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Need Help With Corn Intolerance!

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Posted 29 April 2013 - 12:08 PM

Not a problem, I understand. Just edit your post and it will go right back into cyber land where it came from. :)

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Bubba's Mom

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Posted 29 April 2013 - 12:44 PM

Most of the corn has been genetically modified.  It's been released into our food supply without studies being done to show it's safe.  Many people are now reacting badly to it.  I am one of them.

In my case I had bed reactions to corn flour at first, but could tolerate corn starch or sweet (fresh) corn.  I then got intolerant of fresh, and have now resctricted my use of anything with corn starch.  It's really hard to stay away from it completely because corn is put into so many things.

In general now, I stay away from anything that could have GMO (genetically modified organism) ingredients.  It's hard.


Each of us is different, but iMHO it's best to try to avoid any contact with it if at all possible.

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Posted 30 April 2013 - 09:05 PM

If you have Celiacs and suspect a corn intolerance I suggest you avoid all obvious corn products as well as deriveratives for a while and see how you do. I know everyone is different and their bodies react differently but I ended up with a severe corn intolerance several months after going glutenfree. Several months after a bloodwork test showing a very very high IGA the digestive disease doctor I was going to ordered an allergy panel bloodwork test which also showed a very very high IGE and she ordered an extended allergy panel bloodwork saying you have to be allergic to something. Anyway the digestive disease doctor said I was allergic to wheat, corn, and soy and sent me to an allergist. The allergist that I went to said you do not have a true allergy to wheat, corn, and soy but have developed antibodies to them because you are intolerant of them as you only have digestive symptoms associated with eathing these things.


A good source for seeing all corn derivative products is Live Corn Free at www.livecornfree.com and you will find a list of many things made from corn, The list is daunting and it seems near impossible to avoid all these things but I have actually managed to do it although it is extremely difficult and downright expensive. I believe it takes some time of eating certain things before you develop antibodies against them and possibly you could still have some leaky gut going on and so I am suggesting you avoid all these derivatives for a time. I would not wish the severe corn intolerance I have on anyone and so I am telling you this because I would not like you to develop antibodies against corn. The continued ingestion of corn and corn derivatives caused me to have erosive gastritis and atrophy of stomach muscles in addition to my damaged intestinal system.


If I ingest any corn derivative products then very shortly afterward my stomach will go into spasms and then I will feel awful with my whole digestive system going bonkers. I once was drinking a coconut water product without problems and it had a short expiration date on it. Then I wasn't able to find it again in the store for a while and then eventually saw it again and bought it, So when I got home I drank some and within minutes my stomach went into spasms and I said what the heck is going on. So I read the ingredients and noticed they had now added Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) which is made from corn to it. I believe they did that to give it a longer expiration date and so now I buy a different coconut water which has nothing else added to it. But I have to get it in the health food store and it is expensive. I really cannot tolerate any corn derivative products at all including honey, xanthan gum, citric acid, ferrous gluconate (which is added to black olives), Vitamin E which is also added to many things including the almond milk availabe here. I buy only pure juice with nothing else added such as Martinelli apple juice as most juices and even most products have either Vitamin C or Citric acid added to them. I make my own baking powder and confectioners sugar (using potato starch instead of cornstarch). Medicines are also a problem and I cannot tolerate brand name Advil so I use CVS Ibuprofen liquid filled Softgels instead and have no problem with them. I use Pomi brand tomato products which are labeled with having no citric acid in them. And I use Amore Brand Tomato Paste which comes in a tube.



When I first had to go glutenfree I was buying and ingesting many of the glutenfree products in the store. I now know that most of them have some corn or corn derivative product added to them and I do believe eating these store bought glutenfree products only added to my corn intolerance problem. Wheat is actually the easiest things for me to avoid. Soy is very difficult to avoid but corn and corn derivatives seem near impossible. For my severe lactose intolerance I use Lactaid Milk and only eat swiss cheese as it contains only an insignificant amount of lactose. But I have actually managed to find things and I even get excited and :) when I find them. Initially I was very downhearted and felt so isloated because of all my food intolerances but as time goes on and they seem to be making more things available that I can have I have a better attitude and outlook.


I don't mean to criticize anyone or anything but personally I have never found the delphi forums to be helpful to me. Instead I have copied down all the corn and corn derivative products from the Live Corn Free website and carry it around with me so I can avoid all these things.

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