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  1. Personally, I only buy from gluten free list. They are packaged in one pound and five pound zip top bags. Good heavy duty bags. I buy a lot of their dried fruit and nuts and make my own trail mix. I also love their cashew flour. I much prefer it over almond flour. I also love the dried cranberry beans. I have only had a few things I haven’t cared for, but it was personal taste, not a problem with the product. Recently I bought A product that I truly hated {tiger nut flour}. I’ve ordered for years and never complained but this time I did. They immediately credited me my money. Said they just wa
  2. They do indeed have ingredient list at the imaging center. There are many different oral contrasts is why your doctor can't tell you. You really have to check at the particular imaging center. I have ran across one that did, and it Was a vanilla flavored one. Also most places do have more than one oral contrast they can offer. Don't be shy. People ask for this kind of info all the time. As for the IV contrast, they all contain iodine but they have made so many improvements over the years in the contrast material. Fewer people seem to react. I'm a nurse who worked at an imaging center to take c
  3. I use the plain Vaseline lip therapy with no problems, or Carmex, I was allergic to burts bees. Not gluten, just regular, old fashioned rash and swelling. For body lotion I use cerave. I don't know if vaseline lotion is. All I could find was an old post saying all but Total moisture lotion was. But it was from 2009. You can always call the company if you have your heart set on that one brand
  4. "Braly's Sign was first described in 1953 by an English Gastroenterologist, Dr James Braly. The majority of Celiac patients have a short 5th finger and this is Braly's Sign. (J Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition 2000; volume 31 (Suppl.3):S29. NEJM, August 18, 1999). In short (pardon the pun), the tip of the 5th finger (pinkie finger) is shorter than the crease of the last joint of the 4th finger (ring finger)." I had read about this and found it interesting, I was shocked as I am not the petite celiac at all. I stand 5'11" and am overweight with very long feet and hands. Imagine
  5. If I may offer one other suggestion. It won't fix your allergies by any means, but my ophthalmologist told me to take flax oil every day. It's not a cure but it absolutely eased the symptoms for me of dry eyes. Still have to use drops at times and I am most affected by cold. But I really found out just how much it was helping when I decided I didn't want to take those big gel caps. Big mistake, I was miserable and it took me a while of taking it to get back to baseline
  6. Well, I didn't have to go through that. Got diagnosed before going gluten free. But it's my understanding that you only need about one slice of bread per day to get tested
  7. Stick with it and get the biopsy. You won't regret it, as texasjen says, the diet is very demanding and can be very isolating. It can be easy to convince yourself you can have a little gluten now and then, or that you don't have to worry about cross contamination when there is any doubt about the diagnosis. And don't kid yourself, even those who love you and want the best for you will become weary of the strictness we have to take with our diet. They don't want the diagnosis to be true, of course because they care for you, but also for selfish reasons. Face it, this lifestyle impacts those clo
  8. Just something to know, Kozy Shack puddings are labeled gluten free.
  9. Check your diet for aspartame as well, I used to have them much worse than I do now, once I realized aspartame was a trigger. Before celiac diagnosis, I didn't know what it was to have a day without headaches. I only "complained" of a headache when they became migraines. Those eased off tremendously with gluten free diet but the ocular migraines persisted until I started avoiding aspartame. It may not be a trigger food for everyone, but it was for me
  10. For frozen, my favorite is freschetta gluten free pizza. I prefer to get the cheese one and do my own topping. For homemade, I like the King Arthur gluten free pizza crust recipe best. Whole family eats it. For sauce I mix I 15 ounce can tomato sauce with one can paste. Add spices and a touch of sugar. Tastes a lot like Pizza Hut sauce
  11. I was diagnosed at 54. Main complaint when I went to doctor complaining of joint paint and fatigue. Lab work showed anemia serious enough they were talking iron and blood transfusions. After my endoscopy showed celiac disease I embraced the gluten free diet with vigor. Not only did I feel better, but about 8 weeks later, when I had follow up blood work, I was already out of the woods. Now mind you, I was indeed taking oral iron supplements and vitamin c. It took about 2 years before I was able to stop those. My bone density has always been normal, but I am a very tall, large framed woman
  12. If and when he is diagnosed celiac you will know more. That could be from any number of vitamin deficiencies common to celiacs. B's, magnesium, iron. Your doctor should, and I'm sure will, test for many nutrients he may be missing. But while I started feeling better after the first week, it was many months of healing and correcting vitamin deficiencies to really feel better
  13. Trunature digestive probiotic is the one that helped me and tested negative with my home test kit. It does say gluten free on the box as well. At first I tried a recommended one called florajen, but it just was not as effective for me. I hear you are supposed to change your probiotics periodically, but I haven't had the nerve yet. ? As long as my stomach is doing well, I'll leave well enough alone. Also, if you live near a Costco, I get it very reasonably there.
  14. There has been a lot of controversy about probiotics, so I stopped taking mine. At first I felt no different, but over time I gradually had increased bloating and daily pain in the left upper abdomen, sometimes so bad it doubled me over. I even had a cat scan to make sure I was okay ( I also have a history of diverticulitis). While doing some reading, I read yet another article about the microbiome and how celiacs have really poor gut bacteria and should be on a good probiotic. So I tested my probiotic with a home test kit to make sure it was gluten free, and lo and behold about a week later,
  15. Good to know, I'm allergic to sulfa as well but have taken doxycycline for a different reason without problems. I'll be storing this idea for future reference....hopefully unneeded !
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