pot.

Spiced Shrimp w/Old Bay Seasoning - corn on cob.

Hamburgers w/ bushes baked beans (doctored up)

Chicken Salad - Potato Salad

Merinaded Pea salad (very good) ask and I'll pass it on.

Merinaded Flank Steak - diddo

Ribs of Grill - McKormicks dry rub - Roasted veggies.

See, gluten free need not hinder our taste buds. Enjoy :)

I thought that kind of food looked familiar... I'm from W.N.C.--and you forgot the grits with breakfast!


Now to the food list:

Eggs, omlets, (fresh market ground/lower fat) sausage, grits, fried potatoes or potato cakes, applesauce... at times; [fresh/raw] fruit, fruit 'n' yogart, and a few times a year; {gluten-free} cornflakes.

Other meals; Green beans, green peas, black-eyed peas, field peas, yellow-eyed beans (cooked with ham), cranberry/october beans, baked beans, split-peas, red peanut beans, greasy cut-shorts, broccoli, collards, spinach, kale, romaine, leaf lettuce, zuchinni, butternut, acorn squash, sweet potatoes, chicken breasts (baked, grilled, smoked, marinaded/grilled), smoked whole chicken/turkey, smoked trout, fried chopped/cube steak (coated with rice flour--cooked in 48% soybean oil [margarine] spread), stew with beef or smoked chicken, also; burgers wrapped in head/leaf/romaine lettuce, seared/boiled beef roast, etc. Rice 'n' gravy (cornstarch thickened), johnny-cakes (100% cornmeal--no "Mix")..... for snacks; celery topped with [lowfat] peanut butter, nuts, seeds, {gluten-free} mini candy bites/bars, etc.

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Guest Pixi

I was just diagnosed this week and, after all the pain and horror I've been through trying to figure out what was going on with my body, I'm in a hyper-research mode to find things that can satisfy me and keep me pain-and-fatigue-free.

Yesterday, I had...

Breafkast: 2 Eggs with Spinach

Snack: Pear

Lunch: Chicken Breast w/ peas & carrots

Dinner: Snickers Bar and three gluten-free Cocktails (lol, I was at a Knicks game, I'll do better at dinner tonight!)

The day before that I had

Breakfast: 2 Eggs with Ore Ida Crispy Cut French Fries (gluten-free)

Lunch: Hamburger patty with mushrooms and onions, and peas

Dinner: ...I'm not sure if I even had dinner... I know I had a couple mini-snickers from the candy dish, though

Oh.. and loooots of coffee (gluten-free of course) with sugar. My favorite thing in the world, next to french fries :P

I gotta tell you though, just a couple of days gluten-free and my workout at the gym was bounding with energy. The newfound energy and painlessness is a real motivation to eat this way. I just hope my future babies don't inherit this!!

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SOY IS POISON FOR CELIAC'S If you wonder why you aren't getting better it's the SOY!

I was gluten dairy free for almost 4 years and then I realized I was poisoning myself w/ SOY. I can't do dairy at all and soy caused me major thyroid problems. After the thyroid problem I was then unable to eat CORN, night shade veggies or legumes. And most nuts cause me a problem now too. I wish I could eat all the wonderful things everyone else eats here. Reading all of the wonderful things all of you eat I really have a challange but I love to cook so I mix different things and I make it yummy.

-Breakfast -- Banana & Coffee Black w/sugar -- Or sometimes I make a fruit smootie from scratch. Or a veggie juice drink I make from the juicer.

-Lunch -- Burger and mushrooms with a cucumber... Or Chiken or Turkey Salad (chicken or turkey, celery, zuccini and carrots shreaded, celentro, or parsley, taragon or basil and olive oil.) Sometimes I'll put spanish olives in it or sliced up peaches or pears. It's really good try it! NO TUNA Salad -- most tuna has SOY in it beware! Shrimp salad with parsley and celery with olive oil.

Or I have chicken soup or turkey soup or meatball soup from scratch.

-Snack -- Banana or Peach.

-Dinner -- Fish any kind, Meat (I enjoy a big fat Costco Steak), Chicken or Turkey, grilled, broiled or baked with seasoning. Veggies are carrots baked in the oven with a sprinkle of olive oil, sometimes I make zuccini that way with tarragon seasoning. Asaragus steamed with a cap of olive oil. Broccoli steamed the same way or Artichoke baked with water in th ebotton of a glass baking dish. Baked squash of any kind with seasoning and olive oil. Now a problem> Potato only once in a blue moon [giggle].

Sometimes I make turkey with rosemary or meatloaf with shedded carrots and zuccuni w/ seasoning.

-Snack -- Banana or Pear or Rasins or Grapes. JeLLo

- Dark Chocolate w/ decafe coffee.

I drink Gatorade


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food!! my favorite. my diet is pretty restricted! gluten-free from celaic disease, vegan by choice!

so breakfast for me is always the same:

tofu scram with onions,garlic,tomatoes, fresh spinach.

lots of s/p and sometimes curry!!

thats about 3 days a week.

if i dont eat that i have an Emergen-C

lunch is usually a salad.. mixed spring greens.. tomatos and annies natural tuscany italian dressing

snack around like 4:30 or 5.. chips and hummus

dinner is usually veggie stirfry ( all different flavors)

pasta once a week. always with veggies. i make a really good vegan alfredo from coconut milk.

i make chilli usually once a month. black&red kidney beans, corn, tvp and tomato sauce.

late nite snacks are frenchfries or veggie dip made from tofutti "sour cream" with chips.

i was blessed with not liking sweets so dessert for me is just more chips!!!


diagnosed 1/2005

gluten free since 1/2005


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My goal is 100% gluten-free and 99% Casein free.


Mesa Sunrise Cereal w/ 1/2 cup blueberries, ~1 oz raisins, 2 tblsp flaxseed meal, 1/2 banana, soy or rice milk, 1 c coffee

Snacks (spread pretty evenly during the day):

1 oz almonds (~25), equal weight walnuts, ~6 dried apricots


tuna w/ wasabi mustard & pickles sandwich on homemade gluten-free bread, apple


turkey w/ wasabi mustard & peperoncini sandwich on homemade gluten-free bread, apple


1c homemade lentil soup, apple


1 egg omelette(w/ soy or rice milk) w/chives & chervil, 1 or 2 slices of gluten-free toast


1c coffee


large salad(lettuce, spinach, green onions, broccali, bell pepper, olives, 1/4 avocado, flax seed w/ homemade vinegar & olive oil dsg


pork roast, quinoa, steamed chard


corn pasta w/ homemade marinara sauce


grilled ahi tuna or wild salmon, green beans, baked sweet potato


grilled pork chop, grilled squash, pinto beans

or even more occasionally

grilled filet mignon, grilled asparagus, rice


1 c coffee and 1 gluten-free/CF choc chip cookie

Eating at home which is usual is a no-brainer - it's the eating at restaurants that is this pits!


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Breakfast: 2 turkey sausages

Lunch: Large mixed greens salad with greek olives, proscuitto and chicken, oil and vinegar

Snack: Left over pork rib and probably a tangerine

Dinner: Brussel sprouts with ghee, pork ribs

Dessert: coconut milk ice cream and strawberries

NANCY....Coconut milk ice cream? Did you make it? Recipe? :P



Enterolab 1/2006

IgA & tTg Positive

DQ2-0201 (celiac) and DQ1-0604 (gluten)

Casein IgA positive

Mom has 2 celiac genes

Both kids have a celiac gene.

Lots of celiac disease in my family, both sides.

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Oh man, the truth comes out. I don't eat much of anything, to be honest. Yet I'm still a fat cow, so I really don't deserve to eat, IMO. I also am on the verge of bankruptcy, so I don't buy any special food anymore except the odd bag of cornflakes.

I worked night shift last night. Between midnight and 7 am I chewed a half a pack of gum and had a couple glasses of water. I tried to ignore the croissants and jam that showed up at 5 am and someone brought me an orange. But, I didn't have a knife so it's still in my bag.

When I got out of bed at 4 pm I had an apple.

I currently have a potato in the oven which, once baked, I will eat with butter and sour cream. If the Celiac doesn't kill you, you may as well go for the heart attack.

On my coffee break at work tonight I will eat a small bag of microwave popcorn and enjoy one of my remaining Cokes, as I am giving up Coke in an effort to reduce my grocery bill.

I'll probably chew the other half of the pack of gum at work tonight as well.

When my kids are with me, I usually have either a piece of fruit OR cornflakes and tea for breakfast.

I hardly ever eat lunch anymore. All lunch food has gluten in it, I'm too lazy to try to figure something else out. I eat Thai Kitchen stuff for lunch when I am working dayshift. So, I eat lunch about 2 days in 9.

I have to cook dinner when my kids are here. These are the only "real" meals I eat in a week. I'll make somesort of meat or casserole with 2 vegetables on the side. We usually go to my parents for one meal when I'm on days off (if it's a Sunday), and my dad takes us all out for a meal on Friday at the mall, where I am sick beyond death of New York Fries, but its' supposed to be about family, not the food.

I eat a big bowl of air popped popcorn almost evernight that I'm not at work. With lots of butter.


Dx celiac disease Aug 25/05, ate KFC that night and gluten-free ever since

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Every time I come here I am amazed at the similarities. I have been hypo for years. I used to freak out the RN's at the place I used to work when I would check my sugar level and it would be in the thirties or fourties. It is better now that I eat regularly. I an only two weeks into the celiac diet but I usually have a banana for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and something with corn tortillas for supper. My snaks are usually fruit, gluten-free pretzels, chocolate, or cereal. I appreciate this site so much.


Diagnosed March 2006 celiac sprue

Severe iron deficent anemia Jan 2002

Hypoglecemia 2000

"I can do all things through Christ who strenghtens me"

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skoki_mom ---- Have you had your thyroid checked?

Oh and bankruptcy is enough stress to flip you out.... Stress is bad I know My heart goes out to you. I know what earth shattering event can do to ones body. I hate what happend to me.

I read somplace that some of us are really skinny and others are not; sometimes with celiac disease the body stores fat because it thinks it's being starved.

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mostly I starve till dinner than eat chicken with rice or rissoto. I can't find anything quick for lunch.. I get so hungey my belly hurts :( I really miss dairy and red meat


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