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Jefferson Adams

Jefferson Adams is a freelance writer living in San Francisco. His poems, essays and photographs have appeared in Antioch Review, Blue Mesa Review, CALIBAN, Hayden's Ferry Review, Huffington Post, the Mississippi Review, and Slate among others.

He is a member of both the National Writers Union, the International Federation of Journalists, and covers San Francisco Health News for

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 Articles by this Author

Globe amaranth in the field. Photo: CC--Swallowtail Garden Seeds

Here's an interesting little article on the various types of flour commonly used in Indian cooking, including a number of gluten-free flours.

Perfectly sauteéd eggplant. Photo: CC--Jason Lam

Make your next potluck a hit with this wonderfully tasty roasted eggplant dip featuring sweet red bell peppers.

Image: CC--noshi

Celiac disease has been linked to decreased quality of life and certain mood disorders. The effect of the gluten free diet on these psychological aspects of celiac disease is still unclear.

Rich curry makes a great base for chicken vegetable soup. Photo: CC--Dollen

Soup season looms large, and this curry chicken soup will surely foot the bill. Chicken, rice, onions, celery and carrots anchor this delightful soup that gets a tangy zing from the addition of some tart apples.

Female doctors examine a patient. Photo: CC--Seattle Municipal Archive

Patients with active celiac disease are more likely to have osteoporosis and a higher risk of bone fractures. What does that mean for premenospausal women with celiac disease?

Can anti-gluten enzymes help people with celiac disease? Image: Tolerase--DSM, inc.

According to the latest press release, aspergillus niger prolyl endoprotease (AN-PEP) efficiently degrades gluten molecules into non-immunogenic peptides. But so what?

Colorful bell peppers, here stuffed with rice. Photo: CC--Global Reactions

This recipe features quinoa blended with garlic, onion, cumin, diced tomatoes spinach and beans, and stuffed into red bell peppers and roasted for a flavor-packed gluten-free vegetarian delight.

Butterfly in the Argentine jungle. Photo: CC--Beatrice Murch

What can an isolated tribe of indigenous South Americans who have only recently begun eating wheat tell researchers about celiac disease?

Bok choy and bell peppers await cooking. Photo: CC--Jean L.

Red, orange, and yellow bell peppers are paired with baby bok choy and green onions in a dash of sesame oil.

Does your medicine contain gluten? Photo: CC--Taki Steve

A bill has been intorduced to make it easier for people with gluten-related disorders to identify medications that contain gluten. Will congress do the right thing?

Make sure your Halloween candy is gluten-free! Photo: CC--@Sage Solar

This list of gluten-free, and gluten-containing Halloween candies for 2015 will help you know which treats to enjoy, and which to avoid.

Delicious mushroom sauce over chicken. Photo: CC--Kim

This chicken blends creamy mushroom soup, sour cream, sherry and paprika for a risk, yet subtle flavor that is sure to please.

FDA logo. Image: Wikimedia Commons.

This spring, for the first time, celiac disease was on the agenda of the Gastroenterology Regulatory Endpoints and the Advancement of Therapeutics (GREAT 3) meeting.

A plate of watermelon pickles. Photo: CC--Arnold Gatilao

I’ve wanted a good recipe for watermelon rind pickle for some time, and here’s the best one I’ve come up with yet.

Photo: CC--Arjan Richter

A research team recently looked at the prevalence of autoimmune diseases among patients with non-celiac wheat sensitivity (NCWS), and investigated whether they carry antinuclear antibodies (ANA).

Photo: CC--Zherun

For each the past three years, the FDA has sponsored a public workshop focusing on end points and clinical outcomes for drug development in GI diseases. The program is known as the Gastroenterology Regulatory Endpoints and the Advancement of Therapeutics, or by the acronym: GREAT.

Zucchini cut into spiral noodles. Photo: CC--Tony Webster

Want a light, healthy gluten-free vegetarian lunch that's tasty and offers a departure from a more standard noodle dish? Try this lovely Asian-style salad made with spiral or long julienne zucchini "noodles."

Gluten-free treats beckon from the store shelf. Photo: CC--Alpha

In the July, as part of its annual Consumption Habits poll, Gallup asked just over a thousand Americans about foods they include or avoid in their diet.

Delicious chicken Francese. Photo: CC--Kim

Want a quick, easy, delicious dinner that will turn corners without wearing you down? This recipe delivers a gluten-free version of Chicken Francese that is sure to please. In cooking, "Francese" is Italian for "French-style." Basically, it's a stripped down chicken Marsala. Enjoy!

Photo: CC--Pete

Studies on early life infections and risk of later celiac disease (celiac disease) are inconsistent but have mostly been limited to retrospective designs, inpatient data, or insufficient statistical power. Sponsor: