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I Think I May Have Kind Of Had An Epiphany...

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I've been gluten free for a little over 2 years now, and while I'm feeling better, I still have some hiccups, but who doesn't? Anyways, I had a pretty bad  glutening last week, and in it's wake, I'm trying to figure out how it happened. I haven't come up with anything concrete though; I was eating things which have generally been kind to me, with the exception of oats. I've always been hit and miss with those, and had been on a steady diet of Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Oats at breakfast for about a month leading up to my big issue. Prior to that I'd been eating Chobani yogurt, berries and corn or rice Chex. I cut the oats off and bounced back almost immediately, but with some odd after effects (VERY minor coetaneous bleeding, tiny little black flecks on the toilet paper).


So my epiphany... candida overgrowth. I always just wrote this off, but from what I've been told, the little black flecks and coetaneous bleeding can sometimes signal something bacterial. This also seems to lend a hand to my constant craving for carbs or something sweet. I also seem to have this notion that lots of Tums are some sort of magic bullet when glutened. It also seems to go hand in hand with the absence of some sort of probiotic in my diet.


My question to you folks is, has anyone had similar issues? Am I crazy to think this could be my issue? And if I'm not, does anyone have any good tips to flush the candida from me? I'm feeling pretty normal for about 3 days straight, and I've been focussing more on complex carbs, protein, and eating some yogurt...


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Your question is actually a bit complex. First, yeast overgrowth is a problem in many autoimmune disorders. Yeasts are everywhere and when something happens upsetting your digestive system they often gain the upper-hand. You have seen a bottle or glass of beer with bubbles rising to the top. The alcohol and gasses are a result of the metabolism of the yeast. Now imagine what is happening in your gut. All that growth and gas isn't going to produce enough alcohol to offset the discomfort. I am oversimplifying of course and even though this could be the problem, there could just as easily be another answer.

You are having a number of symptoms that could indicate another food sensitivity or a hidden ingredient. As you go along, use only foods known to you and eliminate one of those for a couple of weeks, note any changes and be open to the possibility there could be something other than glutens affecting you.

Yogurt is great, I love it but store bought doesn't always arrive with live cultures. Many brands add ingredients to thicken and stabilize the yogurt during shipping. I make my own at home. It's a simple process and I know the cultures are live because dead probiotics don't thicken and make yogurt. Still, there are fewer bacteria in yogurt than you may need to overcome an overgrowth of yeast and I don't know which probiotic supplements to suggest.

Chronic use of antacids can cause a number of problems in and out of the stomach. The feeling of a need for so many antacids can indicate any number of issues. A doctor will probably want to evaluate for a cause. Celiac causes heartburn but there are a number of complications you don't want to live with if you don't have to. 

There are other problems that can present as little black flecks. Some can't be evaluated or treated with home measures. I think listing your various symptoms and a trip to the doctor could be in order.

Good luck :)


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I recently had what the physician called yeast die off.  The yeast do cry to be fed what they want.  I think that is what your extreme hunger and craving has to do with.  The yeast crave sugary sweets and carbs.  Kill as many as you can by avoiding sweets.  They do not like protein foods.


I have used the herb Thyme to help kill yeast.  You may have some in your spice rack.  You can make it into tea and drink it.


A probiotic is a good idea.  one bacteria type, (I can't remember its name off hand) eats up yeast.  Don't take it right with the thyme tea.)


I didn't see any black specs or bleeding when I had the die off.


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When I was gluten free a while back, I contemplated the yeast theory and as an experiment, I started to put 1 or 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar on my salad and on my rice.

Boy did I have pain in the days after.

I suspected it's yeast or bacterial die off.

But I continued and that particular pain waned.


Oats:  My food intolerance test said I'm intolerant to oats.

But I'm too busy with the gluten and dairy challenge to test oats at this time.


Ksee and 1desperateladysaved: thanks I learned from you.

The gastro doctor wants me to take reflux meds when I'm not yet diagnosed but I know it's a bad idea and thanks for telling me why

but when I told him I don't want to lower my stomach acid for digestion he didn't agree.



PS: I solved past reflux when I cut out pepper (the condiment).


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Maybe I mis-spoke, there are valid reasons to use antacids like when that acid is damaging tissues. I define "chronic" as using antacids for indefinite lengths of time without finding out the reasons for needing them. Antacids are like bandaids, they have their uses. If I'm wearing more bandaids than clothes though, it's time to re-think :)


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It's been a long time since I had Candida issues (20 years).  I had been on antibiotics for Rosecea for two years (Dermatologist prescribed).  (Can you believe they did that back then?)  It completely messed up my digestive system.  Bad bacteria and fungus took over the good bacteria (all three should be in balance).  I developed a "leaky gut",  food allergies and intolerances.  I went on a rotational diet along with no sugars/carbs for about 8 months (only once piece of fruit a week!).  Took anti-fungal prescriptions (Sporanox and Diflucan) every day!  All this was done under an M.D.'s supervision and guidance.  Too help diagnose me, I received a scratch allergy test for yeast/Candida.  It was the largest welt that the doc had every seen!


My symptoms varied, but the main one was diarrhea and severe gas and bloating after consuming sugars.  I was a thin person at the start of every day and  who would at the end look 6 months pregnant!  


It's really hard to diagnose Candida on your own.  I'd strongly suggest a doctor who knows and believes in a Candida diagnosis.  It took me about two years to get completely well.  Twenty years later I now have celiac disease.  Gee, maybe I had it then!  I just didn't did react to wheat on the allergy tests (unlike milk, eggs, mushrooms, yeast and nuts).  


My suggestion is to rotate foods.  Don't fall into the trap of eating the same thing every single day no matter how yummy.  


Diagnosed via endoscopy 6 weeks ago.

Anemia and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

Easy conversion to gluten-free diet since hubby has been gluten-free for 12 years!



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Interesting stuff.  You all just made me realize that some of this stuff has been going on with me for longer than I would have thought.  The comment about antibiotics and yeast made me realize that when I was a teenager (a billion years ago in the '70's) I was given antibiotics for acne... and was on them for a very long time.  Now I'm wondering did I start a yeast problem?  I'll do some research on that!


Hope it gets better for you!


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      Hi all.  Still feeling the same way this past week. I'm thinking of dropping dairy starting from today, I don't know if I have a problem with it or not, but I drink 2 coffees a day with milk. I'm just constantly tired all the time, and getting trough the day is pretty hard, I noticed a couple of weeks ago that my sleep was improving but the last couple of days I have been waking up at least 3 times during the night, then when I get up in the morning it feels like I have been hit by a bus, like I haven't slept at all. I keep waking up during the night needing to drink water as I feel dehydrated, I don't know why as I drink 2-3 litres of water everyday 
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      About 30% of people have a gene for Celiac.  They don't all have it because only about 1% of the population has Celiac.   It is quite possible she has something else that is causing her trouble.  Sometimes eliminating gluten helps that problem, like FODMAPS.   If it were me, I would keep her strictly gluten-free for a year or so.  See if anything develops.  Then I would try her back on small doses of gluten.  If it is something like FODMAPS, she may be able to tolerate some gluten after a while.  I would do that for 3 months .  If she is having issues I would then get her tested with a full Celiac panel and, if positive, an endoscopy.  Even if the panel is negative, if she is having issues, I would pursue more testing, ends, colonoscopy, etc. For schools to take a gluten-free or any special diet seriously, you will need a doctors note.  I am assuming US might be different in other countries.
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      Hi- new here but have been reading a lot of posts (Long post, last two paragraphs have actual question)  my four year old daughter probably has celiac but I don't know if I'll ever get a definitive diagnosis at this point.    Backstory: growth Delays, GI issues and a few other symptoms as a baby/young toddler. Did not have blood work done but went straight to biopsy which was negative. Always still had suspicions that gluten bothered her.    Started developing more symptoms around 3, by 3.5 they were pretty bad and her dr recommend eliminating gluten. (Blood in stool, rashes, low grade fever, joint pain, stomach pain and bloating, behavior issues) Everything cleared up quickly! Yay. Still had occasional gluten because I was under the impression it was "just an intolerance" and her symptoms kept up/got worse with each exposure. (Developed vomitting as most recent symptom) So I wanted to know if it was celiac. Can't do blood or biopsy since she's been mostly off gluten for months by this time.  I really was hoping to have a concrete answer and diagnosis, So we did genetic testing recently. It came back positive for half of DQ2 (beta subunit). Her dr isn't giving her official diagnosis but says "she is at a fairly low risk" but with her symptoms doesn't that mean she has developed it??!   Either way he says to keep her off gluten but I don't understand why he won't diagnose? Right now I am just telling people (besides family) that she has it because it's too hard to explain it all but do you think an actual diagnosis would be beneficial in any way? Should I push the issue with her dr? 
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      Thanks for the advice and encouragement, Gemini. I appreciate having additional insight into my situation. Celiac being the cause of my health issues makes more and more sense the more I learn about it, and eliminating gluten sounds more and more like the right choice for me.
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