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Why Does Gluten Keep Us From Sleeping

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#16 Guest_SusieQ_*

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Posted 27 January 2006 - 02:48 AM

Hi Folks!

Been reading the Posts here about Sleeplessness~ ... also the "all over the body type of ITCH." Ain't it a bummer? Trust me, I have all of these symptoms, & have had for a long time. As for the not being able to sleep, I never associated it to "gluten," before I went gluten-free. Mainly, because I'm in full-blown MENOPAUSE right now, so it is very hard to determine what is actually causing it.

A thought to consider.... if any of you have ever held a long-term job working the night Shift (Graveyard) then that might have something to do with it as well. I worked 9-straight years on the Night Shift, & they say, that working Night Shifts definitely "mess" with one's "biological Time Clock!" Yep... this is true. This also, may be a factor with some of my sleep disorders.

I am also Bipolar, which doesn't help in the least. A big part of Bipolar disorder is "sleeplessness." I'm on Ambien & was on Lunesta for my sleep disorders. I only take the Ambien on occasion, when I get real burned-out and need some sleep...

My "all over body itching" didn't start until about 6-months ago. It just kept getting worse & worse. Then came the pains in the ankles & both wrists. My ankles would swell up as well. Once I found out I had "gluten" allergies, and I went "Gluten-Free," then the body itching subsided ALOT, and I do not have the pains in my ankles & wrists anymore either.

With each of us, I truly believe there are many "factors" involved in each individuals system to consider. There is is mine, I know that much.

Of course, our enviroment & weather has a big part in the AIR in our homes & all... I always try to run a warm mist Vaporizor in the Winter months, due to the extreme "dry" of our air. I also have a very nice Air-Purifier as well.

After reading alot on the Forums here, I found where some folks use a good ole` "anti-itch" Cream, and that is something I never tried before, so I got myself some, and it does work, & also helps RELIEVE so much of the itching. The bottoms of my feet get to itching & turning a firey RED, to the point I can't stand them, and now that I am gluten-free, I have to watch what I put on my feet. I just got some Medicated "anti-itch" Gold Bond cream, and some of this stuff works real well. Even tho I am NOT completely "itch" free sometimes, I still am doing much better than I was.

When I accidentally get "glutened," the weirdest things happen---- the itching will start like "FIRE" on the inside palms of my hands, then work it's way thru-out the course of my body, ending up at my feet!! (again, the burning, itching FEET "thing!") Once in awhile, I will break out in a slight "rash," but without any of the measly-type bumps or anything. It never gets to a full-blown rash. Being "glutened" causes not only my ankles to swell up, but also my hands & fingers. The swelling lasts maybe an hour, then settles down. Unless... I get a severe case of "gluten-attack," then I am up all night long, scratching, itching, & miserable! {kinda like "ants-in-the-pants!} :P

So don't feel alone out there, because after reading the Posts here, it sounds like many of the symptoms are common. I haven't found a "cure-all" for the itching yet, and as far as the sleeping habits go... well, just call me a NIGHT OWL!

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#17 Guest_Zmom_*

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Posted 03 February 2006 - 06:28 AM

I have always had wacky sleep patterns. My son who is 4 and dx last year had a lot of trouble sleeping. Then his allergy Dr. did a vitamin and minerals test and found out he was low in zinc (common w/celiac disease). Now he sleeps great most nights. He has a liquid calcium/magnesium/vit.D and Zinc liquid suppliment called LIfeTime Liquid calcium (whole foods market and on-line)in addition to his vitamin. There is some connection with sleep and Zinc.
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  • PipPipPip
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Posted 19 February 2006 - 11:09 AM

I'm gonna take a stab at this. One thing I noticed was my heart rate decteased significantly when I went on the diet. When I get glutened I notice I breath harder and my heart rate increases by about 10 beats thus my anxiety goes up then I don't sleep nearly as well. So I'm presuming it has to do with the anxiety. Not to mention the chemical imbalances that would occure. My muscles are tense and I get poor circulation down my spine and need to do stretches to release the tension too.

Fun stuff.

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