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  1. There is some evidence that a gluten-free diet can help improve the ... of going gluten-free is well documented for people suffering from celiac disease. View the full article
  2. Healthy comfort food is hard to find in the supermarket—especially when you want it tasty, cheap and appealing to everyone. Rice pudding is the ultimate comfort food because it is found on almost every continent wherever rice is available (none was found on Antartica during my month there). Rice cream or pudding has many names- Arroz con leche in Spanish, Risalamande in Scandinavia, Pulut hitam in Malaysia, Riz bi halecb in Lebannon. View the full article
  3. Coffee giant Starbucks looks to feature more and better dietary specialty options, including gluten-free products. Will they succeed? View the full article
  4. Gluten has been the subject of hot debate in recent years with the rise of 'trendy' gluten-free eating among people not diagnosed with coeliac disease. View the full article
  5. High gluten intake before the age of two carries coeliac disease risk, ... However, a recent study suggests the gluten-free trend is not just a fashion ... View the full article
  6. People diagnosed with celiac disease follow a strict gluten-free diet because consuming gluten initiates an immune-mediated “attack” on the small ... View the full article
  7. Some medical conditions requiring a gluten-free diet include Celiac disease, Dermatitis herpetiformis and Non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Gluten also ... View the full article
  8. Previous studies have indicated an increase in celiac disease rates in the United States, but these studies have been done on narrow populations, and did not produce results that are nationally representative. View the full article
  9. Pastry chain goes gluten-free, using mangoes ... But gluten is also believed to cause celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, and wheat allergy, ... View the full article
  10. A: In the first round I had beef satay, gluten-free pancake mix —I was happy because I'm ... A: When I was 7 and I was diagnosed with celiac disease. View the full article
  11. Celiac disease is a serious genetic autoimmune disorder estimated to affect 1 in ... Current treatment requires lifelong adherence to a strict, gluten-free diet as well as persistent monitoring for symptoms and nutritional deficiencies. View the full article
  12. What are some foods that contain gluten that I am missing and what ... pain, mood swings and keratosis pilaris, according to the Celiac Disease Foundation. ... Always opt for a soy sauce, if you must have it, that is labeled gluten free. View the full article
  13. National vendors include Enjoy Life Foods, Aleia's Gluten Free, Veggie ... Events were started because the founder's daughter has celiac disease. View the full article
  14. Gluten & Allergen Free Wellness Events were started because the founder's daughter has celiac disease. Nikki Everett founded Echo Event Solutions ... View the full article
  15. A new study says doctors, not patients, are responsible for most delays in diagnosing celiac disease in women. View the full article