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Something Isn't Right

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Posted 14 May 2012 - 04:09 PM

I like some of the Bob's Red Mill products, like their pizza crust and their wonderful homemade bread mix. I also like their gluten-free pancake mix. I haven't liked the cake mixes so well.

Bob's does have a gluten-free packing facility, and they test their products, but only to the threshold of 19 parts per million. You can read about their gluten-free process HERE.

I love the mixes and flours from Gluten Free Mama. She has a lot of recipes on her site, try them out. Her stuff contains simple ingredients, but a some is based on almond flour so you'll need to be watchful if you need to avoid nuts.

There are MANY wonderful cookbooks and also wonderful recipes floating around the 'net. My family is very adventurous, food-wise, and we have had no trouble finding wonderful things to try, and finding wonderful variety.
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Posted 15 May 2012 - 05:32 AM

In the beginning, anything may cause you pain and discomfort.
I could not eat brownies or any sweets (even from flours that were not BRM flours) because my gut was so impaired. I was nauseous and having bowel issues for MANY months post DX :rolleyes: and I was as gluten-free as can be--our home, too. No gluten around me, no eating out and we made everything from scratch and followed a plain foods diet, no dairy, no soy.

It takes time for your gut lining to heal.
Sugars and hard to digest foods, like beans and corn are going to be problematic at first.
(and for some people--always)

Take it back to plain, whole foods for a while before you start thinking that various grains and beans and flours are causing you grief. Many people tolerate BRM without issues, but others do not for some reason.

After a while, try ONE new food and see what happens.
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Posted 15 May 2012 - 10:52 PM

Right now until I am more confident and stronger I have decided to stick to mostly fruit and meat! I do eat corn tortilla chips for lunch at work for the snack attack but seem ok with that and today my hubby fixed me bacon and eggs when I got of work, and was even thoughtful enough to not use milk when scrammbling the eggs! I am still crampy at times usually when I wake up, but I have a BM, a normal BM I might add, and it seems to go away! Can I just tell you how wonderful and amazing it is to have normal BM's for the first time in years! It has always been D, C, or a mix! I could give tons of descriptions in size, shape and consistency and not even scratch the surface lol!! Anyway things are looking up minus the aggitation, depression, anxiety I can't seem to kick!! A girl a work tonight was flippantly talking about going gluten-free to lose weight and asking too many questions to this very sensitive newbie here and I was ready to quit my job and take her out not necessarily in that order...I hate condiscending people who thinks a joke a diet or me wanting to lose weight, makes me want to smack them!!
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