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  1. We called the number on the package and they told me if I need gluten free, I need to buy the package that is labeled gluten free. Fortunately, I can find it on Amazon. Maybe something has changed in their sourcing or processing. There are no gluten ingredients listed but it definitely had...
  2. I thought McCormick was gluten-free but recently got sick from a meal of ground turkey with McCormick taco seasoning and I called to confirm it is still gluten free and was told that only the package with the green label that says GLUTEN FREE actually is. Of course none of the stores carry it but...
  3. My family will miss their Apple pie and cheddar biscuits. Both are weekly purchases. My mom has enjoyed having her cheddar biscuit and sausage for breakfast. No one else offers these products in gluten free. Much as I enjoy Amazon, I have to wonder if this is another decision driven strictly by...
  4. When I was first diagnosed and trying to do everything right I was so frustrated by a hot dog luncheon we had at work. Hot dogs, we thought, would be easy to do normal for everyone else and gluten-free for me. I brought my own dog and chili and even made my own bun. Best guess is that I was defeated...
  5. When I was first diagnosed over 15 years ago, my hubby kept a chart without telling me of what he had for breakfast before giving me a goodbye kiss when I went to work. To keep it simple, he only ate raisin bran cereal or hominy grits as a hot cereal. The kiss was a quick peck. Then he would check...
  6. And it's why I am planning to bring my elderly mom with Celiac to live in my home instead of a senior apartment that might be more fun. We already found out when she stayed in a rehab facility that the dietitian may say they can do gluten free but the kitchen staff refused to not bury her food in...
  7. And if you're more sensitive than that, you're already in trouble. I can see this new "study" being used as ammunition by the restaurants that already don't believe it's that important. Knowledge may be power but assuming it is broadly applicable in all cases is a logical error.
  8. And for someone that reacts to gluten levels lower than 20 ppm? It took me awhile to believe my body was that sensitive but I have proved it to myself over and over. All this"study" accomplished is providing ammo to people to dismiss the concerns and requests of people with Celiac.
  9. You forgot one... It means knowing you are loved so much that it's worth the inconvenience and hassle of all of these things. My husband says that after dealing with the doc's pronouncement that it was probably colon cancer for three weeks, Celiac was a relief. It's been 16 years since my diagnosis...
  10. Mr.Pep'r, I'm with you. I happily ate gluten-free pizza at one restaurant for several years until one day I got one to go. Thank god I was at home when it hit me because I've never passed out from gluten before but I've never vomited that hard either. They later admitted that they had changed sausage...
  11. I have Celiac and I feed my dog a good quality dry dog food that happens to be grain free because I don't want to deal with gluten whenever I feed her, whenever she licks me, grooms herself or whatever. Since the main starch in commercial dog foods seems to be soy or corn, I don't think she's missing...
  12. I had wonderful gluten free pizza at a restaurant that was really trying to do it right for several years and everything was great until I picked up a pizza to go one night. I'm very glad I was home when I are it because I was immediately hit with a reaction of vomiting and diarrhea to the point...
  13. I like Udi's Rye style bread or Omega flax and fiber because I can get them locally. The best I've tasted is Katz Challah bread. It has a normal taste and texture but it's harder to find in my town. Katz does mail order but it's better if you can sell a local store on carrying it.
  14. EmMothRa, just FYI - Sam's Club carries a generic form of Imodium, I think the bottle of 200 was around $5. Why spend more than you have to? Also, it's one of the things someone with Celiac should always have handy, just in case.
  15. I don't know if this will help you but I had been on Prevacid due to reflux for 5 years before being diagnosed with Celiac. At the time of diagnosis, I was nearly asymptomatic. I didn't have reflux after I went gluten-free so I stopped taking Prevacid. Also, I had to buy a complete new wardrobe...