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Suggestions On What To Eat

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After going gluten free I still felt like crap after eating. I began going for allergy testing and eliminating the foods that caused problems and I am starting to feel much better, but I have no idea what to eat. I have problems with most meats (pork, turkey, lamb, beef, salmon, tuna), beans, yeast, eggs, dairy, corn, most vegetables (all green vegetables, peppers, lettuce, and more) and I don't do well with fruit as I fall asleep after consuming most fruits.

So, what do I eat? I seem to do well with chicken, rice and soy products but that isn't much of a selection. I've tried other grains such as quinoa but would rather eat other things but have no idea as to what. I'm thinking I may have to supplement my diet with protein shakes since I've lost a lot of weight since going gluten free.

I really hate this!

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A lot of celiac folks have had a much smoother healing time by sticking to basic food items: meat, chicken, fish, potatoes, vegetables and fruits. And avoiding gluten-free "substitute" products like flours, breads, pastas, etc. And a lot of celiacs eliminate dairy at first as well, since our damaged intestines can have a problem digesting dairy (until healed).

You may give that a try and see if it helps on your path to recovery.

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