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Anyone Else Sensitive To Caffeine?

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I had a totally gluten free lunch (grilled chicken, lay's potato chips, and pepsi) and am having some issues. I've been almost 100% caffeine free for about 4 months now, so the pepsi was the first real measurable amount of caffeine I've had. I know Lay's potato chips are gluten free, and there was nothing on the grilled chicken. That leaves caffeine. Anyone else have this issue?


I know many have sensitivities to caffeine, but consider the sugar too.  I can tolerate coffee fine.  But soda makes me feel like crap.  If I ate chips and soda at the same time - especially with nothing but chicken to counteract them, I'd be tired and icky feeling for hours.

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Except for the last three comments, this thread is over 3 and a half your old.  It is preferable to start a new thread or we can split off the new comments for a new thread.  





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