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Polka Nut

Fat Free,

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My wife brought home a bag of Lay's Light Potato Chips yesterday. I did not recgonize the ingredient "olestra." I did a quick google search and I was SHOCKED. Apparently this artifical fat is making thousands of people very sick with diarrhea, stomach cramps,etc. Many users end up going to the emergency room for treatment.

I'm trying to limit my fat intake but, not with this product. As always, the inventing company, P& G, claims it was fully tested and safe to eat. Even the FDA approved it for food use.

I have enough trouble with diarrhea and loose stool. As a Celiac, I'm relucant to eat these chips, and asked my wife to return it to the store. I warned her not eat these chips herself. She is not a Celiac patient, but does have constipation.

Anyone have any problems with Olestra?

Polka Nut

"Happy Music, For Happy People"

Celiac patient since 1985.

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Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

No way - I would never eat Olestra. One of its side effects is anal leakage. Nooooo thank you!

Good thing you read the label!


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I am not into the whole "runs and leakage thing" so I steer clear from olestra....

~~~~Gluten Free since 9/2004~~~~~~

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olestra first came out when I was in college, and my biology professor thought it would be cool to bring some in, pass them out and then as we were chowing down, teach us about how olestra works. I thought it was cool, I had about 2 handfuls. I can't remember if I D then, but those were the beginning of the D daily part of celiac so I probally didn't take too much notice it was 99-00ish. I however have not eaten any scince, just becasue I figured with all the normal D, and I always eat alot of chips, my chances wern't good.

Same thing with the new weight loss drug alli, not going to give my body more chances to run to the bathroom.

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Gluten free 3/27/07








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