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Worried About A Friend

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I have a friend with Asperger's syndrome (putting him on the autism spectrum) who is struggling off and on with depression, anxiety, and a racing heart. I know that Asperger's can definitely lead to anxiety/depression by itself due to all the social pressures and the sensation that you're "missing something" when with others, but...

He tested positive for allergies to chicken, beef, and pork, and has had really bad allergic reactions to lamb in the past. I think he has other allergies too that he's forgotten about because he doesn't avoid anything except for lamb... but I've seen him suffer nausea and/or stomach pains after eating (he blames it on overeating but I never seen him eat a lot at a time) and randomly his heart will just race and race and he'll sit there holding his chest and sighing.

Could food allergies be causing some of his symptoms? I know his parents feed him McDonald's all the time because they are busy and his mother is sick herself, so no one's cooking. He works in a school cafeteria that feeds him lunch and supper as part of his pay.

I hate to see him struggle with depression when I know he doesn't have access to a counselor with solid experience with Asperger's... etc. His parents and family have so many other problems that his get lost in the shuffle.

But I'm wondering if my going gluten-free and improving a lot would help show him that food might be able to help him as well...


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You've got to know that, if eating out, you will encounter additives like msg. It seems to me I remember people talking about racing heart and msg.. Institutional food also... very bad for having additives in packaged quantities.

I have the same concern for a couple of people I know.. people with symptoms which, to me, are very indicative of allergies or gluten issues. I wish they would try a gluten free diet also. It can't hurt and it is a healthy diet.. can't be anything but good for a person compared to fast food.

There wouldn't be any harm in suggesting it and seeing if they are open to it.

Here is a thread that might help you a lot.

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