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Family Members Treat Me Weird...

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Posted 02 May 2013 - 08:04 AM

Boy I hear you.  My daughter gets very upset these days when people make negative comments - she hates it when somebody says "this tastes just like REAL cake!".  It is insensitive and thoughtless, and I agree with the poster who said if she was your mother she'd have given them a "what for" a long time ago.  I would have too.  I think you need to make it clear that this behaviour is upsetting for you.

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Posted 02 May 2013 - 04:52 PM

Hi LadyK  :)


i think sitting down and talking with them would be a good choice if you're up for it and think they'd be open to listening.  hopefully it will make them think, and they'll come around.  maybe it won't be right away, but lately my motto is, "Better late than never."  


I think my Mom has a problem with gluten, and I've mentioned about getting tested, but she said she'll try and give up some gluten <_<  My Mom has never been the healthiest eater, and eats a lot of processed foods chocked full of it.  I can understand why it's scary for her because her diet would have a huge change.  I already eat a good amount of fruits and vegetables, so the switch is still challenging, but I actually find the meds and cosmetics more difficult than the food labels.  She's made the comment that she's too old to give up the foods she enjoys...she's only in her 50s :huh:  When she makes that comment, I like to remind her that I never heard my grandma tell me she was too old to do something until she was at the ripe old age of 90  :)  positive thinking goes such a long way...hence my user name  :P     


I told my Mom I was going to stop eating dairy too for awhile, and she was immediately like, you don't have a problem with dairy, and I automatically got defensive...something I've got to work on  :wacko:  I'm still very new to gluten-free eating, but I bought some yogurt covered gluten free pretzels and ate some last weekend to see if dairy wasn't a problem and if it was in my head.  By the next morning my joints were hurting, and those pretzels were the only thing I had eaten differently the day before.  I told her about my reaction, and I think she's slowly getting it.  She sees my diet as restrictive, but if it makes me feel better, that's what matters, and I only wish she'd try it herself.  


In the end, and although it's hard, you are only in charge of yourself and your choices.  I teach elementary school, and I say use the word choices so many times in a day, but life is really all about the choices you make.  At least if you can say what you need to say to your aunt and grandma, you can find your inner peace, and my hope is that they will come around  :)


let us know!


PS- Listen to John Mayer's song Say for some inspiration.  i love his music!

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Diagnosed with celiac disease, but my fat malabsoption, EPI and Vitamin K deficiency have finally cleared themselves up do to the help from Creon!

Thankful for all the help I've received from members on this board!

Happy to have answers  :) 

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