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Eating Gluten Prior To Test

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Hi all, I'm new to this forum having just received orders from a doctor today to go and get the blood test done for celiac. I have been trying to get to the bottom of some health issues for over a year, the main problem being reactive hypoglycemia. This is the sixth doctor I've seen, most of them have told me I'm just stressed out, one even put me on Paxil. Today's doc is the first one who I thought really listened to me and was very matter of fact about celiac disease being a possible cause of my symptoms. Hurrah!

Anyway, I had a breakthrough after eating variations of a low-carb diet and using an elimination diet, about 3 weeks ago I figured out that when I stopped eating wheat my hypoglycemia went away. This was very exciting and so I rushed out to both of the local gluten-free bakeries (we are spoiled!) and stocked up on all kinds of great stuff which I've been eating for the past week. Now I know I need to go back on gluten in order for the test results to be accurate, but I am not sure how long I should do this for before I get the test done. I estimate it's probably been about 2 weeks that i have been gluten-free. Someone in another thread said to eat gluten for at least 3 mos before taking the test. Does 2 weeks of gluten free mean that I might get a false negative on the test if I do in fact have celiac? I was hoping I could just eat wheat over the next 4-5 days and then go in for the test mid-week next week.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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Yes, being gluten-free for two weeks could give you a false negative. I really don't know how long you have to be on gluten to be tested. Because you have only been gluten-free for two weeks, maybe the time frame is not 3 months in your case. I am sure that someone more knowledgable then I am will post the proper time frame. Good Luck.

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Qeekmom hello

wow where do you live to have two gluten free bakeries near you????LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY is all I can say to that.......

You need to be eating wheat & gluten for several months to get an accurate result. This site needs to be sent to all doctors so they can learn about celiac's because most of them are clueless.....


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