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Hi! I have had a heckuva 2014 so far, but today is a HUGE day for me, so I wanted to share my joy. :)


Let me recap the year:



Scheduled to have a hysterectomy in January. Found out ON HYSTERECTOMY DAY that I was pregnant.

Preganacy triggered GI which I had never had ANY symptoms prior to that.

Miscarried, which was expected but still difficult.

While "testing" to see if indeed I had become gluten intolerant, I had to go to the ER for severe blaoting that cut off my bladder.

Hysterectomy rescheduled. 5 days before I was to have it, my father passed away.

Decided to go forward with the surgery, as Dad was a surgeon and would have wanted me to.

Sick as hell in the hospital and they were clueless about GI.  


I buried my father 2 days post-op.


I've been recovering from surgery and grieving my Dad. He was 93 with advanced Alzheimer's -- so not a surprise to lose him... But still, it's been a heckuva time!


TODAY-I closed in the sale of my rental house which is a HUGE WIN for me personally, as I have been managing it myself for 2 years since my ex-husband filed bankruptcy. It is an historic house built in 1898, with a lot of maintenence issues.


So. It's over. The house is sold. I am so relieved, exhalted, ready to move forward.

I am so happy. It's OVER. Today starts a new chapter. No more ties to the ex, no more crazy maintenence woes, no more money and debt struggles over it.



Tonight, my bf and I are going to celebrate. I called the restaurant and they DO have a gluten-free menu and the cook on the phone was very helpful and understanding.


Thanks for reading, I just had to share. Here's to less crazy stuff ahead and more good things.





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I always try to remember that the pendulum swings both ways. No matter how bad things get sometimes, they are sure to get equally GOOD when that pendulum gets to the other side. I'm glad yours is finally on the good side, and here's hoping it stays there for a long time! :)

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Wow! So very for your loss. I don't care how prepared you are, your never prepared for the heart ache of losing a loved one. But things are looking good! Good luck and hopefully things are full of sunshine and butterflies :) As long as they are gluten free :) Good luck! :) keep us posted :) 

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It's always good to read things are brighter for someone who has been through a lot. My mom was dx with Alzheimer's but ended up with Parkinson's instead and my dad passed last May from vascular dementia. It's ALL hard! I'm sorry for your loss and happy sunshine is yours once again. The difficult times do make the good times sweeter!

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Good to see things are getting better. I'm in the midst of a bad run myself but know it will get better.


Daughter had cranial surgery in June
Mom died in June at age of 52

Had to put my father in-law in a nursing home after Christmas due to dementia

Slipped on ice in late November and tore my ACL and MCL.

Right around christmas time starting having GI problems/pain

DIganosed with billary dysknesia and had Gallbladder out in February

Still having GI issues, had tTTG positive a week ago.

Went in on Monday because I had a abscessed tooth and had to have a root canal.




Can only get better right?

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