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  1. celiac sharon


    Personally, I only buy from gluten free list. They are packaged in one pound and five pound zip top bags. Good heavy...
  2. They do indeed have ingredient list at the imaging center. There are many different oral contrasts is why your doctor...
  3. I use the plain Vaseline lip therapy with no problems, or Carmex, I was allergic to burts bees. Not gluten, just regular...
  4. "Braly's Sign was first described in 1953 by an English Gastroenterologist, Dr James Braly. The majority of Celiac patients...
  5. celiac sharon


    If I may offer one other suggestion. It won't fix your allergies by any means, but my ophthalmologist told me to take...
  6. celiac sharon

    Gluten foods taste weird

    Well, I didn't have to go through that. Got diagnosed before going gluten free. But it's my understanding that you only...
  7. Stick with it and get the biopsy. You won't regret it, as texasjen says, the diet is very demanding and can be very isolating...
  8. Just something to know, Kozy Shack puddings are labeled gluten free.
  9. celiac sharon

    Vision problems

    Check your diet for aspartame as well, I used to have them much worse than I do now, once I realized aspartame was a...
  10. celiac sharon

    Pizza - Gluten Free

    For frozen, my favorite is freschetta gluten free pizza. I prefer to get the cheese one and do my own topping. For homemade...
  11. I was diagnosed at 54. Main complaint when I went to doctor complaining of joint paint and fatigue. Lab work showed anemia...
  12. celiac sharon

    Feeling tight and twitching

    If and when he is diagnosed celiac you will know more. That could be from any number of vitamin deficiencies common...
  13. Trunature digestive probiotic is the one that helped me and tested negative with my home test kit. It does say gluten...
  14. There has been a lot of controversy about probiotics, so I stopped taking mine. At first I felt no different, but over...
  15. celiac sharon

    Relief! And it isn't Dapsone!

    Good to know, I'm allergic to sulfa as well but have taken doxycycline for a different reason without problems. I'll...