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So How Was Thanksgiving?

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Posted 26 November 2011 - 06:32 AM

Thanksgiving was wonderful! It was at my son's in-laws and while they made a gluteny stuffed turkey, my DIL also fixed a turkey breast for me. I couldn't eat stuffing (too lazy to make some just for me) or green bean casserole so brought a serving of green beans for myself. We also had sweet potatoes, cranberry relish (yum!) and coleslaw. I made mashed potatoes and gravy from homemade turkey broth and a pecan pie. Surprisingly the crust turned out pretty well even though I did a *lot* of patching. Need to work more on that.

All in all, I was comfortably full and probably had the healthiest dinner of all of them. And now I'm still enjoying the leftovers. :)
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Posted 26 November 2011 - 06:34 AM

Mine was great. It was quiet and restful. I made a bird, squash, and a sweet potato. Had cranberry sauce with big ol' cranberries in it. I shared the sweet potato with the dogs, and they were quite happy. They got to play and cuddle with me all day. I put up the tree and fell asleep near it (lights off) with the TV on. When the timer shut the TV off, my new pup (got him in April) started growling. He wouldn't stop. He was facing in the same direction, moving from floor to sofa to floor to sofa. He thought the tree was a menace! I pulled him into my arms, and he stopped and quickly fell asleep, sawing logs like a champ, his brother sighing softly behind my knees.

Black Friday was kinda funny. I spent the day with a friend and her parents. Friend's mom (FM) is a pediatrician. There's a Celiac in her family, so she "knows everything" about Celiac and food allergies, etc. (Mmmhmm.) Friend passes everything I say/do on to her mom, and we've had meals together before; so FM is at least semi-aware. So yesterday at brunch (I ate before meeting up), FM asks if I'm still on my special diet. I said yes, forever. Forever? Forever. But you can eat turkey? Yes. She raised an eyebrow. Alrighty then. A bowl of fruit gets passed around, everyone sticking their pancake encrusted forks into the dish. Please have some fruit. No thank you; I'm not hungry. But you can have fruit? Yes, but I'm not hungry. (Especially with you digging your fork around in there.) Shopping ensues. Dinner rolls around. I honestly was not hungry and wasn't going to order something just to poke it around on a plate. I was just happy hanging out. Like a good mom, FM kept suggesting things for me to eat. But you can eat a salad or a potato. What about some broccoli? You need to eat something. Then she picked up the basket of rolls, and said, "Have bread. It's good and will fill you up." I about lost it, wanting to fall on the floor laughing. I smiled graciously at her, "No thank you. I'm really not hungry."
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