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Guest AutumnE

Weight Loss Suppourt Thread (shannonl) And Any Others Who Want To Join

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Hi Maeve,

Welcome! You eat 1500 calories a day and you're not losing..? Could be you're very close to your goal weight and just need to exercise. Maybe your body is comfortable at that weight. I wish I was a size 10. That's my goal. I'm a 14 now.

The only way I've been able to lose weight is low carb. My body really changed since I've gotten peri-menopausal. I could drop 10 lbs in a month being vegetarian 10 years ago...now when I do that ...I gain weight instead of losing it! It's crazy! :blink: I'm losing a pound a week. It took me seven months to lose 10 pounds! I was trying high carb plans, nothing worked. I made gluten-free muffins and I gained 5 pounds in a less than a week and of course I didn't lose it that fast. At this rate it will take me a almost a year to lose it but better than gaining a pound a week...!! LOL!! :lol: I have to really limit the gluten-free grains and breads. My body justs absorbs them right to fat.

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Hi Maeve :)

A couple of thoughts came to me while reading your post.

You're newly diagnosed--we're all different, of course, but as soon as I was diagnosed and began the diet--I gained 10lbs in 2 months. I had been very sick prior, and my doctor said it was fairly normal now that I was healing and absorbing what I was eating.

The other thing is that you're only 6-10 lbs over what you'd like to be. That last 10 lbs is really the hardest to lose--that's exacxtly what I'm working on now. I think that your newly healing intestine may slow your weight loss just for now.

I would just keep plugging along, eating carefully, but as healthfully as possible. The walking is great, and will really help your metabolism.

It will all come together--you have a lot going on right now and I think you need to give it some time to even out.

I'm glad you joined our little group--we'll be here for ya! :D

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Welcome Maeve,

Keep at it, and don't get discouraged. You're going to succeed. Seems everyone's body reacts differently to going gluten-free.

I'm on that last 10lbs. too, and just can't make progress, though some of that is because I have selective willpower.

I think lots of veggies and low starches is why I initially lost weight when I went gluten-free. I never did try Gluten-free products - in the beginning, I only ate whole/organic foods.


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Hello everyone ... and welcome Maeve, it's lovely to have you join us :D

We went up to Grand Forks yesterday afternoon. There is a really high mountain pass to go through, so we ran into snow and slush on the road. Yuk, hate the slush, it's pulls the vehicle so easily. Anyway, did get there safely and spent sometime just walking Sheba around. It is a nice little town, most of their snow is gone, so really didn't need boots, which I wore of course as we still have snow. :lol:

I went in for my ultrasound this morning. A very nice technician, we had a good visit while she was doing the scanning. But I won't get the results until next Tues. when I see the doctor again.

It's a beautiful sunny day today and nice and warm. Close to 45 degrees. So the drive home was much better than going up. The summit was just bare and wet, and the rest of the road was dry. There was just one small snow slide that covered part of the lane of traffic, otherwise a really nice drive. There is still close to 2 meters of snow on the summit. Thankfully we don't have that much :lol: Only about a foot of it left here.

My diet for yesterday was

B- gluten-free cereal in skim milk

L- low fat peanut butter and banana sandwich

D- we were at a Greek restaurant and I had chicken on a skewer with rice and Greek salad.

S- popcorn I brough with us.

This morning was a bigger than usual breakfast after the hospital

B- scrambled eggs, bacon and hashbrowns

L- M&M peanuts. :lol: Breakfast was so late we skipped lunch

D - I think pork chop and maybe some pasta and salad

It sounds like everyone has been busy.

Cathy, I was reading about your mother ... I remember my mother going through all our three names before she got the right one she was ticked at. :lol: Funny little memories. They are good.

Well, I'd better get busy and clean away everything now that I've finished my tea.

Catch you all later!

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Welcome Maeve! Happy to have you join us!

Welcome back, Shirley. I'm glad your trip went well.

Diana and Patti - it's nice to see you posting again. I hope you join in more soon!

I had a weird day, eating wise. I ran out the door without breakfast. I actually forgot to eat. I had some work at school to take care of (I'm supposed to have Tues. morning off, but there's always stuff to get ready for PE, band and basketball practice) and then had to run some errands. About 11:00 I was in Target and got really faint feeling - my blood sugar was undoubtedly very low. I quickly finished my shopping and grabbed a can of nuts that looked safe. I sat in my car for 10-15 minutes after eating until I felt like I could drive and then I was okay. I need to monitor my eating a little better and make sure I get enough, I guess. I really hadn't meant to skip breakfast. I made sure all my kids ate and got their lunches packed!

B - Oops, nothing.

S - 3 servings of macadamias, pecans and almonds. (YIKES - 570 calories!)

L - "sandwich" of 2 corn tortillas, a slice of deli turkey and about an ounce of raw goat cheese with lettuce and mustard, banana

D - white fish, baked into nuggets with rice flour and seasoning coating and a spritz of olive oil, oven fries with ketchup, large salad with Italian dressing.

The weather here was gorgeous today! Sunny and 65. There was snow all over the area just last Friday and now this! I actually felt hot. I'm sure the rain will start soon enough again.

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Did my morning walk again, think I already said that. It was quite dark and eerie as me and Maureen heard a morepork, which is a native owl, and it does says morepork, hence it's name. Love owls.

Work was, so hot, even with windows and doors open it was stifling and sending me off to sleep. Air conditioning? What's that? Wish we had that, but no, it doesn't seem to be a priority. Got into a discusion about racialism with a 10 year old girl today. She was a bit appalled when she said hello to a boy her own age, and he turned around and said he did not like Maoris. I don't think I handled the situation too well, but I tried to say we should take people for who they are, not the colour of their skin. It is quite odd because our school probably has 50% Maori. That young boy must be finding it quite hard with those numbers, so hopefully he will soon change his attitude.

Breakfast, the yoghurt thing and a couple of crackers with peanut butter.

Morning tea, more crackers with peanut butter

Then my stomach did not too nice things. Usually peanut butter is okay, but I have a new bottle of crunchy and this is not the first time it has disagreed with me, so I will ditch it and go back to ordinary smooth pb.

Lunch was leftover stir fry with a can of tuna and a banana. Apricots were for the taking (actually our school gets supplied with fruit for the children every day. Sometimes there is a glut and leftovers.)

Tea was more crackers, but this time with a pickle and cheese slices. And you know what, I was so starving, that wasn't meant to be tea, but by the time I had eaten them, my stomach was on again about something. It is always a guessing game, but I think I will blame the smokey cheese slice.

So my stomach is bloated, but Poppy got her walk so everyone is happy, apart from Jim and the sons as they had to do their own tea thing.

Must go and watch the tele, and struggle with a crossword, their must be some American show on, (lol) I think it is CSI tonight, not sure which one, but they are pretty good.


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Liz--That episode sounded scary. I'm glad you were able to quickly get the snack and feel better.

The same thing would happen to me--I have to be careful to not only eat something in the morning, but include some protein. Early on when I went gluten-free, I tried almond butter, and it didn't agree with me. I recently decided to try it again (different brand) because I use almond milk and raw almonds all the time. This time, it's fine!

I'm so happy to be able to eat a relitively easy protein--about the only other protein that I can tolerate is meat. That's ok for home, but it dosen't travel so well. It gives me some more variety.

Yesterday, I fell of the diet wagon :ph34r: See for yourselves....

B--1 slice toast w/almond butter, banana

L--Salad, hamburger (plain)

S--Chocolate pudding, handful of chocolate chips

D--Pork chop, roasted potatoes, broccoli

D--Apple crisp w/Cool Whip

I know I didn't need the extra treat--I try and keep it to one per day, and make that pudding made with almond milk. I figure that at least goes towards my protein and calcium counts.

Hope you are all doing well--even when I don't post, I'm reading along and keeping up with everyone :)

Oh, I almost forgot--I am still adding minutes to the treadmill! I'm up to 15, brisk walking, on a slight incline. :D

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I can live on nut butters. So delicious. My problem is that I gained weight after going gluten free. I was stunned! I was expecting to lose weight but if you think about it, absorbtion improves when you stop eating gluten so I was absorbing my calories better. I believe weight loss only applies if you have an allergy to a food and then stop the food. I'm not allergic to wheat, rye or barley.

B - Spinach, cheese omlette

L - salad and maybe a Atkins Shake

D - Salad, Shrimp stir fry, vegies, sweet potatoes, gluten-free toast OR Salad, Vegetables and nut butter on toast. Ice cream, chocolate for dessert..

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:D I am just learning how to use this site. I checked at work, didn't see my note, so figured I screwed up. Checked it tonight and found all the responses. Just want you all to know how supportive this feels. I tell myself this is a little thing, but it ends up being overwhelming at times, especially since I am still figuring out my body. I get the feeling I, too, will be milk intolerant. I noticed something wrong so went to Lactose free, but still think something is up. I hate the thought of no milk in my coffee, don't care for Soymilk, although home made Silken shakes are delicious, for those inclined (Tofu silken, OJ, frozen banana slice, berries, or frozen rhubarb (if you have strawberry and rhubarb it tastes like cheesecake). Anyway, thank you all for being so informative and supportive. Look forward to contributing.

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Hi All;

Patti, I used to love apple crisp. I haven't made it since going gluten free. What are you using for the crusty stuff?

Liz, we are going to have to put a beeper on you in the mornings to remind you to have breakfast :lol: Glad you are feeling better!

Cathy, I hate the heat too, just can't tollerate it very well. I tend to get Bitchy when I get over heated, so thank heaven for air conditioning! :lol: Otherwise everyone would stay out of my way in the summer.

I'm okay with Dairy, thank heaven. That's a tough one to go without. I always use skim milk powder in my coffee because I hate it when the milk out of the fridge cools my coffee too much :lol: picky, picky :rolleyes:

Nothing exciting happening around here today. Hubby has an awful cold and I've been washing my hands raw trying to avoid getting it. It's pretty hard to miss in the same house, but I'm still hoping <_<

So today..

B- gluten-free cereal with skim milk

L- bowl of Thai Mushroom soup and 10 glutino bread sticks

S- banana, handful of popcorn

D- Ham chowder with a glutino bun

S- .. popcorn as usual

Hmm, looks like far too many carbs here, even though the callories aren't bad. :huh:

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Guest AutumnE

Im sorry Im not up for personals tonight, I'll do them tomorrow :) Hello Maeve and welcome! Im sorry your struggling with your weight. The lower you get to being near your goal is the hardest to lose.

Hello everyone else :) Im exhausted completely tonight and Im headed off to bed. I'm running on fumes today. Ashley is not sleeping hardly at all. We took her to the doctor and she has a double ear infection. Her party is on Saturday so hopefully she will feel like celebrating then. She has a fever of 103! Im treating it with motrin and tylenol both but its hard keeping her temperature down and I did cool baths today also. She is miserable and just wanting to be held all day.

Diet today was horrible I didnt get in near enough calories and Im weak so I need to eat something quick before bed.

Brunch- Frozen organic strawberries, Chicken salad, and broccoli

Dinner- Chicken breasts, kale, and applesauce

Im off to eat a lara bar before bed and a cup of tea. Night everyone :)

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I'm exhausted too, but it's only 6:50 here, so not quite time for bed. It's been a busy day

B - a chunk of raw goat cheese and a handful of raw almonds

L - slice of turkey wrapped in a lettuce leaf, 40 gluten-free pretzels and a banana

S - 1/2 C apple juice and a sample of hummous and gluten-free tortillas at Trader Joe's (I almost screamed for joy when I saw that they now carry gluten-free tortillas and even had them featured at the sample stand!)

D - Taco salad with all the trimmings - meat, goat cheese, salsa, avacados, olives, a small spoonful of refried beans, a large scoop of frozen corn (I cooked it first) and 1/2 a gluten-free tortilla. I'm stuffed, but it still wasn't too bad a dinner calorie-wise.

I'm off to help kids with homework, watch American Idol, take the dog for his nightly walk and then crash.

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Another day down. Hubby's birthday on Friday and a workmates tomorrow and she will be bringing in morning tea for us. She is so sweet, she wanted to know what I could eat. So it looks like there will be rice crackers and brie for me. I deliberately forgot to mention chocolate! But morning tea shouts are not a patch on what they used to be. Once upon a time I didn't even need to bring in my lunch, they were that good, and I was that greedy! But alas because I didn't have a clue about my problem with gluten, I would pay for it by being sick that night. But now, they are just as good, but more often than not nothing for me to eat, so I bring my lunch now. But I am the one now who goes away from a morning tea and still able to work while the rest are wanting to fall asleep because they have overeaten.

Never trust your boss, mine tried to tell me last week that wine wasn't gluten free!

Like Lonewold said

I didn't think there was anything left to eat! Then I discovered what I could have and the weight started coming back on. It must have to do with absorbing better.

Yes to start with being gluten free I lost a little weight by being a nervous wreck and worrying about what was going in my mouth. But now a year on, the weight was slowly creeping up about 3 kilos in all, and I am just trying to curb it as best I can. I honestly thought this time last year that I would never have a weight problem again because I thought I had found the secret to good eating. But nah, I still have to work on it.


Yoghurt and fruit


corn crackers with pickle and cheese, banana, apricots. Curry and rice. (sounds a lot!)


Not sure yet, but the others will have fish and chips, I might just have a couple of scrambled eggs.


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Hi Autumn, I hope you are feeling better soon :)

Shirley, For the apple crisp, I slice about 6 McIntosh (my favorite) apples into a greased 8x8 baking dish.

In a bowl, combine 1/4 cup margarine (or you can use butter), 1/2 cup rice flour, 1/2 cup brown sugar and a tsp. of cinnamon. Mix until crumbly and spread over the apples.

Bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes.

As you said--small servings, with salad :lol: I love that one!


I did well with my diet yesterday.

B--toast w/almond butter, banana

L--Salad, plain burger


D--Roasted chicken, baked potato, carrots

S--Small piece of GFP brownie

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Hi ladies,

I'm all pumped up today. I just went for a 40 minute brisk walk. As for heat - BRING IT ON ! Nothing like the 'dog days of summer' to put a spring in my step. Sleeping's rough, but, eh ... that's what fans are for.

Tonight: Triceps & Biceps - I caught a glimpse of my hangly danglies the other day while shopping at Wild Oats. Nothing like tree trunks hanging from my shoulders to motivate me to break out the free weights. Oh, I love Spring.

It's nice that you guys post recipes. I'm gonna try that apple crisp. I need some healthy deserts that won't stimulate my appetite further.

Have great days ! B)

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Hi Kat--

That walk sounds great! I'm also working on my hangly-danglies :lol: I'm a fan of sleeveless tops in the summertime, and I have to get the upper arms ready for viewing by the general public ;)

Try the apple crisp--it's really good--and easy. In the summer, I also make it with peaches or peaches and blueberries. You can cut down a bit on the butter, too if you want.

I'm pumped today, too! I did my treadmill and Pilates both and feel energized. Our weather is cold right now, but I heard it's going to be 60 by next week! After the clock change this weekend, my husband and I can start taking walks after dinner again :)

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I'm in the same boat. Dairy, egg, soy intolerant. I can only do one at a time. I don't like milk but I love cheese and yogurt. I'm barely egg intolerant so I may never give up egg whites. I need soy for my HRT. I can't take hormones due to migraines so I use soy milk and tofu to quell my hot flashes. Works pretty good. I tried black cohosh and I couldn't tolerate it. It was hard enough giving up wheat. I found out that rice flares up my arthritis...not good. I ate it last night and my knee was so stiff this morning I could hardly walk! I love basmati rice.. :( We keep thinking that maybe this time there won't be a reaction...

B - 2 HB eggs, one turkey sausage (I think I got glutened from it because I felt nauseous after eating it)

L - Small salad with cheese cubes, cottage cheese

D - Chicken sausage (didn't bother me yesterday) salad, muchos carbs like chocolate, ice cream

sweet potato

I'm trying to work my way to vegetarian if I can. I wonder if it's possible....?

I'm at work. I am about to scream over my 15 year old tallying up $194 dollars in cell phone charges (downloads, games, ringtones, wallpapers and $50 dollars worth of texting) . This is T-Mobile! Imagine if it were Verizon? It would be $400.00! I have a $276 phone bill that should be $59 :o . I am livid. I am confiscating his phone tonight. :angry:

Then my cat flips out this weekend and attacks my 15 year old's, friend's, shoes.. Storm has foot issues. He attacked my Halloween socks last year and then my boot when I broke my ankle. My son's friend had big black shoes on. Storm flipped out and then descended like a storm, :lol: hissing and scratching his feet. Then he attacked my slippers... on my feet mind you. I almost had to lock him up but I yelled at him and showed him who's boss and he backed down. My older son came home and calmed him down. Cat's can be wacky. All my other cats were so nice and friendly. All females...except Storm. Maybe I should have named him Shadow instead?

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Hi everyone;

I just snuck on for a short bit. Have a Directors meeting over at the golf course shortly after supper.

:lol: Diana, that Storm is just so funny! A foot fettish cat :lol: And I'm so glad I'm not raising teenagers in this day and age of so many electronics! Good luck with sorting it out without too much stress on you!

Patti, that recipe is so simple and sounds so good. We are going into town on Tues. so will pick up some extra apples. As our own aren't waxed in the fall, they don't last as long as the commercial ones. But with this recipe I think I'll start slicing some up for the freezer next harvest. We have transparents that would work great too, along with wine sap, macs and delicious ... well, the bear tends to get the delicious :(

Wow, you ladies are really getting the excercise in! Good for you. I'm still waiting to get rid of some ice out here. We had a bit of a chinook today, so a lot of the snow went ... Yippee. Can see some grass where hubby had the snow blower going. We do walk everyday, but with the ice you don't walk fast enough to do much good. I still do my strength excercise, but can't wait to get out and have a good walk and yes ....... golfing season is coming up :lol: Gotta have strong arms. I've had too much surgery for Basil Cell Carcinoma to show too much bare skin, but still like short sleeves.

Kat, you sound like our youngest daughter ... she loves the heat. I end up getting ill if it's too hot, so not a big fan. Love the spring and fall times the best!

Cathy! Your boss told you that wine wasn't gluten free! :o That borders on criminal! :lol: It's so nice being able to relax with a glass of wine in the evening.

Well, I'd better get hair and make-up done and dinner on the table.

Hopefully have more time here tomorrow.

Today I had

B- 2 boiled eggs and an orange

L- 2 small pieces of cheese, a salad and a banana

S- popcorn

D- will be Ham chowder with a slice of bread, or breadsticks

S- there won't be time this evening, we likely won't get home till 10:00 or later and if I eat late I end up with acid reflux in bed. :(

Have a fun evening everyone!

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Hi Everyone!

I'm excited today because the new community center opened up and I got a great workout in. It was almost empty, being the first day, and probably because I had the day off so I could go right before lunchtime. They have a really nice exercise room with brand new state-of-the-art equipment. I tried several machines and burned lots of calories.

Oops, daughter needs computer for homework, gotta make this quick.

B - 2 pieces of turkey bacon, apple

L - salad with 1 slice deli turkey and 1 slice turkey bacon with Italian dressing, 40 gluten-free pretzels

D - Chicken leg + a few more bites, oven fries, barbecue sauce, cooked carrots, salad

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Guest AutumnE

Liz-Congrats on the good workout!

Cathy- What a good friend, most of my friends are scared to gluten me. Honestly I dont blame them as I would be leary too.

Patti- Thanks Im feeling better, after we had my daughter on meds for her ear infection then a cold started up, a nasty one. She has spread it to me too. Thankfully the meds seem to be working though to clear out my sinuses and my coughing isnt too bad. Thanks for the recipe for the apple crisp I'll pass it on to my mom and sister too. I know my daughter would love it. Unfortunately I cant handle butter right now though.

Diana- Have you had your thyroid checked? My mom drinks soy milk for heat flashes also and it started to affect her thyroid after a while. She now takes vitex and dong quai. It works really well fo her.Yikes on the phone bill! Maybe he could have a phone with a prepaid calling card without the bells and whistles to it? We did that for years. We decided to go on a family plan recently and have a camera phone now. I like it but honestly I dont mess with it much. It just saves long distance bills to my family since they all have cingular.

Shirley- I should do strength training also on my arms. I tend to just walk and ignore the arms. I like sleeveless shirts too and I dont want to have bat wings this summer.

Kat- I love yoga! I also did tai chi for years but cant do most of the poses anymore due to glaucoma and a touch of arthritis.

Im doing good except a bit stuffed up and a cold. Ashley's fever is lower tonight and motrin is pretty much taking care of it. She hates all of the meds she is on and throws a fit when I give them to her but she gives in after awhile. I skipped my eye surgery. Im getting a second opinion. I was seeing a regular opthalmologist and decided to see a glaucoma specialist. I just dont think I want anyone less of a specialist operating on my eyes. Unfortunately its about an hour away but the bonus is its near whole foods so I hope to shop afterwards. Although we are taking our three year old and its a 3 hour appointment :blink: Thankfully grandma and my husband will be there and keep her company plus they can literally walk and walk since its at the university hospital. I would just go by myself but they are dilating my eyes and I need a driver.

Breakfast- Steak and eggs

Lunch- Pork chops, fresh veggies and nectarines

dinner- cabbage rolls

Snack- Spearmint tea with honey, probably a lara bar too. I love the cherry pie ones!

Unfortunately today I cant smell a thing! It sure makes you not want to eat. I also didnt drink much water. Our weather outside was wonderful, 53 degrees and sunny! But my daughter was too sick to enjoy it and go out. My walking hasnt happened in a few days but I hope to be back on regimen soon. One bonus I fit into an old pair of pants I havent worn in 3 years! I'm excited to see what I will be able to fit into this summer. My daughter's birthday party this weekend was cancelled :( since she is too sick to enjoy it. But its next weekend on st patricks day. Have a good weekend everybody :)

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Autumn, sorry you're not feeling too great. It's not fun and I know when I get sick I tend to eat more.

My walking has been pretty good. Today was an easy day, as I was cooking and cleaning and shopping.

St Patricks day, on Saturday. There will be quite a gathering of the Irish in town on the Saturday, so I might just head on down and join in the fun.

Not a good day.

Carbohydrate day.

Rice crackers X 8 with cheese and pickle and honey and jam.


Blueberry muffin

Roast pork, with potatoes and brocolli.

Banana cake.

It was my hubby's birthday so I spoilt him with a cake. It nearly is all gone. But I did overdose on the carbs, so tomorrow will be a bit harder to get back on track!

Why is it that since I don't eat gluten anymore and when I do eat something by mistake that has gluten in it, it tastes different? But then when I eat a fruit or vege or something that I have not eaten for an absolute age, it still tastes the same. So I think my taste buds for gluteny things has changed. I do not enjoy the taste of gluten anymore.

And Kat, our time will change soon too. Instead of working our way into summer, we will be winging it into winter. At least it does not snow here! But still not looking forward to it. There is an autumny feel to things already.


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I went on a diet called Isagenix in late June. It happens to be gluten-free. I was making gluten-free choices for my grains because they were lower in calories. Suddenly my "IBS" was gone! Yep, you probably guessed it, this was my first clue as to what was really wrong w/ me. I have extended family with gluten allergies/intolerance.

I started my diet at 306 lbs. I wore size 26 super stretch pants (probably more like a 32 if they really had to fit). I could not breath when i sat up. I have a spinal injury & my arms would not support my weight. My shoulders & elbows were about gone. I thought I would die (leaving my kids w/o any parents) if I didn't take action.

I was firmly in starvation mode, but this diet has elements to jump start your metabolism safely. I lost 36 lbs in the first 9 days. I realize a good part of that may be because of the abdominal bloating going away. But still!!!

I had lost about 70 lbs & was down to size 16 & 18 pants , but had to be off of it since Nov. I gained some back during that time (back in size 20's), but am back on it now. My ideal weight is 180-190. I normally really enjoy this diet & am not hungry.

I have been cheating & eating comfort foods (a whole bag of marshmallows & some Fritos) today. I am kinda bummed out because I just got the diagnosis a week ago (my suspicions confirmed-celiac disease). I havn't quite come to grips w/ it yet & am floundering in the out to eat arena. Also most of the fat-free stuff I always used has some gluten in it.

Anyway if it helps you can get Isagenix through some of the gluten-free sites. I signed up as a distributer because it saves me a ton of money. If you are interested & can't find it, post a message & I will be happy to give you site info.

It is not casein free. It is very low in lactose. My daughter is lactose intolerant & has no problem w/ it.

I will try to list what I eat tomorrow, because I really messed up today. :unsure: This will help me stay accountable.

Good Luck,


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